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In my last piece Unacceptable! I described how after 18mos it seems we’re approaching a convergence of various elements which in their entirety just might be enough to wake the remaining masses who are unconvinced the election was stolen. This stuporous mob of 20% or so is the reason we remain in stasis, White Hats fearing any move on their part to dislodge Biden’s rogue government will trigger more riots in the streets like summer of ’21.

Wanting to avoid this at all costs the patriots are afraid to act, and I opined in my last piece, too bad! Our errant brethren have had more than enough time. We need to counter-coup – bloodshed or no! Force them to fight or submit, take hold of the situation and take back our country! I now reconsider –

In the early days of this fiasco ideas were floated at breakneck speed: Supreme Court, military, devolution, Trump as Speaker of the House, Senator Grassley {R-IA} appointed interim head under devolution until an election is held within 120 days.

I believe anything that works to end this farcical administration and brings law and order back, doing so without force/violence, is worth a shot. It’s my understanding the recent leak of private notes regarding Roe v Wade was deliberate to draw attention away from the more immediate issue of election fraud – which evidently has been under review by SCOTUS for some time. It may even be decided in the next few days. If true, there’s a strong possibility it will be ruled in the patriot’s favor, stating the election was a fraud, declaring it null and void.

In that case, neither candidate won, Biden must vacate the presidency, Grassley takes over as interim president, an election gets held within the next 120 days to select a rightful president. If such an election seems prima facie legitimate People will be satisfied and accept the result, whether Trump or whoever.

But – if SCOTUS rules the election was fair or refuses to rule on it the military must step in, in which case we’ll be back where we started exerting our efforts to contain or avoid violence. I presume we’d be under martial law at the behest of a Grassley interim government and a new election would still be held.

It’s clear that during any intermediate phase leading to reestablishing a rightful government there will be ongoing efforts to investigate the election fraud to discover who the primary organizers/perpetrators were behind the scheme. Whether they be foreign or domestic, public/private sector, minor minions or major dignitaries, they will be charged with crimes against the United States including sedition, incitement to riot, anarchy, insurrection and treason. They may also be charged with crimes against persons including blackmail, extortion, felony assault/- battery, capital murder and generally, crimes against humanity. Depending on jurisdiction they will be tried in civilian federal courts, military tribunals or the International Court of Justice at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

It’s anticipated tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands worldwide, could be indicted. Recall that election tampering isn’t simply a white-collar crime. It’s a direct attempt to disenfranchise the People, depriving them of their right to choose their representatives in government, which is to say to overthrow their government: treason!

Many of us believe an assortment of additional crimes and misdeeds accompany the already egregious ones mentioned including money laundering, misuse under color of authority, drug running, child trafficking, genocide, murder and mayhem in a multitude of forms and practices.

Readers should be aware these perpetrators/culprits behind all the above are found in many different venues, including media, journalism, entertainment, sports, government at all levels, corporate business entities, non-profits, academia, education,  science, medicine, military, private entrepreneurs, foundations whose mission is to serve humanity!

The pursuit, capture and punishment of these individuals will help usher in a new societal paradigm where the rights and dignity of individuals will be accorded new-found respect and the overall status of our global community will realize a betterment in circumstance and opportunity. The whole of humanity has long labored under the yolk of dynastic bloodlines and their monied interests. They have moved to tighten their grip and squeeze our resources, but we have countered by saying no more! You have enslaved us long enough! We will be free! We will take charge of our own destiny and decide what kind of world this will be.

It begins with reinstating the American republic and tenets of its constitution. New election, rightful president with new administration and legislative mandate to implement an updated Bill of Rights whereby the People attain their true freedom and independence under NESARA: National Economic and Security Reformation Act of 2001.

There will be noOne World Orderbut rather a loose knit fraternity of peace-loving sovereign states, each with its own culture and government, co-existing in harmony and friendship with all other nations. People will have environmental integrity, nutritious food and drink, adequate shelter, health services, educational opportunities, parity among all foreign currencies.

It will be the start of a new epoch promising a thousand years of peace, and I can get back to my gardening.


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