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It’s unclear when the treachery began. 50 years ago? A 100? Maybe pre-America, as some suspect. One thing we know, it definitely reared its ugly head in early 2020. Many hold this belief. Not enough mind you, but many. We share it as we wake each morning, check the news and settle into another day of nonsense, chaos, political burlesque and constitutional insanity!

You see, we truly believe the 2020 election was stolen. It took a while to get our heads around, but there it was. Mind-boggling, unbelievable, true. Then, right in the middle of dealing with the election fraud we were confronted with C-19. Was it a real pandemic, scare tactic or deliberate lead-in to rigging the election?

As if anything could have stymied us more, along came a staggering notion, astounding some would say. They were perpetrating an insidious scheme to trick the world’s peoples to line up for a shot to protect against the virus, when the real ulterior motive was to achieve control over the world’s 7+ billions and begin the great culling. The evil-doers real goal you see was to cut the world’s population by 90%!

Admittedly, we awakened folks are sub-divided into those who believe some of this and those who buy it all. The latter have no doubt there’s a master plan to take charge of the world. We believe there are basically good guys & bad guys, the bad having been in charge behind the scenes for ages; the good being the rest of we common folk who just go along taking things for granted, keeping to ourselves, not wanting to get involved. Ignorance is bliss, conspiracy theories a fool’s errand and life too short to waste on any of it, right? And this is so outlandish, so preposterous as to destroy one’s peace of mind, one’s ability to cope, one’s very will to survive!

Who to believe? Awakened folks abandoned mainstream media years ago, those media being completely biased, corrupted and joined at the hip with evil elements: leftists, deep-staters, shadow government, CIA, New World Order types etc. We turned to the internet looking for trustworthy messengers with information and intel from reliable sources.

This was OK at first but soon evolved into a cottage industry with carnival-like shows and programming. Credibility suffered and began to erode. After two years we’re still searching for facts, truth and a way to escape from this nightmare!

Awash in lies and treachery, chin deep in a vast web of conspiracy/sedition, yet strangely most don’t see it! Our nation is in peril and all we conspiracy theorists can do is standby trusting there’s a plan, believing white hats are in control and black hats on the run. We’ve been hearing this ad nauseum but we don’t see it! We hear this person indicted, that person arrested but it’s not in our face the way Trump’s indictment was!

If we’re really in control why haven’t we managed to wrest just one main stream outlet away from the cabal into our camp? I mean, if any of what I’m saying is true the people at NBC, ABC, etc. are all conspirators and traitors! Can’t we commandeer their stations and assets or simply shut them down? Why can’t white hats nationalize the networks, confiscate their assets and re-populate them with actual truth-speaking journalists? How long do we wait for a mass dissemination of reality, a national wake-up call, an EBS ALARM broadcast to alert the populace how a menace is upon us, infiltrating our ranks, working feverishly to bring us down?

Its said justice delayed is justice denied. People walk zombie-like through their days thinking its all business as usual. Maybe a little weird here and there but, basically, the same old them v. us, republicans v. democrats, blaming each other while media, commentators, journalists and political analysts crank out their noise and disinformation never stopping to think how they play an integral role in this insurrection which, like any clown-show, must eventually come to an end.

How to bring everybody to understand we’re in the clutches of a treacherous sedition, the throes of a color revolution? It’s like we’re on a political bullet train careening toward constitutional derailment! If only we would all pause to look out the window and focus. Break out of our apathy and examine our reflection in the glass. Does that person really believe Biden beat Trump fair and square? That a small group called oath-keepers really used Jan 6th to start a coup to overthrow the government? That wearing a mask prevents airborne infection, or we should stand 6ft apart, or the Covid test didn’t yield massive false positives

but was used anyway against the advice of the inventor to achieve the desired result? Does that person staring back really think an experimental vaccine should be forced on people who don’t want it, or that it was the slightest bit effective, or that it didn’t cause the subsequent illness and/or death of tens of thousands of perfectly healthy individuals of all ages?

Do any of us truly believe the entire world should be made in totalitarian fashion to do anything, let alone take a vaccine? Have we read Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm? Have we all become so contentedly fat, dumb and happy with our lives that we can’t recognize insurrection when it bites us on the behind?

Hey, reflection in the window, wake up! Get a clue! Your way of life is about to change, permanently. By your disbelief and indifference you are aiding and abetting treason! If you’re not the slightest bit conservative in your thinking, the tiniest bit respectful of our founding and constitution, the least bit suspicious of progressive enticements such as gender choice, alternative lifestyles, borderless sovereignty, noncitizen voting, excuse criminal behavior based on subjective demographics or wary of the abandonment of God as the final author of our every effort and achievement, well then YOU are the invading horde – Mr/Ms progressive!

YOU are anti-American as the most radical ideologue, vilest terrorist, pathological sociopath, destroyer of civilizational excellence, antithesis of liberty/freedom and in truth/certitude, the toxic presence in our society.

Call yourself democrat, liberal, moderate, progressive or any name you choose. YOU are by action/inaction, my enemy and I will no longer tolerate being in your company!

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I’m Al Shane

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