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Patriot Me

We’ve been hangin-in now for more than a year hoping, damn well expecting, our country to saddle-up and hunt down the bad guys. We’re told by many sources it’s doing just that, and with big success. But its all talk. Sounds great but it doesn’t prove anything! I won’t speak for others, but me  I’m to the point I need tangible proof now before I get so disgusted I lose all confidence that we patriots really know what we’re doing!

It felt like this on 9/11. We were the biggest, meanest hombre on the planet and look what happened. A ragtag group of mostly unsophisticated religious fanatics waltzed up main street in our biggest city and knocked down three of the tallest buildings they could find! Our well-funded security agencies combined with the world’s most powerful multi-tasked military were caught flat footed and looking the other way, unable to make even a token effort to stop the mayhem. I for one was frozen in disbelief watching the attack unfold with such success, devastating effect and zero counter-attack!

It was like an unknown assailant came out of the shadows, caught us by surprise and pummeled us to a bloody pulp before we could gather our wits to throw a counterpunch! I thought, it doesn’t make sense! There had to be more to it than met the eye; hidden factors not meant to be seen but out there in plain sight for anyone who cared, or knew where to look.

I’ve worried for twenty years what could still be lurking in the inner workings/bowels of our institutions and government, sensing counter-vailing elements in virtually every major industry, profession and communication medium, working to change constitutional safeguards, fundamental laws, cultural taboos needed for maintaining civil society and peaceful coexistence within our diverse, multicultural republic.

Now we’re hit with the biggest election con in American history and as we dig into it find it was years in the making, probably occurred in many prior elections and required a cooperative effort across all levels of government elected/nonelected including branches, departments, agencies, sympathetic political bosses/financiers and foreign actors dedicated to changing the polity/body politic of the United States of America!

To many of us this election fraud was obvious from the start and voiced outrage at the tremendous miscarriage of democracy that was done! But we were vilified and repudiated as sore losers. Anyone awake and tiniest bit open-minded knew there was a strong possibility we were right! Still, mainstream media, big tech, talking heads and pundits all disagreed and aggressively defended the election process.

Leading Trump supporters told us we had the smoking gun and the names, dates, emails, everything. We had an airtight case, tons of evidence and all the resources necessary to catch the bad guys and correct this massive fraud, yet here we are a year later with virtually nothing but promises and talk! We want justice! To think we’ve known for years Obama was probably ineligible to be president, Hillary likely to have been a felon many times over, Pelosi and her lieutenants probable culprits in a conspiracy to falsely impeach Trump and steal an election and Biden and family probably culpable of enriching themselves in their public offices under color of authority. We must even consider a majority of elected officials in the house and senate may be illegitimate usurpers of the people’s will: traitors all!

Given this and so much not even mentioned, how can leading  patriots and Trump supporters continue telling us not to worry?

Every day we watch this travesty or movie as some like to call it of a Biden administration and unending support it gets when all who are awake know it’s total bull! The election was rigged, the presidency stolen, the honor and majesty of our great country trampled in the mud; our name and image sullied by those who hate what we stand for and want us gone! Still, we patriots let them linger and go unpunished. How can this be?

Conservative, republican, constitutionalist, patriot, American call me and my fellows what you will. I am one who believes in America. While it didn’t always live up to expectations the reality and potential of what it is and can be continue to benefit the whole of mankind.

Who are the evil doers who brought this upon us, and why are we so timid in taking them to task? What do they have, or can they do, that quells our outrage? Why will we not stand and demand they be brought to justice?

I am loathe to admit we patriots grow tired of this game, our personal rage and affront weakening day by day. Emotionally speaking, these past months have been like a death by a thousand cuts, paining us into despair, bleeding us dry of the marrow and grit needed to find and win vindication.

Still, weary of waiting we wait, ready to do what must be done to right this greatest of wrongs! I can only hope my brothers and sisters will be like patriot me: unbending, insulted to the quick, fiercely dedicated to a single purpose like those brave Texans long ago who said hell no this is our home! We will not yield!

Brethren, let us be strong! Let us not falter or stray from the path to vindication. We’re being tested, so let them see we’re fit for the job! Friends can say we’re wrong till the cows come home, that we’ve lost our credibility till they’re blue in the face. It doesn’t change anything. We know the election was stolen and so much more.

Our fortunes, way of life, even life itself are at risk if we don’t win this fight! Let us stand or fall as fate provides and may we shout amid the hue and cry amongst ourselves we are all patriot me!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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