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Hillary Schmillary

Hillary-ClintonEverybody’s talking about who the best candidate will be for the republicans come 2016: Mitt again, Christie, Rubio, Cruz or some new person waiting in the wings. No matter who they pick, there will be controversy, dissent and the real possibility republicans will split and weaken as they seek the presidency.  

Meanwhile, everybody’s also talking about how Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in for the democrats and, based on her popularity, preemptive protocols and a quickly stockpiled $100million, will probably be unbeatable.

Really? Foregone conclusion? Popular? The feminists favorite gal and Bill’s little cookie-baker, president? I’m going insane, listening to this. How can it be we’re OK with all her failings, oversights, negligences, shirkings and memory losses? Makes me want to scream! {Last time I puked, now I’ll scream}

Hillary_ClintonBut screaming won’t fix anything, or prevent this travesty from happening. So what to do? Republicans weak, with a candidate who probably can’t win, and socialist Hillary rolling determinedly up Pennsylvania avenue, eye on the prize that will finally free her of all those horrid memories being First Lady. Surely we all remember her endless excuses/denials of her husband’s philandering, trying to play the loyal, dutiful wife, lying through her teeth, so he could be president. Surely we recall her charges that a vast right wing conspiracy was out to get them! Turns out it was a vast big-haired bimbo conspiracy!

Hillary ClintonShe made herself to look the fool all for Bubba and his bimbos! Lied to our face in Arkansas, then Washington. Years and years of lying, deceiving, playing games, trying to divert attention away from how he made her the butt of his jokes. Being First Lady couldn’t begin to compensate for this humiliation. Being a senator from New York, 2nd fiddle candidate behind Obama, even Sec’ty of State couldn’t ease the pain of her sacrifices. Only this final accomplishment/prize: 1st woman president of the US!

Then she’ll spit in his eye, tell him what she really thinks! Yep, just make her Madam President and by god she’ll spit in everybody’s eye, especially we detractors and critics. And those poor bimbos? Wouldn’t surprise me to see them dropping like flies!

Bill and Hillary ClintonYou can see I’m not a Hillary fan, nor do I believe she’s a sincere credible person. Rather, she’s a cartoon with lofty illusions about her capabilities & rightful destiny. In reality all she’s done is ride Bill’s coattails, thriving on the Clinton cache like a Kennedy in the 80’s. If Bill hadn’t been such a buffoon, dirtying her with his spotted legacy she could have grabbed her prize before the interloper came out of nowhere and snatched it away!

Points: 1) she doesn’t deserve, nor is qualified to be president  2) a republican probably can’t win 3) if she’s the candidate, she will win 4) she’ll bring more calamity, schism & socialist mayhem to our country and 5) she will be a monumental disgrace to America, as was Bill.

If a democrat is going to win, we need to make sure it’s not her! No one could be worse. If Biden wants it, let’s give it to him! Even Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry, Cuomo. Hell, I’d take Spitzer or Weiner over this broad. I loathe them all, but take them gladly over this woman whom I detest at a visceral level way down somewhere between my lower intestine and escape hatch.

hillary-clinton-testifies-on-benghaziWhat’s needed is an all out attack to completely discredit her of having any integrity, character, talent or self-respect, based on her  record. Also a mantra-like repetitive message during the next 3yrs reminding everyone of Benghazi. It happened on her watch; she was ultimately responsible; she failed in her duty to protect her people; she didn’t rush to their aid, but let them die; she participated in a massive cover-up for political purposes and to save her ass; she has never admitted fault, disclosed the facts and details or taken full responsibility; she has never apologized.

We must also remind everyone she is a socialist, plain & simple. You can’t be this, and still be an American. Don’t believe it?  Here are some of her quotes:

Hillary Rodham ClintonWe’re taking things away from you on behalf of the common good – 6/29/04; it’s time for a new beginning, for an end of government of the few, by the few and for the few. . . and to replace it with shared responsibility and shared prosperity – 5/29/07; we can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people -6/4/07; I certainly think the free market has failed – 6/4/07; I think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in the entire economy, that they are being watched – 9/2/05.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi testimonyThis is one mean cookie with hate and payback in her heart. She doesn’t like us much, we traditional Americans. She’s a kindred spirit with Michelle Obama, and as president will do much more damage than Michelle can do as First Lady. We simply must not allow it to happen. We’re better than this. Democrats should take heed, re-capture better than this before being written off as hopelessly left and anti-American.

I urge all like-minded individuals to consider my argument, using it as a strategy. as we go down the road. We cannot build our candidate up enough to overcome the steamroller effect of the media backed Clinton machine. She enjoys their preemptive nod, their collusive cooperation & partisan bias. A combination of media, academia and Hollywood, in concert with voting-bloc loyalty(s) of blacks, browns, Asians & Jews will be lethally effective in killing any hope of a republican victory.

Hillary ClintonAdd to this our own infighting, philosophical differences, hodge podge of potential candidates and lackluster marketing skills and we’re basically DOA on voting day.

We must attack, stick with the facts but play them dirty, tell the truth but twist it to our advantage, use every trick/stratagem in the book to bring her down. We must strip away any vestiges of professionalism/respectability, make her an object of such derision she becomes laughable. We must make her completely unacceptable to any self-respecting voter. This is our singular task and it can be done. Some other democrat will step up, probably win, but we will have seen the last of Hillary Clinton!

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