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To My Liberal Pals

For years I’ve been writing my opinions on the state of America. You all joined my readership at one time or another saying you were the opposition who didn’t like most of what I said but curiously enjoyed how I said it!

I’ve accumulated 150+ readers, including you guys, many of whom tell me they forward to friends. Combined with my blog this lets me hope there are hundreds of conservatives out there who share my views, plus you lot (8-9 liberals/independents) who claim open-mindedness but maintain a thorough distrust, dislike and disgust for Donald Trump.

You’ve all known me for 10-50yrs as business/personal friends (hope you agree!). We’re all professionals who interpret political happenings differently. This is the dilemma we face when arguing with political opposites. Examples –

Trump lies, exaggerates, antagonizes almost everybody, puts forth a pugnacious visage and seems to relish his obvious lack of polish and “couth”. He’s the big bully on our block and we better stay out of his way. You say you fear the consequences of such behavior from the world, concluding he’s not respected, won’t achieve his goals and could trigger a war.

He’s even a marginal sexual predator says one, exudes chauvinistic piggery, makes off-color jokes in all male venues. Or, he’s just in it for himself, getting richer by the day, playing golf, galivanting around like a rich playboy! Had it easy all his life, abused tax laws & used bankruptcy to cheat creditors/vendors, driving them out of business while he became a billionaire!

He’s pals with Putin, dodged Russia-gate, hacked Dem Party records and stole their secrets, then rigged voting itself and stold the presidency. He’s ruthless and will stop at nothing to get his way: entrapment, blackmail, inducements, virtually anything to entangle people to his purpose.

You rail how poorly he handled covid, claim he did it all wrong, doesn’t listen to his own experts on preventions/treatments, wants to politicize by using the economy as leverage to unlock the nation, exposing us to more death.

You lambaste his stance on climate change, how he abruptly withdrew from the Paris Accord and continues promoting the extraction of fossil fuels while playing dumb about melting ice caps, rising seas, raging fires, growing number of hurricanes, dwindling food production which you say are all related.   

You deride his humanity toward his fellow man, saying he has no empathy for society’s lower echelons, its poor and its sick. He thinks building the Wall more important than building a viable healthcare system; ending mistreatment of blacks; eliminating systemic racism; stopping markedly racist policing tactics; revamping/redrafting an archaic constitution. Regrettably, he cares-not about achieving high levels of equal status, opportunity and social justice. Really? Yes, you, your fellow libs, your fake news and biased media, your corrupt journalists, educators, scientists and bleeding-heart dems, you believe all this . . .

Finding any truth here would inevitably lead to a conclusion he’s a megalomaniac, sociopath, chauvinist and – you guessed it a racist!Looking for truth indeed! Would that be Pelosi’s truth that he’s not capable of doing his duties as president? Should be impeached under the 25th Amend? {think dithery Nancy might be confused, thinking about Joe B?}

A few years ago another woman of national stature brought forth charges with absolutely no evidence or proof whatsoever that Trump colluded with Russia during the presidential race of 2016 to defeat her. With a concocted paper trail, poor scorned Hillary unleashed her ubiquitous vengeance against Trump and we the people, mobilizing FBI, Justice Dept and Federal Judiciary into one of the biggest, most wasteful, illigitimate congressional witch hunts ever perpetrated against a sitting president. How could we, let alone they, fall for it?

Because, she was the media darling! Government itself crawled with her partisan aiders/abetters. The scales of justice danced crazily for her – even she being a private citizen and all. Unbelievably bested by Trump with no judicial/legal legs to stand on, she leaned on friends, cronies and the partisan behemoth she and Bill created. Reeking with the full liberal miasma rot, she rammed her version of “truth” down our throats!

Friends – see where I’m going? Are your charges and scurrilous mouthing losing luster, to be taken more seriously than Nancy’s or Hillary’s? Are your truth’s studied verities or Trumpsized intellectual hubris? Mountains of facts & truths or do you lean on a fog of personal animus and lies?

Ask yourselves – Have you made any attempt to evaluate what Trump has actually done? Are you so filled with loathing at his image you can’t see the inner man? Do you really care about America and all its greatness and wonder, or just the ultimatums of radical identity groups and private hatred?

Do you love this country, wish to see it better? I do. I try to sell the idea we’re a work in progress, an experiment in social structures and civil society. Given a chance, I believe we’ll someday approach the nearest thing to excellence of which man is capable. Not perfection but excellence!

You think there’s a socialism out there that could even approximate our success? Are you so unwilling to admit the good job we do of providing opportunity, hope & dreams to all who take advantage? Still not perfect, maybe but pretty good!

The road to excellence is being helped by Trump, not Pelosi or Hillary, Obama or Biden. Deal with it! They represent a sad coterie of wishful thinkers revering the ideas of Marx, lacking the common sense of a toad. If you call yourself Americans thenman-up/woman-up to what that means & who we are! We’re individuals who work and take responsibility, who don’t look to government for our every need!

Whether saint or 800lb gorilla Trump’s the man of the moment, a best hope to move us forward, not back. Say mea culpas, grab some bananas, cry, hold your nose, whatever, but join us! Help do this! Keep your eye on the prize! Save our country!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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