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Political Rift


I wrote a piece a few months ago decrying the impeachment debacle, Russia-gate, the enormity of the Deep State and DC swamp which we now know reaches into governor’s mansions, statehouses and court rooms in many states. We find it makes little difference whether states are red or blue: swamp gas and slime, treachery and treason swirl and waft along the same, an odious miasma befouling the city halls, county seats, DA offices, police departments and the inner sanctums of the judiciary.

State legislatures are as compromised as the nation’s congress, all being corrupted under a long, determined process to reject capitalism in favor of socialism, globalism, a New World Order and a myriad of sub-ploys related to identity politics, multiculturalism, personal enrichment and an evil elitism horrific beyond all imagining.

The Red Chinese saw an opportunity years ago to make inroads in our most sensitive political organisms, bribing and seducing their way into the heart of our society using sex, money and the promise of power. They also have a Deep State as do UK, Iran, Russia, Canada, Venezuela and lord knows how many more all working in concert to enforce a global oligarchy under a dozen or so central banking families who have worked incessantly to break the Trump regime and bring America down.

Some are squirming. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the malevolent agenda that has been at work for years right under our noses, calling itself democratic socialism, socialist populism multicultural social justice, whatever. Dozens of different titles over the years served to disguise the real political purpose: upset status quo, reject capitalism, redistribute wealth, undertake massive re-education to rid us of our ideas of America’s uniqueness, greatness and basic exceptionalism in a mundane world.

November 3rd should have been a huge wake-up call for all of us to witness in starkest terms the lengths these anti-Americans and seditionists had gone to defeat Trump and have their way. Their fraud and corruption were so in our face we could barely believe what we were seeing. There was no guile or finesse, no effort to cover tracks. They simply turned the entire process on its head and said what are you going to do about it? 

Every man, woman and child needs to understand they tried to steal our country! The election was the final trick, but back up and review the past ten months to see the bigger picture. Recall, the economy was strong, unemployment low, especially among blacks and browns, GDP was surging and the Dow was approaching new heights. What happened? A Chinese virus came out of nowhere and shut us down.

There’s a lot more to the story than I can tell you here, but suffice it to say it was no accident! It was a biological attack on America by a foreign power. Call it Step 1. The medical community, either thru incompetence or a combination of factors including political collusion, played into the hands of those who wanted the country to shut down {Trump-haters}. They wanted to kill the economy and fill us with doom/gloom about the future. Regardless of motive they were wrong. Still, the plan went forward and suddenly we were masked, distanced, quarantined and locked down.

Step 2, enter mainstream media. They hyped the virus which is hardly worse than the flu into a huge worldwide pandemic and over the next six months mis-information/disinformation was spewed by all the major media outlets and health organizations repeating warnings against returning to normal. Then, a very strange thing began Step 3. Politicians and leaders across the  country began conducting themselves in certain ways, depending on whether they were red or blue, the result being people living in democrat towns , cities and states were having a much tougher time than those living in republican areas.

Step 4, civil unrest, riots and anarchy. In city after city mobs of rioters rose up to denounce police brutality against blacks even when there was very little evidence proving it. The precipitating event was the death of George Floyd. Hyped as a cause celebre, he actually died of a fentanyl overdose but the optics showing an officer’s knee on his neck was enough to start the firestorm.

Step 5, another strange thing. The cities getting worst hit by the protestors from Antifa/BLM were places like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, NYC and Atlanta.

Notice all are democrat bastions of power and control, so when mobs of peaceful protestors began destroying property, setting fires, looting and assaulting innocent bystanders, in many cases local police stood around and did nothing! That’s right, crimes of anarchy and mayhem were taking place in front of their eyes, and they stood down.

Step 6, subtle but devious and effective just the same. As the election neared it became more and more obvious media was promoting and protecting Biden while blocking any Trump message or statement, including tweets, emails and so on that painted Trump in a positive light. He and his message were literally being censored by both main stream and social media. He could not tweet or use Facebook/U-Tube without being labeled.

Step 7, like a coup de gras, was the election. To detail the many ways the fraud was perpetrated across at least six states would take volumes, but its all documented and available to any interested party under Sidney Powell, Lynn Wood et al. A key point to note is the fraud was run and managed on Dominion ballot machines majority owned/operated by the Red Chinese.

The haters in this country are many and march under various flags, banners and causes. They all think they can make things better, elevating the little guy. Trump came along and the hatred seemed to mobilize and manifest into a unified front with one goal in mind: bring him down! And there are the haters outside our country who covet our resources, resent our lifestyles and yearn to bring America down!

Not long ago when we were divided red-blue. Presidents came and went and the partisan pendulum swung right or left. As we went through Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama we polarized intoradical positions representing traditional, conservative America and liberal, progressive, socialized America. Over those 28yrs we moved from center into hyper-partisanship: schism.

Trump was anathema to the left which had gained ground for many years. He literally stole the election from Hillary, who was poised behind a rigged system like 2020 to step in after Obama and keep their liberal ball rolling. They went into shock, immediately counter-attacked with everything they had, absolutely resolved he would be a one-term president, no matter what!

So, here we are. Red – blue hardly matter anymore. The entire left mobilized, made patchy alliances and united into a broad, all-encompassing anti-Trump consortium. They pulled out all the stops, crossed lines, used dirty tricks, even colluded with China to defeat him. And a primary agent aiding and abetting their treasonous conspiracy was mainstream media and Big Tech. Almost half the country is still in the dark, doesn’t know or understand what happened due to the total censoring and blocking of anything to do with the election and its fraud.

Hyper-partisanship, schism, now rift. We are split down the middle. It’s more than an election, or Trump. We have been infiltrated by agents that are anti-American who will do any- thing to bring us down. Red and Blue rank and file Americans are being swept along in an ignorance which blinds them to the truth. TV news, print media, social media, radio and mainstream journals and magazines are all colluding as they deliberately propagandize the masses, spewing lies and deceits about Trump, the election and the state of our country.

I don’t believe much in coincidences so I’m highly skeptical of the many nation-killing events that occurred in 2020. There was a master plan behind it organized by the globalists and/or China who attacked us twice; once with bio-weapons and again with cybernetics or rigged voting machines.

Today is Saturday, January 2nd. We remain in a constitutional crisis. I have every confidence it will end in Trump’s favor and he’ll be president four more years. But it could linger and require a different solution, including the use of the military and martial law.

I am alarmed and appalled that more are not aware of the crisis we face. Could it be they truly don’t care? Are American spirit and patriotism things of the past? The next few days will bring an answer and we’ll have to thank the few who rose to the occasion to save our homes and our way of life. Whether a few calculated steps or a generation – tyranny waits! Be ready!

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