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Sailing The Republic

A government or republic is often called the state and sometimes when describing the workings and objectives of government it is called figuratively ship of state.

USS America has sailed geopolitical seas for nigh on 12 score {240yrs/10 generations} staying seaworthy with good mission all that time. She’s served her ship’s complement well, bringing them safe through seas calm or rough near many hostile shores with little disruption to her sailing fitness. But as we voyage in today’s tumults seagoing is more demanding. The crew has become fractious and disobedient, the passengers desultory and antagonistic to shipboard goings-on. The captain’s job has become a lot more difficult.

Many ships-of-the-line sail international waters, some slow and plodding, others racing dangerously to gain advantage. It’s a haphazard flotilla of old & new, chug-chugs to knots unlimited, modest cargoes to staggering tonnages, tramp-steamers to luxury yachts all competing to achieve safe passage, good accomodation, manageable expense, reasonable shipboard rules  and continuing expectation of hope, excitement and reward.

By most reckonings the America has done well, usually in the top 10 of a political regatta of more than a 100 contestants never a problem meeting new challenges, always ready/able to defend herself and her friends/allies, constantly sharpening her systems to achieve maximum operating efficiency and always keenly aware of the safety/comfort of her passengers & crew.

A person traveling to unknown regions needs to know a captain and crew are well-seasoned and skilled in dealing with any contingency or situation that may present itself. Further, a person’s presence on a vessel generally indicates they agree to the rules and protocols governing daily operations, agree/trust in its general state of repair and agree with its scheduled itinerary.

For persons to challenge the workings of the ship or the directives of senior officers makes no sense. Such grievances detract from the running of the ship, posing a possible danger. Further, passengers generally are not ship-builders, do not understand maritime law and have little or no awareness of what it took to design & build such a beautiful, excellent ship. In the same vein the vast array of logistics required for smooth efficient sailing are beyond the comprehension of a typical passenger.

Annoyances/complaints are therefore handled as momentary or inconsequential matters the captain and/or crew can easily handle. But when complaints escalate, crew join in and even senior officers give pause to the rumblings, neglecting their duties to re-examine personal loyalties, well, in seafaring lingo this constitutes mutinous stirrings and could become real trouble. This predicament, caused by naïve landlubbers backed by disgruntled seadogs, threatens the ship’s status quo and safety.

Notice there is no imminent danger or cause for alarm prior to uprising, but ignorance of the sea’s dangerous potentialities and unrealistic demand for items like better food and cabins, more leisure, higher speed, better ports, less supervision and more say overall without an inkling of what all this would do to the efficient functioning of the ship, well, it smacks absurdly at an irreverent ignorance that rushes toward perils it can’t know.

One minute were sailing in comfort on one of the top liners afloat, the next we’re becalmed and taking water wondering what happened? How could we allow a few malcontents {mutineers} to bring us this calamity? It calls to mind that saying the grass is always greener or be careful what you wish for! Even harsher wisdom in like throwing pearls before swine, beasts {idiots?} being oblivious and trampling on the treasure before them i.e. taking the reliability and grandeur of their cruise ship for granted under the unsinkable titanic syndrome.

On a ship, the captain is master and final authority on what’s allowed/disallowed regarding actions and behaviors. Passenger, wait-staff and crew {community} are not a democracy ruled by majority; they’re in a quasi-military dictatorship that makes decisions and holds itself liable for all events at sea.

A republic, unlike a ship, is a democracy where majority does normally prevail in the overall management & decision-making of the whole. But even here, to work properly a majority must be right and reasonable in its will, remaining in sync with the polity at large or it ceases to be representative of the whole.

There are many examples, one being where a lax immigration policy and no border security creates a growing faction within a population who are outsiders to that population and unfamiliar with its rules, attitudes and culture. Left unchecked the faction grows, begins electing representatives to governing bodies {local/national}, becoming a monolithic bloc imposing its will on the whole that itself begins biasing toward/favor of the foreign faction and its political preferences . . .

Ideally, the mass making up a polity comes from similar stock and shares similar values, dividing naturally into a right-left orientation {republican/democrat} which, all things being equal, results in roughly a 40/40/20 split 20% representing independents/undecideds. But a gradual influx of foreigners unschooled in America’s two party political culture & tending/trending left skews the original indigenous polity into a hybridized polity that is weighted left of the original polity creating a new non-representative simple majority! This is already happening in America, the democrats encouraging it since its to their benefit. That’s why they’re fighting the wall, creating a 50/30/20 edge.

Re-visit critical aspects of Americanism to see why this influx is not a political catalyst, but a toxin: 1) we yearn for probity and virtue in our leaders/representatives 2) we trust in free-enterprise, capitalism 3) we want equal opportunity, not equal outcome 4) we hold ourselves liable individually for the livelihood and well-being of our families 5) we’re similar (interchangeable) people meaning we believe for the most part in these critical aspects regardless of political/religious affiliation 6) we believe in sovereignty.

On a ship the overall success or failure of the seagoing experience depends on the skill and expertise of the captain and his crew. In a republic it depends on the comprehension/cooperation of the citizenry who must be ever faithful to the values and ideals established at the beginning of their republic. Moreover, they should speak the same language, honor the same holidays, share the same ethics/morals/standards and believe in a power greater than themselves, greater than any man/group of men. A power emanating from the combined wisdom of the ages, natural or supernatural as conscience dictates. In brief a Judeo- Christian based, monocultural society.

We began with a bit of Lincolnian gravitas taken specifically from his Gettysburg Address. On many levels that oration validates/reiterates the ideals and concepts set out originally by the founders and presented here. To survive and thrive we must uphold and defend these ideals defining human nature, fairness, society, government, sovereignty, justice, America!

Abbreviate Ship of State you get SOS. If only there was somewhere to send, a place to go. There is none, no rescue, other than from ourselves. We’ve been our own captain from the onset and we will remain captain of our destiny. We cannot alter course or change our ways without changing the very essence of who we are.

We represent the best interest of mankind, fulfillment of his potential, realization of his dreams. We’re the shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope to the world. Lest we forget, we’re all in this together and in-the-same-boat . . would that the metaphor be true. The right captain could make things so much easier!

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