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Freedom’s Fools!

Freedom-loving people know the creation/founding of America was a unique event in the history of democracies. Never before had a constitution provided such a resilient foundation for law/ order, efficient government and ongoing governmental supervision by the people, saying in part –   we the people . . . ordain and establish . .   of, by and for the people . . .

We were not to be any old democracy at the whimsy of some fickle leader, brutal monarch, dictator or oligarchy/plutocracy of self-appointed aristocrats, military men, bankers or business tycoons, nor were we to fall victim to a rogue government that, by the acts of a few individuals in key positions, reigned tyranny down on the people.

This was comprehensive, thorough, took into account most contingencies and allowed for correction/improvement in areas not addressed or ill-defined by adding Amendments that could be passed by a supermajority of states. It came to be copied by many emerging new republics, it was that good!

America became a special place having more opportunity and freedom than any other. It was rewarded by evolving into arguably the greatest nation on earth. Review the 20th century and by almost any measure America was the leader and exemplar in invention, innovation, achievement and discovery in virtually every important field. Not perfect, but about the best the world had seen so far. Still, there was dissatisfaction, complaints it wasn’t efficient enough, flexible or fair enough!

A group emerged late 19th century claiming they could make it better. These technocrats argued the rules laid out were cumbersome and used archaic language out-of-step with modern day developments. Scholarly experts in government/bureaucracy design started tinkering in their honest{?} but ill-advised effort to improve it. Woodrow Wilson and academic colleagues led the way.

Following WWI a global group gathered to promote the idea of a “League of Nations” to end wars. They were the forerunners of the New World Order and, again, Wilson led the charge.

From 1918 – 1939 we had a Boom–Bust cycle and the Great Depression. Many in the rank and file blamed capitalism (should have blamed banking!) – and looked to socialism/communism as possible betterments. Men like FDR openly ridiculed the constitution and capitalism in general. He rode the era’s populism into a 4-term presidency and socialized many government programs and policies.

On one hand we were the greatest country going. On the other, agitators/malcontents cried foul saying the system offered no economic or social justice, no substantial middle class and very few who could attain the American Dream. We can call these foolish short-sighted folks technocrat/tinkerers, revisionist/ dreamers, populist/socialists. Add a somnolent majority who remained diffident and uninvolved. Call them normies.

From 1939 – 1960 there was a another Boom-Bust cycle, WWII and the Korean War. Excepting the last item, we experienced economic expansion under Eisenhower. Middle class exploded,  kids were going to college, more home buyers, affluence and a growing awareness about racial inequality, but things now stagnated politically. Right-republicans represented tradition/status quo; left-democrats, now a majority, pulled the country center-left, demanding more government help, control, social justice.

The 60’s–80’s broke the political ennui, brought assassinations of JFK/RFK/MLK, Viet Nam and Nixon’s fall, LBJ’s New Deal welfare state/redistribution of wealth and Carter’s Iran crisis, with Reaganomics slowing the radicalization process that had been assaulted America for 20Yrs. Also, another attempted assassinnation, Reagan.

The dem hierarchy moved leftward. Internecine factions rose up for women’s rights, abortion rights, LGBTQ, racial justice, rights of illegals, reduced border security and an odd anti-Christian animus in schools/institutions rejecting long-standing principles and teachings comprising/supporting our Judeo Christian origin.

Still the greatest country but now with numerous radicalized groups among democrats, moderates and RINO’s. Mainstream media became more biased than ever. George Soros attracts attention using his vast wealth to interfere with the internal workings of our legal system and politics at all levels.

The 90’s see Bush1 re-introduce the idea of a New World Order and bring us the low-brow criminal antics of the Clintons, effectively despoiling the integrity/majesty of the White House, if not the presidency! Against this angst, strife and chaos came the 21st century, 9-11, suspicious Keynesian Deep Stater Bush2, rogue Kenyan anti-American Obama, more Hillary malfeasance {eMails/Benghazi}, Iraq, Afghanistan, Antifa/BLM riots, Covid-HOAX!, election steal, J6 false-flag revolution and a body called World Economic Forum{WEF} headed by Soros look-alike Klaus Schwab

This is a broad-brush sweep of the past 130 years to help explain how we got to where we are today. I believe these weren’t random events nor chance coincidences. Whether born of the moment or part of an insidious scheme to undermine America’s republic, we somehow endured these noxious elements of anti-Americanism, perhaps not orchestrated by a single source but coordinated/encouraged by an overarching hidden authority behind the scenes with an agenda: Deep State, Cabal, globalists, Rothschilds, WEF, New World Order.

They are many movements within an immense clandestine effort to debilitate, destabilize and deteriorate our traditional, center-right, constitutional, capitalist, democratic-republic. It holds aspects of naïve liberalism, utopian do-gooders, ill-advised but well intended academics/scholars, hardboiled socialists, radical progressives, overt communists and perhaps worst of all, common folk moderates who don’t comprehend/suspect the evil plot at work; normies who I believe would not go along with this sinister plan if they would just wake up and see it!

Freedom’s finest exemplar is about to go down due to fools of all stripes knowingly or ignorantly cooperating with an evil plan to subdue us all under one world authority.

Stolen elections, sedition, false-flags, a plandemic hoax, crimes against humanity and effective overthrow of civil society. Also preposterous jurisprudence, doctrinal schooling, propagandized news media, sovereignty-suicide by open borders and demonization/persecution of a duly elected, innocent president!

We’re all fools for allowing this to happen and should pause to heed the words of B. Woofter, Alaska who recently wrote “totalitarianism can be voted in, not voted out; not without blood”!

Some will say I’m a conspiracy theorist but the items listed are facts and realities. There is a conspiracy I promise you, and I am a simple realist who is facing this truth . . .

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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