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The pilgrims and their progeny brought forth a new nation with the mandate it be ruled by and for the people, a radical concept in the 17th/18th centuries. Still, after the revolution it took shape and thrived for 80+yrs as a democracy organized as a constitutional republic, buoyed by capitalism. Then came civil war over a schism centering around economic disparities, state’s rights and slavery.

After, it was established that going forward slavery was abolished and states had no right to secede from the union, but post-war economics remained dicey with southern states generally less prosperous than northern states.

Underlying dynamics of racism, regionalism, poverty and an emerging have/have-not society created growing resentments resulting in more social awareness and demands for governmental purview across a variety of humanitarian issues. Entering the 20th century this encouraged a leftist attitude among the masses, manifesting in nascent socialism among democrats starting with Woodrow Wilson.

Up thru FDR the country moved center-right to center-left. Registered democrats began to outnumber republicans and various clubs and groups formed a broad-based movement to institute change. Here begs the question What was/is America?

I’m one who believes this movement has been afoot for many, many years, its sole purpose to bring down America. It has taken many forms, operated under different guises, but its goal never changed. Whether harsh/unfair capitalism, anger/dis- agreement on owning guns, role of government in daily life,  free speech, suspicion of systemic racism in our institutions/ culture or the fear we’re harming the planet with energy consumption/carbon emissions, these people truly believe there’s a better way and are determined to bring it about!

Reviewing this we tend to think left-right; Right for tradition, law & order, religiosity and individual freedoms/liberties; left to do with social equity, leveling playing fields, affirmative action, equal-opportunity/equal-outcomes, environmentalism and a classless society.

The right (conservatives) believe our system is the best man can devise, proving itself for almost 250yrs. We are one of the most, if not the most, successful and fair societies the world has ever known. Not perfect, but always improving, trying to make our governing mechanisms better and better.

The left (progressives) see only faults, criticizing have/have-not outcomes, discriminatory elements perceived in every occupation/industry, stasis in the poor’s demographic, biased justice and alleged rampant wastefulness of the planet’s resources by manufacturing/industry.

World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Antifa, Black Lives Matter all believe democracy as a governing system is too unwieldy; capi- talism places the world’s fate in the hands of a small group of financial titans; nationalism yields inherent animosity between nations due to uneven distributions of the planet’s wealth.

Their answer? Consolidate governments in a New World Order ensuring all nations are players on the economic stage and all peoples share in the earth’s bounties. Problem is, it’s been tried before. Names like socialism, oligarchism, communism all failing miserably every time to create a utopian paradise. Worse still, a study of these experimental attempts reveals during the 20th century alone something like 100 million people were exterminated/murdered in monstrous schemes to make it work. Except for the Civil War America has never resorted to killing its own to enforce its will.

We are ruled through democratic representation and the will of the majority. Up until 2020 the system worked remarkably well. Then it happened that subterfuge and years and years of cunning deceit let a small minority undermine the voting process, rig an election and effectively overthrow the United States of America.

This was a bloodless coup/color revolution but a majority across party lines refuse to believe it. They can’t imagine let alone con- template how it happened! It makes no sense, defies all logic, but sense/logic mostly come from a daily dose of media hype and propaganda, which itself derives from an old military exper- iment/program called “MK Ultra”.

Since the 1950’s, mainstream media has been part of the movement so obviously it makes no attempt to give opposing views. We get a steady diet of business as usual. Those rumors we hear? Disinformation spewed by a bunch of conspiracy wackos, mostly Trump supporters. Just a bunch of sore losers!

Can America survive all this? It’s too early to tell. Some would argue the heart and soul of America is in its people, particularly those who subscribe to the founder’s dream of a safe haven in a brutal world. It thrived for a time, then came a test: Civil War. It looked to tear us apart, yet through the majority’s will and the skills of Lincoln the union survived.

Will it be so again? Most should agree America’s heart is alive in every patriot’s breast, in every grateful citizen who cherishes our freedoms. Tens of millions ready to affirm, but remaining in quietude in the enormity of a charade that’s cloaking the ruse, perpetuating the false notion all is well.

America is us, we the people, but can it survive if we remain deaf, dumb and blind to our plight, if we remain so entrenched in our quietude we are hapless and helpless to see the peril?

To the cabal or deep state America is just an annoying bump in their road. They can’t go around and leave it there, to deal with again and again. It must be removed to give smooth access to the dubious new world they perceive. America, what its people think, its constitution and laws, its very essence are anathema to the globalist construct which is about the collective, colony, hive – not the individual!

America is hope for the world, a bastion of sensible governance, delivering equity and fairness to all. Why do we wallow in the throes of this evil conspiracy, which will strip away our God-given rights in favor of a totalitarian nightmare? We must wake from our stupor lest hell be upon us! We must re-assert who we are and what we are! Let’s pass this newest test, take back our country, get down to the business of governing our republic!

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