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My Conservatism

I don’t ask for help if I can avoid it, and I take pride in my work, whatever it might be. I told my kids how, as a recruit in boot camp, I had to clean the latrine. The Drill Instructor came in, looked around, asked if he could drink safely from the commode .  .  Sir, Yes Sir!  Will it make me puke, private?  The DI will not puke, Sir!  Thank God he didn’t ask me to drink it, because that I wouldn’t do! The point is, no matter how menial the job I always tried to do it right.

Oldest of 4 kids raised in a modest home in East LA, we didn’t have much but appreciated what we had. We each took care of No 1, shared household chores and all pulled our weight. School was no different. Education was the way out so we didn’t fool around.

I did well in High School then joined the service to get away from home. I qualified for a year in avionics school, learned sophisticated weapons  systems and moved up, but the military wasn’t for me so I got an early out to go to college. Did that for a couple years, working nights and met my wife. We married, started a family and I took a full time job. It had potential. I advanced into management. My new-found career began.

So far nothing fancy, just did what I had to, to improve circumstances. Barb did the same. We’re a team, doing whatever’s necessary to get ahead. We started in the 60’s, a turbulent time filled with protest and activism. But we missed it. No sitins or marches. Never went on strike or demanded benefits. Too busy with life. Government wasn’t relevant.

I’m almost to my point. Barb grew up in England, coming  here at 17. Her family was middle class liberal democrat, me lower class and also democrat. We struggled and sweat with a firm work ethic, yet the first time I voted it was for Nixon. Barb hadn’t taken citizenship but felt the same. Her parents emigrated in their forties. They found good jobs. In a few years they were doing much better than in the UK.

Moral of the story: we worked hard, took care of ourselves and didn’t take/expect handouts. Her parents were educated {father teacher/mother- retail} worked hard but couldn’t get ahead in the British system, which they had always supported as liberal democrats. A couple years here they were both midlevel management in a large retailer, had a home 2X larger than in UK and began questioning their politics, seeing firsthand how hard work combined with opportunity did get results!

I think I can safely claim our family led a conservative way of life. None of us looked to government for help or special treatment, or complained how standing on our own two feet wasn’t good enough. We were glad to be in a place and time that allowed the blunt force of our energy, skill and determination to win us a couple rungs up the ladder, secure a comfortable lifestyle & achieve a modicum of success. It seemed there was nothing we couldn’t do.

I believe conservatism is an attitude that says just give me a chance and I’ll take care of me and mine. Give me a fair opportunity and I’ll show what I can do, which is good or better than the next guy. Better yet, In doing this I won’t just take care of my own, I’ll pay my fair share to take care of others who are physically/mentally less able or circumstantially disadvantaged such that they need some help to get on track.

Most aren’t in this category so it shouldn’t be difficult for the rest of us to help. Good attitude promotes pride in self which works to elevate one’s confidence in their own capabilities, which is 90% of the battle for folks with issues. Pride here isn’t arrogance, it’s simply feeling content with what you’ve been able to do, the self-satisfaction of knowing you did your best.

I think conservatism is the Golden Rule. It’s about hard work being its own reward; early to bed, early to rise; faith, hope & charity. This attitude and these beliefs are innate parts of our humanity. We’re not just in the human race but an integral part of it, sharing  the same hopes/ dreams as everybody else. It begins with believing in yourself. On this foundation we can work together to build a society. Right from the beginning, this is what America has been about.

Conservatism encourages pride in self, hard work, motivation towards improvement, respect for others, sharing the burden, living the dream.

It guides us to noble ends, offering more success to more people. It can help us learn from past mistakes, to appreciate our history and revere who we are as a nation. It cautions to be wary of false promises like the free lunch, something for nothing and the quest for perfection/utopia.

Conservatism fills the world with independent people who not only do for themselves but answer the call to care of others. It clears confusion about right and wrong, the role of government and the vital necessity of maintaining/sharing similar attitudes about integrity, virtue & truth. It creates not a multicultural society but an inclusive one filled with every background/ethnicity and all sharing the same values.

Conservatism doesn’t lead to extremism or fanaticism, it doesn’t divide into racial blocs or sub-divisions and it doesn’t seek to egalitarianize us into sameness and mediocrity. It recognizes the individual as being the single most important idea in a society of individuals desiring freedom of speech, equal opportunity and liberty. Those who call me a fascist or Nazi for believing in these things are hopelessly misinformed as to the essence of human nature and basic requirements for creating a healthy, equitable society. My conservatism makes this happen.


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