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What’s with Blacks?

I’m not black, so some will question my credibility and the relevance of this article. But when you consider the direction we’re headed and what four more years of this president will do, I think every person/voter should read it, regardless of color or political orientation.

I wrote a similar piece about Jews a few days ago, which you can read on this blog under societal alerts. I plan to write two more on Hispanics and Lifelong Democrats.

The point of these articles is to call attention to Group Think, especially when it manifests as a Voting Bloc. I think this strategy runs counter-productive to a healthy democratic-republic. Blacks will vote around 85% democrat in a couple of weeks; Jews and Hispanics 75%. Of course, certain factions on the other side will vote republican as they always do, which is equally bad. But on balance, the voting bloc mentality is more prevalent with democrats than republicans.

Voting blocs curry favor with politicians, who come to respect and even fear their power and influence. It’s gotten to the point a politician’s future depends on keeping these groups happy. This is an unhealthy situation, since a politician is supposed to represent all constituents, not just one particular group.

When politicians are backed into a corner or locked into a voting posture, they no longer are unbiased representatives of either the people or the process. They are more like indentured servants than free spirits, giving voice only to their monolithic masters.

When there is comity {friendly social atmosphere and harmony} and probity {adherence to high principles and ideals} bipartisanship can thrive, enhancing the efforts/interests of all parties, right, left & center. Voting blocs destroy this, such that we now have an extremely polarized congress unable to reach agreement. We have a divided and separatist electorate unable to share/exchange their views. And we have a disparate population at large, aligning itself into sub-groups and factions that care more for their own interests and advantage than anything else. They bring no comity/probity to the table since they are highly self-serving and egocentric.

Blacks exhibit these characteristics, as do the others I mentioned, acting en masse to serve their own. This, even at the expense of the entire body politic. Why so? Why are blacks compelled to adopt such a self-defensive posture, as are Jews and Hispanics?

I think each group has its reasons. With blacks the litany goes something like A) we’re at a disadvantage our entire life B) we are actively discriminated against  C) we are entitled to payback, even if destructive to our own self-interest and D) we have to act on our own behalf, since no one else will do it.

I’m sure each black person if asked would mention these together with other reasons: democrats care about us; republicans don’t care about us; spokespersons like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Watters, Rev. Wright and others urge us to do so; family & friends pressure us to do so.

Regarding (A), most non-blacks, and many blacks for that matter, would argue it’s long past time to get over these insecurities/paranoias and accept that these were effectively corrected if not eliminated 40yrs ago, in some places 50-60yrs. The present generation and its children should harbor no such demoralization, nor their parents who must finally realize/believe they are now full-fledged citizens, not an underclass.

Regarding (B), discrimination is against the law, period. There are remedies for incidents of this, along with severe penalties/punishments on the perpetrators. The affirmative action atmosphere and progressive legal climate help to insure overt acts of racial discrimination cannot stand, endure or prevail.

Regarding (C), I can only suggest the fight for civil rights and total equality has been a long, incremental one, won case by case and event by event. It would be a shame to act in any way that could possibly halt or reverse the progress that has been made. I don’t  mean the law, since it is universally upheld as fair, equitable and fundamental/essential under the constitution, and won’t change.

I refer, unfortunately, to people’s attitudes and general dispositions regarding the ongoing furtherance/enhancement of racial relations. In my opinion, the OJ Simpson trial is a classic example: facts and truth were set aside, in some cases ignored, to assuage the perceived needs of the black community, momentarily making mockery of the justice system.

I am a white person raised in Southern California and as close to race-neutral as is possible for the human condition i.e  we all of us contain some element of suspicion/doubt about those who aren’t like us in manner, culture or skin color – this inspite of our every best intention. Yet, when the verdict came down, I was dumbstruck with disbelief such a thing could happen.

Other examples of excessive deference continue to unsettle me. I worry if this goes unchecked, if not called out for the travesty it is, nonblacks will balk. Payback is revenge, and outside the law. Riding roughshod over judicial rules/systems like with OJ can serve no good purpose. Blacks must recognize where they’ve been is not nearly so important as where they are! Time for them to subscribe to the truism >  living well and happy is the sweetest revenge.

Regarding (D) I think the average black has been duped into believing only democrats care about them. Worse still, they have been schooled by unscrupulous opportunists/carpetbaggers that republicans actually don’t care. How stupid/ridiculous is that?

Is it feasible either political party could afford to exclude 15-20% of the electorate? Even more telling, the same absurdity holds for Jews and Hispanics, and has been very effective. The combined potential voting impact of these three groups is over 50%! How could republicans hope to win if right out the gate they throw away 50% of potential voters? It’s absurd, and totally untrue.

There is no conspiracy on the right to hold blacks down. There is no effort of any kind to demean or intimidate them. I would hope a reasonable, intelligent black person would accept this at face value, until/unless they could prove otherwise.

Likewise, if a reasonable black person is being proselytized by one of those leaders cited at the beginning, or any democrat politician or media person for that matter, I would hope they would not succumb to such balderdash and crap without calling for proof! It’s  time we all start thinking for ourselves, instead of being led blindly and obligingly along. America in its current predicament cannot afford this kind of hype, scurrilous slander and outright nonsense.

I heard a well known black comedian the other night claim he disliked Romney. Asked why, he said because the man is obviously out of touch with common folk, particularly blacks. This is his perception of the man, and not necessarily the truth. He next was asked, if Obama loses, what would he attribute it to? He initially said racism, but upon reflection admitted it would be two things: hatred of what Obama stands for, and hatred of his color, in some unknown proportion.

Let me assure him and the reader the vast majority who vote for Romney don’t give a damn about color. They simply care about this country and feel we’re desperately in need of change. Those black actor gentlemen, including Sidney Poitier, Samuel L Jack- son, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte & Morgan Freeman, not to mention other Hollywood types like Scarlett Johannsen, Eva Longoria, George Clooney, Sean Penn and many, many more are doing our country a terrible disservice trying to convince everybody voting against Obama is pure racism, or against women, or gays, whatever.

I believe Barack Obama means well, thinks he’s on the right track, and wants the best for America. But he’s wrong. He doesn’t understand the underlying economics, the insanity of our debt, or the importance of balancing the budget.

Caring for the little guy and lower middle class at the expense of damaging the economy and alienating the job-provider/producer/taxpayer class is a no-win/lose-lose situation. There must be balance, reason and accountability. I wish blacks could understand this, and help me and others turn things around on November 6th.


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