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Tyranny’s Servant

To quickly summarize, in America we have two main political parties, although there are a number of others whose members can also serve. Actual voting is held in each state according to rules established by the constitution and the state’s legislature. These rules are meant to guarantee a fair election process which will yield, on the whole, the will of the majority.

The framers felt there should be a separation of powers so no single branch of government could gain unfair advantage over the others. They also felt the president should appoint experts in various fields to manage the rules/regs governing those fields but remain subject to his/her overall approval. They were also fearful of an unruly local majority that might sway the whole body politic, so created an electoral college to be final arbiter in closely contested elections.

These constitutional safeguards worked to facilitate a democratically run government and a safe, periodic election cycle which remained sound – in the main – for the better part of a 100yrs. Then near the end of the 1800’s an influx of European academics, particularly Germans, began arriving to set-up doctoral programs to professionalize certain fields. Subjects such as government, political science, law and a sub-discipline administrative law were introduced, creating tension/contradiction between these new ideas and longstanding constitutional interpretation.

Woodrow Wilson, an academic, became a student of this new school and as president heralded the start of a schism between strict constructionists and new progressives. Republicans came to represent the former, democrats the latter.

Students were educated/indoctrinated into the new theories and went into public service at all levels, promulgating the new ideas and creating a dilemma between the standard judicial interpretation and the new emerging pragmatism. The judiciary became infused with these new advocates and began ruling in favor of quasi-unconstitutional governmental edicts/laws emanating from agencies/departments, not congress! In other words department heads, supervisors, managers, even acting deputies were making decisions/rulings having full force of law which constitutionally should not happen! Appointees (not electees) were insidiously evolving as a class to not just undermine safe- guards in the constitution, but to enjoy less and less accountability and more public sector job security then was previously known.

For brevity I’ve over-simplified these events/phenomena. They took about fifty years, 1880’s to FDR, to take hold. Key point to grasp is lots of constitutional constraints walked out the door and the political glue of our republic flew out the window with them!

Tyranny comes harsh/brutal or with stealth and subtlety. It can arise using force to overthrow the status quo, taking control before the people realize what happened. Absolute power and ruthlessness intimidate a majority into slavish political bondage.

America’s tyranny has been much more subtle. It started 130yrs ago in academia and slowly undermined the constitution with progressive interpretations and delegated functions under FDR, LBJ and most presidents thereafter. Today we have dozens of government agencies/departments headed by non-elected appointees who issue regulations/mandates having the full force of law! This softening of constitutionalism combined with the advent of progressivism worked to morph our society from center-right to center-left.

Courts found and analyzed justice/legality using administrative law theory rather than the constitution. The size and scope of government exploded and new bureaucracies emerged to administer areas such as health, education, environment, energy. These new bureaucracies were manned/populated more and more by liberals, progressives and other elements of new left.

Came the 70’s/80’s tyranny really got it’s head! Didn’t matter if a politician/bureaucrat was republican or democrat as government grew more and more monotheistic with its progressive mindset. All three branches were politicized: in layman terms, corrupted! More kids were going to college getting leftist education. Aliens flooded across the borders. Government paid for abortions, gender reassignments, housing, health, education and foreign language help for illegals. Ongoing welfare benefits went to single moms, unemployment was extended, affirmative action encouraged, some kind of discrimination found in every job, on and on.

The left is mostly democrat, some independents, cottage political groups, RINO republicans, disgruntled blacks, browns, most gays/LGBTQ’s and manifesting realpolitik of illegals/noncitizens who may soon be given the right(?) to vote – get the picture!

Our society, voting polity, constitution, republic, democracy, our very country are in peril! We’ve allowed an ideological menace to infiltrate and commandeer our system which is antithetical to the soul of America. It has lodged itself in every institution and chamber of authority. It even contaminates our military! Traditional, conservative Americans are now a minority. Efforts we make to correct/reverse this debacle are met again and again with refusals, denials and stern stolid countenances. We have few friends/allies in law or judiciary. Things are so out of control rioters are given leave to burn, pillage and kill. Our biggest corporations aid and abet groups like Antifa and BLM with millions in funding. Our entire media is nothing but an extension of the left, pushing its agenda. Police do not enforce the law, courts do not administer justice and government does not provide a safe environment where citizens can thrive and pursue their dreams.

We are servants of this tyranny! On our watch this pestilence is eroding our country beyond recognition. Every newsreader and journalist is its servant; every doctor, nurse and scientist who promoted the covid hoax without doing their homework; every policeman, deputy sheriff, district attorney who averted their gaze from this insurrection; every election official in counties and precincts across this nation who knowingly let the most egregious violations of election law happen; every scholar and professor who thought they knew better how to craft a society than the framers. All these and more are servants and traitors!

And we citizens who stood by and watched, who sit in our living rooms in comfort and ignore this insanity, who refuse to see reality and remain in our obstinate fog of suicidal idiocy, we truly are – SERVANTS OF TYRANNY!

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I’m Al Shane

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