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Fait Accomplis – NOT!

The happenings yesterday at face value seemed to indicate the Trump supporters went over the top, stormed the capitol building and indulged in violence and mayhem. The media is painting it as mob violence and a clear case of insurrection.

VP Pence refused to exercise his constitutional authority to reject the certified electoral votes submitted by the various swing states which precipitated an angry response, but it was a false flag response from “Blantifa” – not Trump supporters.

Furthermore, we know a bus load of them came in, met with the capitol police and had pre-arranged to storm the capitol. The police literally opened the doors and waved them in, and it was that constabulary that shot and killed a female and several other Trump supporters who were unarmed, peaceful and simply bystanders.

Chaos took over, senators and congresspersons ran for the hills, media spouted their hate-filled, anti-Trump, coup-drenched rhetoric and Trump had to momentarily capitulate, telling his supporters to stay peaceful & go home. He had to stand down from his original plan which was for Pence to do the right thing and force congress to take a vote and get him elected.

All in all a very sad and pathetic situation. Then I’m given to believe Nancy Pelosi held a special late night session and the congress, as an entire body, ratified the fraudulent/treasonous electoral votes and officially declared Biden president elect!

So the stage is set. We have a renegade, anti-constitutional congress acting in outright insurrection against the will of the people trying to put in place a criminal, usurper who has been under investigation for more than a year and is, in fact, under a foreign indictment from Ukraine and therefor ineligible to be president. He’s been lining his pockets for years, enriching himself and his family, committing crimes against the people and getting away with it. It could never have happened except in the filthy, disgusting circumstance we find ourselves.

We need to understand he has not been alone. Obama was a Manchurian Candidate president and not who he seemed; the Bush family was/is a mini-cabal steeped in CIA culture and acting against our democratic republic, possibly instrumental in the assassinations, Oklahoma bombing and 9/11; the Clintons were daddy Bush protégé’s pushing the liberal agenda under-mining American morals and ethics with their seedy, sordid and sleazy shenanigans.

Bring down the culture, downgrade the efficiency of government, attack the economic platform as being prejudicial and discriminatory against blacks and browns, do all this and you’ve created a perfect environment in which to sell socialism, commonism, globalism, anything really that promises to benefit the under-classes and/or minorities against the status quo.

Now what do we do? Well as I said, the stage is set and Trump has exhausted every legal solution that should have been ready and available to deal with this problem, but he had to grind through it and show people the truth of what had actually been done. Don’t forget, there are millions who voted for Biden for whatever reason who had to be enlightened about the immensity of the fraud that had taken place, dispelling any illusions they had Biden won fair and square, assumption being nobody in their right mind would want to let them get away with it, regardless of politics or despising Trump.

We investigated and exposed the fraud; states wouldn’t listen. We presented masses of evidence and proof to the courts; they refused to hear it. We appealed to the various state legislatures to do their constitutional duty; they balked. We tried to air our grievances and accusations in the media; they ignored. We appealed to the Supreme Court; they demurred! Texas filed a brief complaining citizens of their state were harmed by the unconstitutional actions of certain other states; the court ruled they had no standing! Finally, we had a so-called nuclear option where, using the VP authority under the constitution, he could reject certified electorals submitted by the swing states forcing a simple 1-vote per state action in the House, automatically  winning it for Trump; he declined . . .

It’s important to keep a sense of perspective on all this. Trump endeavored to take every legal, constitutional avenue to make his case and defend the constitution against a massive attempt to overthrow his election. It was all to no avail because of the deep, deep corruption that had infested our governmental and judicial innards at state and federal levels. The contamination was/is unbelievable, leading up to the event that took place yesterday.

The time has arrived. There is no doubt fraud, corruption and treason took place. We tried to correct it using the system, but it didn’t work. Do we give up? Do we accept that, hey, they got us? They covered their bases so must be allowed to take their prize? I say, maybe in a banana republic –  but-not-in-America!

Was it John Paul Jones who said I have not yet begun to fight! Well, neither have we! This fraud cannot stand and must be punished! Every perpetrator, agent, actor and foreign state who participated in this must be brought to justice, swiftly and without mercy.

Trump must use the Insurrection Act of 1807 along with his Executive Order back in 2018, using the evidence found by his director of national intelligence, DNI Radcliff, to call for a military intervention and martial law. Enforcing his authority through the power/persuasion of the military he must find a constitutional path, perhaps using the president pro tempore of the senate, to force a vote in the House to ratify and establish him as president. Or maybe he should declare this past election null and void and call for new elections across the fifty states, agreeing to abide by whatever results occur.

January 20th may come and go. It is an arbitrary date in any case and does not violate the spirit or essence of the constitution. If we maintain peace and order in our society we can take whatever time is necessary to effect a proper course of action to solve this crisis.

Martial law would mostly manifest in our capitol and very largest cities. It would not be intrusive or disruptive of the normal day-to-day as we go about our business. There would be a sense of control, sanity and reason and the people would feel, ultimately, they are still in charge. The military would work in conjunction with local law enforcement to ensure all regular rules and codes for keeping the peace remained in force.

We must not give in to threats, blackmail or foreign assaults. We are a proud and free people and can fix this. America will prevail and the world will be a better place, for all of us! In that vein I say God Bless America AND God Bless the World!

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