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Escaping From Bedlam

Bethlem Royal Hospital/Sanitarium was a real place founded in the 17th century in London for the mentally afflicted and insane. It became known as bedlam as horrendous stories circulated of the terrible treatment inmates received. It’s used here to compare political/ideological conditions in present day America and around the world.

You see, the world has gone mad! Countries are ordering lockdowns, masks be worn, vaccines mandated, all being unlawful and attacks on personal freedoms! Australia plans to round up 14,000 kids in a football stadium and force them to take jabs with/without parental consent. They’re joking, right? I mean, a few cases of the virus not deaths! caused this, and we know the tests are unreliable giving false positives. So, it could be a nothing-burger, qualifying Australia’s government as the real nuts running the asylum!

Kids are sturdy, highly resistant to this bug and cases of them dying are rare. Something else is at work here, Australia being a testing ground to see how far government dictates can go? If true, I wonder if Aussies will tell them go to hell!

America, most of western Europe if not the world is doing the same, based on what? We’ve been given bad information from the get-go from local doctors and hospitals right up to the CDC, NIH, AMA and WHO. They’ve even withheld information about many drugs proven effective in fighting this virus/bacteria. Why, when this caused unnecessary deaths world-wide?

Seems doctors and authoritative bodies are all in cahoots with big pharma in their stance on prevention/treatment. Remember, jabs are not approved as more than experimental drugs to be used in emergencies only. They remain untested on long-term effects so we’re unclear on what’s happening to those being vaccinated? Very little data is being published, yet we hear many are getting sick and dying!

Doctors and other experts have warned these jabs are not safe and could cause serious health problems in months, even years to come. Big pharma and its stakeholders, many of whom are part of the deep state cabal like CCP/China, George Soros, Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation, Fauci and others raking in billions thanks to these government ordered jabs. Could they have ulterior motives like profits, sedition, global domination?

We should be skeptical at least, but when we open our eyes to see these same agents/entities advocate global depopulation, we need to be downright cynical! They speak openly about reducing world population. Now they have a brilliant opportunity to make billions while wreaking their havoc, forcing jabs repeatedly claiming new delta variants are coming.

This is not a fictional zombie apocalypse: this is real world in real time, happening now! When it comes down to it, you trust them or you don’t since data remain inconclusive. We do know they’re a bunch of socialist/globalists, mostly multi-billionaires, heavily invested in big pharma, partly own/subsidize the lab in Wuhan, China where we suspect it originated. We also know it was planned because patents were pulled/vaccines developed years prior, which is public record proving it was man-made! Think they couldn’t be this diabolical? Hope we’re too smart to fall for it when we still walk around wit h masks when alone in our car, back yard or out walking and line up for experimental drugs?

We don’t know what’s in the vaccines! Educated guesses range from placebos to time-released nanotechnology triggered by future jabs or high-frequency 5G being released globally. We live in turbulent, uncertain times and it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth? Most of us now understand deep state, how vast it is, permeating society in every nook and cranny. It’s infiltrated us for years under many guises, achieving success in all fields: scientist, educator, journalist, entertainer, virtually every occupation infested with leftist ideologues. Their goal? Over-throw America and bring forth a New World Order: one borderless society, government run, tyrannically driven. Didn’t Brave New World, 1984 and other fictions show us the futility/insanity of their idea? Didn’t 20th century history?

Those not seeing this ignore telltale signs writ large, like how hospitals/doctors were incentivized to report many deaths as possibly covid related; fatalities soared and pandemic declared based on falsified data! This isn’t conspiracy theory: it’s conspiracy fact! Now we learn they’re doing it again, with the jabs: doctors get bonuses for every 100 patients they inject! Patients get prizes for cooperating and this passes for good medical practice? Now we’re the nuts running the asylum!

Good people can’t see the election was rigged, corrupt courts/ legislatures, schools/colleges propaganda mills, entertainers/ musicians leftist sympathizers, mainstream media/big tech social media socialist promulgators or big business corporatists as apparatchiks. Even the military infiltrated by racists, Marxists, globalists; Sec’ty of Defense, civilian Service Sec’ty’s for Army/ Navy and some admirals/generals on Joint Chiefs demanding Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project be taught and covid jabs given! Move over Bedlam, naive liberal democrats and sleeping progressives get the title!

Our body politic and culture are now an Orwellian nightmare! We’re rotting from within, soon to be unwilling host to parasitic hordes. We best wake up and connect the dots if we’re to save our country. Otherwise, we’re trapped in bedlam and only God can save us!

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