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Coup Pro Quo

Quid pro quo is when we hold an election, vote for a sitting president by a huge margin and he’s quickly re-elected, unlike this election. Here, an overwhelming majority has been waiting three weeks for various states to certify votes due to strange irregularities. Stepping back and reviewing them all in total, they  look more and more like a coordinated attempt at a coup!   

We grow weary and wary as it drags on, social media censoring a growing number of tweets, emails, sharings etc. What’s taking so long? Why such resistance from Biden supporters? Why is mainstream media ignoring or blacking out flagrant details of a huge scandal and why insist on calling him president-elect?

Calling him this before being officially notified by the General Services Administration (GSA) is an aspect of treason! Media in all its forms, regular TV, cable, internet or social media is not an official source and cannot act as one, nor can the print news, magazines, journals and so on. States must certify their results and report to GSA before it becomes official.

This isn’t just one state, like Florida back in ‘00. This is many whose electoral votes can/will determine a winner. We should be keenly interested to see every legal vote is counted and demand we learn of any incidents of tampering, deceit or fraud: how was it done? Who was culpable? Are they being arrested?

Its no small matter. Our vote is the difference between freedom and tyranny. Its sacred above all things, insuring we’re masters of our destiny. If votes, unbeknownst to us, are miscounted for lack of diligence or poor judgement, its our fault!

We should be extremely fearful of what seems to be a monumental effort to steal this election, remove a sitting president and seize the reigns of our ideological ship of state. We helm this ship by our majority, not some spurious interloper acting for itself and not in our best interest.

Make no mistake, we’re moving toward the destination of our choosing. What we do these next few days will true our success or assure our fall. We cannot sit becalmed in a stormy sea, staying our course without the master which is us! Our overarching integrity and spirit demand it, and will steel our resolve. We’re accountable after all, but also owe it to the world not to shirk our responsibility for finding and fixing what went wrong!

Elections come, we vote and no special faction or group should work to undermine: no city, county or state. We’re en masse a people of purpose who honor their constitution, holding their free-enterprise, democratic republic in highest regard. For us, a coup is unimaginable!

We’re outraged at this affront, this attack on the heart of who we are and what we’re about! Steal an election, then a nation! If there was finesse or it had been done in quieter strokes, they may have gotten away. But it was so bold it surely happened  before. Well, never again! We need to make sure. Just as these miscreants tried to steal our country and way of life, we’re now duty-bound to coup them back!

We have ample evidence of what took place and know we’re dealing with an enormous conspiracy of even bigger proportion than we thought. What if eye-witness testimony, hundreds of affidavits, videos, statistical modeling, methodological inconsistencies, mysterious logistics, unlawful acts and illegalities all together are still not enough?

What if this cabal, this evil deep state, has squirmed its way into every nook and cranny of our establishment: city halls, state houses/legislatures, mayors, election officials, Sec’tys of State, AG’s, Governors, lower courts, FBI, CIA, DOJ, executive branch, aides, officers and so on. Sadly, it could be wafting through the aisles and halls of congress and the highest levels of both political parties. We know its drenched media and Big Tech, sending its miasma through institutions, colleges and intelligentsia like  some noisome stench at our nostrils.

Still, we have faith in our system, that facts and truths win out even in our not-so-perfect country. But as Reagan counseled: trust, but verify!  So we must have a Plan B! If all this evidence, stacks and stacks taking long hours to go through, is presented to the last bastion of common sense and justice, the Supreme Court, yet for some reason or crazy technicality it doesn’t fly, we must be ready to go to congress – with or without SCOTUS!  We must go extra-legal with an end-run around that body.

Remember! We believe we have absolute proof the election was stolen and does not represent the will of the people. If it stands it will be to our most terrible detriment. The fate of the country may hang in the balance. We can’t allow one jurist who is already suspect sift the facts, parse words, dig up legal obscurities or go political such that, on his say-so, an overall truth is proclaimed which flies in the face of reality!

The constitution offers remedy: we must use it. If it happens the congress is corrupt then our final hope must rest with our president and his willingness to press the matter to its obvious and rightful conclusion. As he prepared for every contingency he must have considered the possibility of a coup. He would have verified his standing with the military and won a loyalty pledge from all the main policing authorities. With their help, the loyalty of his cabinet, the trust of seventy million voters and the patriotism/faith of millions more Biden-voters, non-voters  and citizens of every stripe, he can and will secure the nation. 

If state legislatures, Congress and Supreme Court can offer no relief for such catastrophic injustice he’ll have no choice but to wield an anti-coup against the entire establishment, calling for temporary martial law while finding/arresting the actors, aiders and abettors who orchestrated this monstrous treason. He will do this to re-establish peace and tranquility in the nation, giving law and order reign once again. We should prepare  .  .  .

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