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The Dregs & The Dross

Pond ScumThis Benghazi thing is a complete snafu from top down.

Nobody is stepping forward to accept responsibility and no one seems willing to point the finger, when we all know where the blame lies.

The national media is both collusive and culpable, with its reluctance to find the truth. It’s been over two (2) months, yet all we have is lip service. Only Fox News is outraged by this cover-up, and beats the drum.

The president holds his first press conference in more than eight (8) months, and they pitch softballs! The press should be breathing fire, demanding answers & accountability for 4 dead Americans, but they ask nothing; demand nothing.

Repeatedly Obama gets a free pass when we know a republican would be crucified by this very same, self-serving, sycophantic, in-the-tank media. If they’d hold his feet to the fire for just five minutes he’d falter, and lose his haughtiness! He’s arrogant/cocksure only because he has no critics, at least of consequence to him, and expects no serious challenge of his leadership or government. And of course, he’s surrounded by minions, lackeys and drones.

Witness the Susan Rice scandal. Here’s our Ambassador to the United Nations (Jeane Kirkpatrick would die!) publicly declaring to that body and the American people several times over it was a spontaneous, mob riot triggered by a scurrilous U-Tube video. End of story.

Of course, Press Secretary Jay Carney parroted this, as did Secretary Clinton, Stephanie Cutter, DNC Chair Wasser- man-Schultz, David Axelrod, on and on.

Pond Scum - The Dregs & The Dross

These our the top people, the crème de la crème, and they are either liars or idiots! Ambassador Rice needs to be grilled on 1) who told her to say what she said 2) did she give any of her own thought to it 3) did she double-check or investigate any of it on her own 4) when did she first suspect she had been duped, and 5) why didn’t she come forth at that time and admit her error.

A 6th question might be, as of today, right now, what is your overall assessment of how you were used/exploited by the White House?

In some liquid bodies the best stuff floats to the top. In others, only the dregs and the dross. This man’s immediate body politic has produced the latter, seemingly unqualified, sophomoric individuals with little or no experience in the jobs they were given.

True professionals, persons who have made their entire career one of service, dedication and true vocation, do not behave like this. They do not allow themselves to be used or scapegoated. They do not allow their area of responsibility to escape their view or be lost to their understanding. They do not allow their people to be hurt, let alone killed, and they do not abandon those in the field to languish, despair and die for lack of aid!

How did these people become our most trusted managers?

By obsequiousness to a fraudulent leader, an irreverent boss who only knows political favors and the path to his next conquest. By worshipping at the altar of ambition and winning at all costs, no matter the means.

The president’s top job is to protect the people. How could jetting off to Vegas within hours of learning this news serve this purpose? He’s admitted he was unclear at the offset, still gathering information and questioning staff. If this is true, and we think it is, how could he leave? How could he relegate investigating the tragedy to underlings?

Furthermore, there’s a problem. Within hours he held a briefing in the Rose Garden, saying it looked to be attributable to terrorists, but they were still analyzing. I say, the slightest inclination it was a terrorist act, al Qaeda or otherwise, it takes on much greater significance than a spontaneous riot, which would be very unfortunate for our consulate but still only a momentary random act and of minor concern to our national security.

Given the terrorist angle, it should demand instant attention and response, with alerts going out to all embassies and consulates to beef up security and harden premises.

Was this done? Even if only a possible explanation for Benghazi, shouldn’t it have been done?
Was he taking all this into consideration as he packed for Vegas?
Was he thinking of all this as he campaigned and raised money, pursuing reelection?
Weren’t we entitled to 100% of his attention at a time like this?
Weren’t families and friends entitled to some satisfactory answers about why their loved ones died?

He doesn’t get it.
He doesn’t respect the office in the truest sense of the word.
He doesn’t hold himself accountable for the actions of his staff and underlings.
He’s a campaigner, a rhetoricist, a misleading orator, an American iconoclast bent on image, agenda and transformation. He

has no time to do his job, to be the president; only time to work his will, push his ideology, and demand his due. He is a player, golfer, partier and gallivanter far more than he is a president. He has literally no time/interest in his office.

At risk of alienating half my readership, I must suggest the tactics/methods of this man and his party are far beyond the pale. They don’t rise even half way to the bar of acceptability. He and his ilk indulge frathouse antics and schoolyard invectives completely foreign/alien to the requirements and gravitas of leadership. Why don’t people inveigh against this outrage that cheapens our politics and coarsens our image and statesmanship?

Why indeed. Where there is no perception, there can be no remedy. Where the media finds no fault, there can be no redress. Where constituencies are about themselves and not about nation, there can be no hope.

We are in the grip of a transformative confluence of destructive ideologies, a meeting of self-serving forces seeking to change our society. Browns want amnesty, a free pass to citizenship. Blacks want an apology, payback and reparations. Jews want approval and respect for their concern about the little guy. Asians want to identify with these other minorities, to be a contiguous, low-profile part of the new winning movement. Single moms want a long list of free stuff, to run to government for commiseration and support.

Entertainers want to be perceived as ashamed of their great success/wealth, embarrassed they have so much, guilty for their life of ease and luxury, fearful it’s an ephemeral moment; they could fall from grace, and are thus driven to help their main box office audience of average folks and poor.

Media want to sell papers and airtime, playing a numbers game, catering to a vast proletariat making less than $100K echoing/pandering to their concerns, championing their cause.

Academia wants credibility, wants exclusive franchise on the flow of ideas; wants to self-aggrandize its interests in the halls of government; wants to nurture an indoctrinated populace into monolithic purpose, constantly replenishing their ranks with younger generations.

Public sector workers, union workers & welfare recipients want to maintain status quo, constantly improving their lot, growing their power and getting more free stuff.

New World Order folks simply want America to fall, to become a 3rd world nation like all the rest, so as not to impede their progress to creating one world government. We’re a speed bump in their path and must be brought into line with Europe, Asia, South America & Africa. There’s no room for a free, independent nation in their plans, let alone a superpower.

That’s it. These are the groups and influences that are bringing us down. I’m sure many are caught up in them who don’t understand what they’re about; who’ve lost sight of the American Dream, or never fully understood why the American system worked so well. Why they owe  everything they have, and will ever be, to the heritage that was America –  not some future socialistic, nightmarish utopia that has never been, and can never be .  .   .


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