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Truth Be Told

Whatever your politics, if you are one who goes along believing the media message or isn’t much interested in diving deep in the DC swamp, or admit you have relied on the same media for years for all your news, I suggest you brace yourself for some facts and eye-opening truths soon coming your way.

To begin, the election on Nov 3rd was rigged and corrupted by agents/traitors foreign and domestic. It was a massive fraud and traitorous effort to force a winner, overturn the will of the people and overthrow government. Trump won in a landslide with at least 400 electoral votes and roughly 80 million. He also flipped California! And he is by the way our ongoing president during martial law, making Biden irrelevant. True that!

Conspirators in this scheme go far and wide, including the deep state, 80% of the congress, almost the entire CIA, FBI and DOJ,  federal courts, SCOTUS, 95%+ of media, internet social media, Big Tech, teachers/professors, scholars, journalists, corporate moguls, sports superstars, Hollywood celebrities, music rock stars and a host of governors and state level executives and officials. Also, foreign states, friend and foe, trying to foist a leftist government on us. More inconvenient truths!

It’s taken this movement yearsto establish itself, to take power working surreptitiously to undermine our institutions, schools, culture and government. We fell victim to attack and infiltration due to apathy and unlimited tolerance, thinking radical ideas were part of free speech, part of progressive youth movements and identity politics, their artistry and cultural expressions earnest longings for a better world, not ploys or shibboleth triggers of hard left communists/globalists. 

Subverting our culture or society in any way by bribery, ruse, cheating or blackmail is unacceptable and actors/ agents thereof must be punished. In coming days/weeks arrests and prosecutions will be taking place. Literally tens of thousands of people known to have participated in the attempted coup will fall. Do not be surprised if you see someone you respect, admire even love. They will be charged with crimes ranging from fraud and malfeasance to trafficking drugs-guns-young girls, children, up to treason and crimes against humanity.

A hidden truth: during his presidency Trump took numerous steps to disengage the United States from a global financial cabal dating back to 1871 that forced us to incorporate, giving them total control over our sovereignty and obliging us into  debt and obeisance. By executive action he disentangled us from their authority, reinstating us to a free, independent republic: a proud people controlling their own destiny. Washington DC was a foreign land held by a corporation owned by a consortium of bankers and foreign leaders. That entity is now dissolved and bankrupt, so all governmental agencies and  departments are without supervision or charter other than an unlawful person pretending to have authority. The district itself is defunct, soon to be abandoned in favor of some new location {additional details below}.

Continuing, Trump was the 45th president of the entity USA, Inc  but upon re-election on or about March 4th {maybe later} he becomes the 19th president after Ulysses S. Grant of the original republic: United States of America! This could mean he can run again in 2024 for a 2nd term . . . truth keeps coming!

Since foreign interference took place during the election, control over our nation was automatically transferred to FEMA and the military under the Insurrection Act of 1807. These are now our acting government under constitutional authority and at Trump’s orders until such time they determine we’re ready to accept him as our authentically elected president. Or, they’ll command we hold a new national election to establish the rightful winners of the entire slate of candidates including congress, senate & president.

There’s a strong possibility the interim military government will activate EBS/EAS or emergency broadcast system. They will do this to make special announcements about the status of the coup, steps being taken to defeat it and plans for regaining control over the nation. If the media try to block this they will be shut down. Their FCC license will be revoked and nationwide network unplugged, to be re-started under new authority and management. Owners, executive officers, producers and news readers/anchors will mostly be arrested and tried for treason.

Due to their efforts at censorship and unconstitutional blocking of free speech, big tech companies Facebook, U-Tube, Twitter and others will be seized, assets confiscated and operations nationalized into public utility status. Their owners and executive officers will also be arrested and tried for treason. Other corporate heads who gave big donations to subversive groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Organization for Action will be charged with aiding/abetting seditious, anti-government groups. The same for independently wealthy individuals, sports figures and Hollywood celebrities.

Ugly truth regarding District of Columbia, is that many leading politicians past and present, in addition to their malfeasance, corruption and treason, indulged at some level with the trafficking of young girls, children, guns, drugs, paedophelia, ritual torture/sacrifice. This has been going on for decades in the buildings/edifices throughout DC. Vast underground structures and tunnels were built and used to facilitate these unspeakable horrors.

Moreover, the city was designed in a Satanic layout using numerous symbols and emblems to dress out/decorate interior and exterior surfaces. Even national monuments are riddled with  demonic runes and imagery. It should be unanimously agreed it’s too much for clean-up, purification, cleansing or exorcism. It should be abandoned for the sake of posterity if not humanity itself, razed to the ground and returned to the swamp it was, the land ceded back to Virginia and Maryland.

Three or four key structures might be preserved along with the memorials as a tourist attraction. Most should agree it cannot be used as the ongoing home of our government and/or of the people’s house, given this history. It is too defiled and disgraced to stand for that duty or to be a place of dignity ever again.

Partisan bifurcation of our polity has failed. There’s no loyalty or meaning to democrat or republican. They disgraced themselves and are now a laughing stock, a lampoon of their original purpose. Trump will start a new party.Once all the facts and details herein are common knowledge patriots on the right and left may consider it while holding their liberal or conservativestance. If course, there may be many new parties.

The world is watching. Other countries have deep states as well and watch to see how we get rid of ours. A final tally will show there were tens of thousands of deep state agents/operatives infiltrated throughout our society, public/private, top/down. In the world there are probably hundreds of thousands if not millions. The plan is to identify and arrest every last one.

Truth is coming. Some of it’s been disclosed here. A lot more remains to be told. Corruption is rampant: media, sports, education, entertainment, big tech, scholarship, corporate America, nonprofits, trusts/foundations, government at all levels, local to national. The swamp is real. Crimes against humanity are real. Treason against America is real.

Those still in a fog, still languishing intellectually in the false reality and fake narrative fed to you daily across the nation by media, are a big part of the problem. Your avoidance, denial or inability to see these distasteful but obvious truths means you have been complicit in this calamity.

Your loathing and distrust of the orange-man clouded your judgement and destroyed your objectivity, exposing you to the propaganda and lies of your beloved left, your blindness making you ripe for trickery/treason. Whether you continue trusting your faulty judgement in the face of these truths or finally emerge from the fog as a free and sentient person is up to you. 

Truth will be the final arbiter in your internal struggle. Seeing it and accepting its reality, hopefully, will set you free.

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