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Glubies, Drubies & Blubies

In the film THE MATRIX the main character Neo was offered a choice of taking either a red pill or a blue pill, making him decide to be part of the problem or solution: he chose the red pill and solution.

For those who never saw this movie, it’s about a futuristic world driven by computers that set up a false reality in which humans are like rats in a maze. The false reality, like a Hollywood movie set, is very real and believable, so the humans have no idea of their situation. They go about their daily lives unaware they’re in a concocted, computer-created world which uses them for its own ulterior motive.

Think of the device used in another movie AVATAR where the psyche-persona-mind of the subject could be projected into a physical alter-ego that manifested as a replica or clone of the beings on the planet. The subject lies in a computerized capsule but experiences/believes he’s in the forest habitat with beings who accept him as one of them, so he’s now in a false reality.

Whether he’s happy or sad, lives or dies depends on what goes on in the false reality.

Admittedly these are far-fetched ideas hatched in the minds of novelists and screen-writers, but they analogize perfectly what may be our own false reality. Most of us take life for granted, believing we understand the world around us and how it works.

We believe what we’re taught from kindergarten through grad school. We trust government, health professionals, scholars, pundits, employers, colleagues, virtually anybody/everybody in a position of authority or knowledge. The automatic acceptance of what we see, hear and learn from those around us is equivalent to taking a blue pill, assuming we have a choice.

Consider for a moment, has anyone ever taken advantage of you because they knew something you didn’t? Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time and found it was nothing like you expected? Ever gone to a professional for help and felt let down by their behavior, expertise or attitude? Each of these things demonstrate how we’re surrounded by presumptions of knowledge and fact; not proven knowledge and fact.

Have present-day humans been around for 100,000 years or a million years? Does all the mined and fabricated gold on earth amount to $100 trillion or 100 X $100 trillion? Are the Russians, Iranians, Chinese or North Koreans really our enemies, or just fabricated antagonists made up by media and/or government?

Was Hillary Clinton unfairly denied the opportunity of being the first woman president, or did she ruin chances herself by all her lying, dishonest dealing and self-promoting deceit/trickery during her years in public life?

We all have thoughts and opinions on these questions; some are tentative, some firm and some ambivalent like – Who cares? What does it matter? Why is it important? Or as a friend likes  to say  how does it affect me? Perhaps in our busy lives we all prioritize such questions as having little or no interest, or feel we lack the facility for dwelling on them.

Whatever the reason, today in the here and now, all around the world, people are faced with deciding whether the recent election in America was fair or rigged? If rigged were foreign entities involved? Next, is the pandemic real? Was it natural or a deliberate man-made attack? Next, are vaccines safe? Boosters? Are we getting true, precise information on the negative effects of vaccines? Next, are governments looking out for our interests? Have they over-stepped their authority using fear/tyranny to  get their way? Why? Is it anything to do with radical proposals like New World Order, Climate Change, Depopulation?

Glubies are government/bureaucrat types who blue-pilled themselves or just naturally operate with the same beliefs, buying into/actively creating what I believe is our false reality.

Drubies are doctors or other health authorities who for either political or financial reasons are totally on board and helping the glubies work their will. They may also be brainwashed adherents compelled/seduced by the medical establishment.

Blubies are the liberal, progressive masses who either took the blue pill or refused to take any pill, believing they know what’s going on and if not can damn well figure it out themself! They are the single-most crucial component for making false reality work. Their complicity/gullibility is reality’s downfall.

Glubies, Drubies, Blubies sound kind of surreal, but they in a nutshell are the sum of our fears and essence of our problem.

I believe a false reality has been at work for many, many years, slowly working its way into every aspect of American society.

Glubies and drubies subscribe to the radical proposals above while blubies skip happily along oblivious to their fate. Pied-piper rats or lemming horde, they’re mind-controlled devotees of mainstream media, believing all it says. As for me, I hope I am wary, watchful and awake, red-pilled enough to do whatever I can to leave the insanity of this false reality and regain the distant realism of our heritage.

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