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So what does it take to make a country?  In early stages a loose group of people must work and survive together. Of necessity they need to communicate to satisfy needs such as food, water, shelter and protection from outsiders who pose a threat as potential competitors.

Soon the loose group becomes a tribe distinct and separate from others. As time passes it expands absorbing space, causing other tribes to adjust. It exhibits uniqueness, the way people groom and dress, how they regulate/control their behavior, the language they use.

To become a culture or society independent from others it will encourage and establish cohesion among its people. They must agree on standards of behavior, communicate freely amongst themselves and be prepared to defend their boundaries against all comers. These things will solidify the tribe as a sovereign entity, with language, dress, customs and goals well-defined and different from others; boundaries become borders; borders create sovereignty.

Today 200+ entities call themselves nations as recognized by the UN. Some have similarities to others, some are unique. The primary difference is usually language, but behavior, modes of dress, cultural markers, religious beliefs, form of government and societal constraints using laws and/or constitutions may also differ.

The original LBLP criteria making a disparate loose-knit group of individuals into a society still apply today, perhaps more than ever. No matter how sophisticated, educated or intelligent people are, they still need to communicate with each other, have their sovereignty protected, their laws and regulations willingly followed and most important, the polity reflect their political cohesiveness, especially by leaders.

Last time I checked the president and federal government said we need to have open borders and refused to help the state of Texas with border security. It actually blocked Texas from taking action, seeking a court ruling to enforce its right!

Can this be America? Without borders there’s no sovereignty and no sovereignty, no nation! Humanitarian motives set  aside, the only other motivation I can fathom is an intent to weaken/dilute the cohesiveness of our polity. In one fell swoop we begin to lose our sovereignty, collective identity and respect for law!

Think about it government is deliberately letting millions of illegals come into our country, some estimates upwards of 30-40 million! Not only that, it lays out a red carpet giving them succor, nurture and benefits far beyond what our own homeless could ever expect! I can’t speak for others but I didn’t vote for this nor for the individuals promoting it. It squanders and wastes our tax dollars and is an in-our-face rebuke of American beliefs if not entire way of life. We must not condone/suffer this gross absurdity one minute longer than being forced to do so!

These millions speak various languages and have different customs, beliefs etc., debilitating/destabilizing our body politic which I’m given to believe is roughly 150 million. Unbelievably, some states want to give these illegals a right to vote, want to hire them for government jobs, like police or military. Is this even conscionable in a sane, reasonable world?

Our border is useless with millions of illegals already here! These potential new voters will immediately(?)/eventually contaminate our voting system, elect their own representatives, dilute/taint our houses of congress local and national. They will demand government services in their native language. What if only 100million turn out to vote? These items will accelerate, precipitating our fall!

It shouldn’t matter whether one is black, brown, yellow or white, English is our chosen and expected language for business, entertainment and daily living. When public venues resound with foreign tongues and public thoroughfares boast signage in foreign languages it diminishes familiarity and awareness with surroundings. It hurts our confidence as citizens, heralding a disintegration of our unified society, devolving us into an unworkable polyglot mob!

The third “L” in LBLP is law, and American law stems in part from common law and in the main from our constitution. Perhaps no one noticed but the Supreme Court remains silent on many issues pertaining to the unprecedented/unconstitutional attacks on a sitting president. These attacks continue on him as an ex-president and their political opponent. These outrageous goings-on, not to mention clownish courtroom antics displayed in our highest courts, would not have been tolerated in previous times!

Universal tenets like due process, jury of peers, right to an attorney and rules of evidence are all being abused if not violated daily. State legislative bodies openly pass laws de-fying constitutional authority only to be struck down (so far!) by federal courts. The common man no longer trusts the judiciary, Justice Dept or FBI to maintain a neutral nonpartisan position in all things governmental. Lower courts and police are even worse, conducting themselves in cavalier, inappropriate ways again and again that favor political cronies, leaving us wonder is anybody minding the store?

No borders, disrespect for law/constitution, dilution of our body politic and a growing polyglot populace making it increasingly difficult to effectively/easily communicate amongst ourselves. Telltale signs everywhere how a traitorous, treasonous cabal is working to unravel the greatest democratic republic the world has ever known.

We will become a Tower of Babel in the modern world, a place of Armageddon for western civilization, enveloped by forces of anti-Americanism, communism and globalism; infiltrated from the highest levels to the lowest. We are insurrected and on the verge of massive capitulation! If you don’t believe this you’re either in denial, asleep or one of their agents of destruction!  If you think this is all theory not fact you are hopelessly misinformed and flat-out wrong!

Wake up, brothers and sisters! Rise up and help avoid this approaching cataclysm which will topple us into a godless proletariat pit having no property, no rights and no hope!

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Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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