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Our country as well as the world is a mess. Chaotic things are happening unprecedented in the modern era. Deliberate mass migrations are weaponized attempts to spread equality around the globe. Borders are ignored, sovereignty a questionable commodity and nationalism an elitist racism.

The woke view these developments as logical and inevitable based on their overriding goal of creating a New World Order. Helping it happen is the intractable apathy of a majority of westernized societies who don’t see their way of life is in peril.

The awake are a smallish group of perhaps 10-20% who have shaken their apathy, seen the danger and struggle to alert their fellows to their plight! They try to arouse/unite them to fight with every ounce of their being to avoid this Big Brother destiny and re-establish the freedoms/joys that democratic-republics served so well.

Perhaps we recall how Reagan famously said many times, tyranny is just one generation away. Bush I supposedly a republican spoke openly about a New World Order. Clinton kindled rebellious ideas by marginalizing women and defiling the presidency. Bush II presided over a market crash, bank bail outs and the worst attack ever on home turf. Obama nationalized health care, debilitated the military, flaunted his gay marriage and was in our face with his alien-born, unconstitutional presidency. Hillary poised to be next. The fix was in while she indulged every manner of criminal behavior yet stayed one step ahead of the law. She even escaped responsibility along with Obama for Benghazi!

After those 28yrs of seditious goings on along came Donny J saying he would drain the swamp! For this he was attacked unendingly for the next eight years, side-stepping punches, fending off blows, escaping two impeachments, numerous suits/indictments until this past month; tried in a New York kangaroo court, convicted of a fabricated sexual assault that allegedly happened 25yrs ago! He will appeal.

The awakened opinion is we’ve had 36yrs of corruption, criminality, sedition, insurrection, political sanity and treason! Yet the majority act like it didn’t happen, or it’s no big deal. Even if one looks around and sees it everywhere they still don’t care. It’s the cycle of things you see, posing no threat to America. Countries always have problems, right? But albeit with uncanny similarities?

There’s no cabal of megalomaniacs trying to take over the planet. No deep state or globalist threat to subdue the world. No attempt or design by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to rule the planet! No billionaire madman named Soros working for years to tear down America if not the whole of western civilization.

This scenario is something most will never face, so it’s academic, right? So much rhetoric on something that will never happen. But has it? We take comfort (refuge?) in our view of reality, our ability to deal with life’s challenges, holding our opinion above most others. If an expert appears knowing more than us, then we may consider taking such advice at the expense of our own. But what if they say a tornado is coming? You’ve lived here 60yrs and there’s never been a severe storm let alone tornado – what do you do? Ignore it? Rely on your better judgement? The expert moves on warning others with an unmistakable air of urgency. You stand alone in your doorway, undecided.

Do you wait and do nothing, watch for telltale signs like a darkening sky, swirling debris or maybe a calamitous noise before taking action to fortify yourself and protect your family?

Donny J is real. The unwarranted attacks have been real. The crazy things going on like the border crisis and bank failures, the discovery the FBI, Justice Dept and CIA colluded to block investigations, suppress evidence and tamper with the election. Tampering at every level was real. So was the false flag phony insurrection of Jan 6th; so was the entire covid19 fiasco that replaced flu, heart attacks, strokes and banana peels!

Those who know have been waiting 2yrs, and we’re not sure why? Evidence is everywhere. We want our country back! We want evil doers punished! We de- mand justice, law & order, and a return to right v wrong sensibilities!

We thought Trump would lead us out of this, but he got pummeled at every step like walking a gauntlet.

Key players let him down as well as his military. And the people, those indignant gun-toting folks fed up with the nonsense and blatant illegality, didn’t take to the streets because he-told-them-not-to . . .

Latest polls across all voting categories show more than 62% believe there was something wrong with the 2020 election. This is growing every day. So, are you finally awake to this reality? Broke loose from your mental bondage, or is your mind still pickled in formaldehyde? Does the tornado have to suck you up 30,000ft to wake you up! To admit Trump is a good guy and about our last hope for fixing this.

He’s been in the wings, readying his forces and it won’t be long. The American people are about to get an attitude adjustment. It’s going to get bumpy and it won’t be pretty. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Donny J is about ready to step on stage and take command. He will re-awaken our patriotic spirit and open our eyes to the dawning of a new day . . .

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