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Letter/Rebuttal to Mr. Ben Stein

Mr. Stein,

I am happy to support your wonderful organization, and have done many times before. I applaud your involvement with them.

I know you are an intelligent man and yes, you are a lawyer, economist, writer, author, speaker, comedian, humorist and many more things of which I am unaware, perhaps such as roving statesman, envoy at large, world’s greatest husband and so on.

I’ve enjoyed watching and reading you over the years in many of these capacities, and I hope you plan to keep at it for many years to come .  .   .  but I happened to catch you on the O’Reilly show the other night with Laura Ingraham guest hosting, and you said something which is very troubling. To paraphrase, you said the Tea Party’ers were wrong to delay or filibuster the debt ceiling debate. Those guys should soften their stance and realize there are more important things like our nation’s credit rating, than a routine increase in the national debt.

Speaking as a scared poopie-less conservative who’s watched 40yrs of compromising culminate in this outrageously huge govern ment, this insane out-of-control spending, this monstrously enormous & crushing national debt . .  well, I sir, must respectfully disagree.

The world is in economic meltdown, at least the civilized western world, due to socialistic unaccountable spending and borrowing. Central banks, World Bank, IMF are all growing more powerful as they fuel this phenomenon with cheaper and cheaper currencies, including the dollar. It wouldn’t surprise me if bankers in some proverbial ivory tower are already dictating to governments how to run their countries.

America is supposed to be different. We’re supposed to hold ourselves accountable and be responsible, but all we’re doing now is marching to Europe’s tune: borrow/spend; hire/retire; recreate/exacerbate.

Mr. Stein, it’s got to stop. We’ve got to retake our leadership role and set an example for the world to follow. The only way to do it is jam on the brakes and bring this careening buggy to a complete standstill. It’s the only way the tax and spenders can be brought under control.

Stop spending, reduce size of government all levels, re-assign multiple federal functions to the states, reduce/eliminate the many redundancies/incompetentcies entrenched in the Washington establishment, and immediately allocate a serious slice of the budgetary pie to paying down the debt.

Republican democracy and capitalistic freedom are dying. Once gone, they won’t come back in our lifetime, maybe not our kid’s lifetimes. The grand experiment will be over, and the world will fester and stagnate under the yoke of world governance. There will no longer be a refuge, a safe haven from craziness/hopelessness: only a super-elite with a vast proletariat to do their bidding.

The bailouts were wrong. Keynesian interventions/intrusions were deleterious and ill-advised. Borrowing and monetizing are insane.  Banks will own everything one day, and a microscopic cabal of multibillionaires/trillionaires owning the banks, will rule the world. It will be a Rothschildean return to 16th century Europe.

America is in their way, a speedbump in their road to conquest. A final inconvenience that must falter and collapse in order for their plan to work. Please step back and see this big picture. Understand the stakes. If America is Europeanized, it’s over.

In this overall scheme of things our credit rating is a joke, totally inconsequential to the danger at hand. Liberals and progressives are being played as fools, since I don’t think even they would welcome this turn of events. But those in congress work to this end, dumbly or otherwise. We must stop them any way we can.

So, no more deals, compromises or deficit spendings. No increasing revenues/taxes until spending freezes. No debt increases. No new baselines growing government payrolls. No new agencies, departments, committees, panels, boards or bureaus.

We need a balanced budget amendment now. Reduce government now. Reduce spending now. Reduce/eliminate entitlements now.  I’m a nobody who loves this country and hates what’s happening.  I’m a typical Tea Party’er. I want to help that cause any way I can. If I’ve made any valid arguments here, I hope you will too.

Thank you, Mr. Stein, for listening. I hope you will consider what I’ve said, and give it the deference it deserves. Thanks again, for all your good works.

Al Shane

Contributor, Conservative, Concerned Citizen


Explanatory Remarks

I wrote this letter over a year ago in response to what I felt was a blasé, off-message remark by Stein. I thought he was missing the whole point, and didn’t understand exactly how serious things were getting. He seemed to be business as usual, and I wanted to challenge that.

He gave no response.

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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