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Fiscal cliff, or fiscal 9/11?First came the Fiscal Cliff along the Potomac, with talks stymied until the last minute. Republicans caved on almost every issue, eking out one meager concession: taxes would be hiked only on those making $400K+, not $250K.

Obama dug in, called their bluff, threatened to make the country believe it was all their fault if we went off the cliff. He had been reasonable, trying every which way to make it work. God knew he was dealing in good faith, whereas those nasty tea party’ers remained obstinate about cuts. What was he to do?

Rotunda ceilingNext comes leaning back in seats to stare at Rotunda Ceiling, and any republican worth his salt knows there can be no compromise here, not without minimum cuts in a ratio of 2-to-1; preferably 3-to-1. So, if we agree to raise the ceiling by $1Tril, they better show us $2Tril in immediate cuts, or no deal. They must also agree to begin new budget talks for F’13 with these cuts impacting that effort, so the gap between revenues and spending  diminishes.

Immediate means now; current budget. We can’t have any more $1Tril deficits in 2013, ’14 or ’15. Each year they must shrink, with the expectation we’ll have a balanced budget within 5yrs.

Unfortunately, Obama has proclaimed bold and large he will not negotiate on this. He blames the amount of accumulated national debt on the congress, saying it was their fault, and their responsibility. Just one problem: trillion dollar deficits are his legacy, not congress’ or George Bush’s. He’s been unable to pass a budget his entire presidency and, moreover, doesn’t want to!  Budgets he did submit got zero support; not one single vote, even from a democrat!

debtHis administration has been about spending, spending & taxing, taxing. He almost doubled the debt during his first term, on track to top $20Tril by the end of his 2nd term. Many think he doesn’t care if it goes $25Tril, $30Tril, whatever, so long as he gets his entitlements, special welfare programs, unemployment extensions, free health & education for everybody and other agenda items. Oh yes, and still higher taxes on the rich. He would like everybody over $250K to pay 40-50% more tax, and extend the current half who pay nothing to 60-70%!

He wants to redistribute the wealth, enlarge the federal government, reduce the middle class, make a high percentage of the population dependent on government for something, and tax the heck out of a smaller and smaller elite, perhaps using around $300K as the dividing line between rich and everybody else.

Also take away guns, regulate energy consumption, levy higher sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol, institute a national sales tax or VAT, track buying habits, monitor personal mileage, eavesdrop on private communications and in every way possible move to- ward a cashless society. Private bank accounts will accessible to IRS and other government agencies, and personal standard of living better match bank deposits!

Many may scoff at these assertions, saying they are pie-in-the-sky exaggerations, but if you study his earlier career, paying close attention to his speeches, writings at Harvard and two biographical books, your eyebrows may rise. Also note his various affiliations, friends and colleagues during and after college,as well as his most early tutorings/mentorings by close family and friends. You’ll get the picture.

Mr. Obama is no ordinary democrat, and certainly not your daddy’s democrat. He is a far-left, fully radicalized ideologue who wants to reduce the middle class and re-distribute wealth. He will also make an effort to dress-down the United States to a new status, one more commensurate with Europe. This requires nationalizations, socialist maneuverings, and a dramatic, permanent down-sizing of the upper class & upper middle class.


Bringing me to the stark conclusion he wants a societal structure resembling a Ziggurat. Presently our income distribution looks like a lopsided, skewed-right bell curve. The numbers of poor stretch along the left axis rising into lower middle/middle class, then steeply climb into the upper middle/upper class, then steeply decline into hyper wealth.

True, it’s not a natural distribution or bell. Almost 80% occupy the left. But the steeply rising portion represents the middle on up: incomes roughly between $100K > $millions.

Pyramids GizaIf Obama has his way, instead of a pyramid with smooth ramps to the higher levels, we become a Pennsylvania Ave Ziggurat, with shear cutoffs between poor to middle, middle to upper middle, and upper middle to rich. Roughly 95% will be at the  lowest levels, maybe 4 – 4.5% the next tier, making in the $100K > $500K range, and the elitist, ultra-rich millionaires/ billionaires the top 0.5%.  

This is the Obamination society, with 1/2% pretty much controlling everybody. Those who say we have this now, are mistaken. We may have a super rich 1% or less, but they don’t control us, govern us, dictate to us. They’re simply a fact of life, mostly non intrusive in our daily lives.

In a pyramid structure there is even ramping, accessible to all. Get an education, work hard, start climbing. Those ahead still like you, working hard and trying to make it. Everything is visible, accessible and possible. Most importantly, there are 3-4 times more ahead of you than will be in Obama’s proposed ziggurat, socialist model. Not hybrid capitalism. Socialism.

Think of it this way. Would you rather be joining a successful group measured in tens of millions, or barely 1-2 million?

Rather be economically visible to friends and the vast rank & file, giving them hope of achieving the same, or invisible, high up a vertical wall, where odd elitists poke their heads out? Can you conceive of yourself as ever being one of those elitists?

That ceiling in the capitol is high enough. It doesn’t need raising and the building doesn’t need expanding. Tell your congress person to stand firm. Don’t raise anything, without significant cuts.

It’s the only way to preserve our capitalistic democracy.

Ziggurats are inferior to pyramids. Babylon was a lesser empire than Egypt. Obaminomics is inferior to our good old American democratic, free enterprise republic.


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