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Geopolitical Maelstrom

Friends and relations don’t seem to get the political upheaval we’re in. Don’t find swarms of earthquakes odd, or the storms, floods and fires around the globe. Literally millions of fellow citizens don’t seem alarmed about these things or how they may constitute an actual effort to overthrow the west.

We’ve been under attack for years, but around Dec’19 it be- came an all-out, no holds barred attempt by deep state to stir up society, challenge authority and openly ridicule the weaknesses and claimed systemic racism of law enforcement bodies and our entire justice system.

Countless studies give little support to these allegations, yet a majority of political commentators, academics, social scientists newsreaders and pretty-face talking heads continue to promote this mindless drivel and insidious balderdash! Its gone on for decades, but accelerated the past 2-3yrs.

Triggering events included incidents in Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City; most recently George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis a year ago. Those who investigated know there were contributing factors mitigating any notion of deliberate homicide, but most didn’t study it owing to the skewed reporting of MSM and other entities catering to the black pow- er activists/insurrectionists.

The occupation/infiltration by anti-American agents has been occurring for years under the heading deep state and is the crux of what many millions fail to recognize, making it very difficult for them to accept how their most trusted, beloved personages and institutions could be corrupt, biased, evil. If they can’t see this, its no wonder they scoff at those of us who do, and claim our charges are nothing but conspiracy theories.

In Dec’19 the first murmurings of a new virus began surfacing. Within a few months America and the world were in full lock- down. Economies ground to a halt and daily life became almost unbearable. Society was placed under martial law, behavioral mandates were issued and penalties enforced. They said it was rapidly spreading with deaths spiraling out of control: all lies!

In Nov’20 an election was held, now proving to be the worst  rigged election in history. It will be shown to have yielded not just an illegitimate president, but also congressmen, senators, governors, mayors and judges. They used the virus as an excuse to change election protocols/procedures facilitating many frauulent tricks and violations, soon to be evidenced in every state!

In Dec’20 it was announced a vaccine had been developed in record time, though admitted to be experimental. Still, it was encouraged and even made selectively mandatory when, by definition, this was illegal/unconstitutional. It was known there were medicines and drugs very effective in treating the virus but these had been kept from the people and denounced as non-effective and deadly.

Deadly riots rampaged across the country in the months before the election, but they were reported as peaceful protests by  BLM/Antifa. Most were in blue cities where governors/mayors ordered police to stand down. Cities were held hostage days, even weeks, with no arrests for arson, theft, assault, homicide.

On Jan 6th an incident happened in DC during a Trump speech. One person was killed and a few windows were broken. We’ve learned many garbed as Trump supporters were actually BLM, Antifa and FBI agents but real Trumpers were the ones arrested with congress and MSM outraged, calling it a vile attempt at insurrection when it was actually a peaceful protest about the len election. Nevertheless, they’re holding hearings hoping to convict participants who did no more than walk peacefully in the halls and chamber of the capital. The fatality is still under investigation.

We’re at a point where things are about to happen. Trump sup- porters will soon go public with Arizona’s audit results proving its election was rigged. Other states are conducting audits with preliminary findings so obviously corrupt they may consider de- certifying without audit. Such decertifications will make Biden fall below 270 electoral votes. Its unclear what happens next? Possibly the Supreme Court will rule the election null and void, the military will remove the illegitimate government and Trump is will be reinstated.

Its believed deep staters will block and censure communication, cut power grids around the country, disrupting the flow of food and essentials to major cities. There’s evidence in recent weeks new technologies are being used to create confusion/havoc with weather anomalies like floods, fires and quakes already happening around the world with devastating effects. Its logical they’ll riot again in big cities causing anarchy, communication breakdowns and degrading of police, fire and medical services. The rioters won’t discriminate. We’re all potential victims and must be ready to defend ourselves.

The main problem here is the general state of awareness of the people. Too many are still in denial about the election, virus, injections, deep state, Chinese attack and complicit mainstream media. In their minds these don’t exist, nothing bad happened and Trump remains a possible tyrant, like Hitler or Stalin. When proof comes out, what will they do? Admit they were wrong? Cling to their media-driven beliefs when so much has been proven about the conspiracy and disproven about Trump?

To take back our country and return to some kind of normalcy we must each introspect and self-assess. Is our opinion fair? Our judgement accurate? Who are we really in this ideological war; loyal, patriotic Americans who believes in tradition, constitution, capitalism, democratic republic and Judeo-Christianity, or loyal opponents, globalists, socialists, even secularists? And if this latter, can we still call ourselves Americans . . ?

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I’m Al Shane

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