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Last Call!

Most of us have been waiting over a year to get our country back! Time has not been our friend as truth remains in hiding and evildoers at large. The fight has not been easy. Too many still don’t get it, can’t see the horrific misdeed that was done, refuse to see anything wrong with mainstream media, worldwide health authorities or governments colluding to forcibly jab us with untested, experimental drugs!

It doesn’t matter to them the jabbed are still getting sick or that the highest percentage of illness is in places where most are being jabbed. I say again, people getting jabbed have a higher risk of getting sick! How can that make sense? They’re also coming down with unrelated illnesses which can be life-threatening nor do we have a clue about long-term effects? If that’s not enough the mandate is illegal, unconstitutional, violates the Nuremburg codes and is inhumane! Most of us wouldn’t treat our pets this way, let alone ourselves!

Justice is being delayed, patriots are climbing the walls and the country is going to hell! This illegitimate, phony administration is completely out of control driving us deliberately, relentlessly left! Every statement, executive order or new bill pounds another nail in the coffin of the American republic. We gawk at the façade of Biden’s travesty yet see the mainstream give it legitimacy and marvel how there are still millions watching/believing these lies and nonsense. How much longer can it go on?

Droned, drugged, doped, duped or dummified, liberal masses continue clinging to a reality that doesn’t exist, unable to grasp the monstrous lie their life has been. They won’t try breaking bonds of psychological enslavement they’ve worn since childhood. We all have, but some are now awake from the stupor and see the truth while others remain unwilling to consider, even for a moment, how their world has been a fallacy, a leftist construct, a global matrix of massive size and influence worse than a swamp! A veritable leach field inundated with the flotsam of corruption, criminality and lies; a fetid morass percolating with haughty arrogance, self-aggrandizement, gluttonous personal enrichment.

I know some who read this will tsk their tongues, shake their heads and hiss in utter disagreement, rejecting any notion the world can be such a hideous place. Well, we haven’t scratched the surface! There’s so much to be uncovered, so much that will go beyond the comprehension of those woke and those still inured in their trance-like stupor. Imagine if you will the abject horror/disbelief of those entering concentration camps to free prisoners, but instead finding themselves trying to calm their astonishment and hold on to their sanity!

It’s been a year and vile unacceptable things are still occurring. TV luminaries you know and trust are aware, even participate, but tell you nothing. They, supported by their loyal stuporous masses, make up the cabal, deep state shadow government lurking beyond the periphery of our discernment. Some of us have suspected for a long, long time but only now can see with eyes and hear with ears what our minds could not. Be aware this widespread morass, this bog beyond all imagining, bubbles, swirls and seeps into every nook and cranny of our modern day civilization. No venue is safe; no institution immune. None.

Are you paying attention, naysayers? Are you listening all you millions who still don’t get it? Yes millions I’m sad to say. What can patriots do to snap you out of it, when you think we’re all right-wing wackos, inflamed alarmists or conspiracy theorists?

We’re not! We’re realists who see the ugly truth and are fighting to fix it!

America has been teetering on the edge of what Obama called a transformation going back thirteen years. More telling, GHWB told us in 1991 we’re entering a new era; a New World Order! Those of you stuck thinking right-left, republican-democrat have got to open your eyes! This is way beyond simple politics. It’s about right and wrong; good v evil. New world order means ONE world order! Communism at its worst. Global hegemony where less than 1% control the 99%. Tyranny! Totalitarianism! Big Brother! What more do you need to wake up and fight for your country?

The deep state has been working toward this goal for years doing it openly, in our face! Globalist tycoons, corporatists, uber-wealthy financiers and communist regimes such as the Chinese CCP infiltrated America at every level. They secured positions of trust and power and have seduced/blackmailed politicians and government appointees high and low across the fifty states to the point where our very elections were stolen, and who knows for how long?

Is it any surprise they also took over our entertainment, media, education, academia, science and business? That movies and music have long contained subliminal messaging? That education has been trending left over the years? And our money system, central banking and taxation? Do you think the founding fathers would approve? It’s been going on since 1913 and some goes back to 1871!

I’m telling you, if we’re going to do something we better do it quick! America is on her knees, astonished at the complacency of her people. Distractions, inattention, amusements, whatever we lost interest in the running of our country and now are about to fall.

If you value your freedom, prize your liberty and proudly call yourself an American you better wake up, rise up and man up before it’s too late! This country has always been center-right, but we’ve let the few in the wheelhouse steer it left while we looked the other way. No more damn it! Get a grip before we lose it all!

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I’m Al Shane

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