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Naive American Me

Growing up in the 50’s our parents warned we’d be accountable some day. We’d have to make our way, take charge of our life and be productive members of society. They didn’t add but don’t worry if you’re having a hard time, government has your back. The message was clear; no one would have our back!

Pretty harsh, I know, but buddies from those days tell the same story. We didn’t expect help. In fact, we didn’t realize help was available. Welfare windows, food stamp dispensary, unemployment office? If they existed we’d be ashamed to use ‘em.

We believed the Golden Rule; honesty was the best policy; can’t say something nice, don’t say it; hard work is its own reward; early to bed and all that stuff. Go to school, worry about grades, watch Ozzie & Harriett or Leave it to Beaver, don’t sass parents, clean plate at the dinner table, get an allowance for chores.

We knew if we did these things, played by the rules, it would  come our way. Merit, dependability, attitude, a little sacrifice, these bred success. Keep your nose clean, do your best and the American Dream was a real possibility.

I’ve lived my life believing this, expecting most others did too. But today, some fifty years later, I’m forced to admit it wasn’t so. The standards, ethics and ideals described, which we knew were the underpinnings of American society, the reasons why America was so special, were evidently just a passing fancy and applicable only to certain of its citizens. Unbeknownst to us there was a movement afoot to supplant these ideals and expectations with a broad-sweeping entitlement mentality, instigated in great part by FDR’s New Deal, then supercharged by LBJ’s Great Society.

They introduced welfarism as a formal government policy, evidently intending in the short run to provide safety nets to those in need, in long run hoping to win over the patronage & loyalty of an ever-growing segment of society. Whether they thought in these terms I can’t say, but an evolving cadre of liberal/progressives filling senior ranks of the democrat party have been working to this end ever since. They call it social justice coming from a socialized democracy. But its socialism, pure & simple.

Where once we had rugged individualism, American exceptionalism and the query what can we do for our country?, we now have a welfare state, an emerging socialized democracy and the new query, what can this country do for us! Thank God JFK isn’t here to see this.

A burgeoning class of entitlees demanding more and more from government, even though it’s all outside the bounds/purview of the constitution. It was never the intent of the framers to have a leviathan centralized government, just the opposite: those powers not enumerated or granted to the federal government shall be reserved to the states. But starting with education {recall Gov.Wallace standing defiantly on the steps of the UofA  auditorium in ’65?} and going right down through all the other entitlements, grants, subsidies etc., all are unconstitutional!

We used to go to school to learn the 3R’s, appreciate our history and culture, interact socially, try to discover what we wanted to do with our lives. We learned to think critically, make judgements on our own, think about the world and its problems. Today kids are met with a different agenda. It tells them what to think, how to behave in a politically correct context, how their race/ethnicity controls their destiny and how America’s cultural ancestry is a sham.

We thought civil society was based on law & order, respect for police and trust in a justice system that doled out a fair and even interpretation of the law. Today we have unsubstantiated accusations of police brutality, courts bending to partisan bias, indiscriminate allegations of sexual abuse/civil rights violations, blatant criminality running riot. Due process, evidentiary forcefulness, basic constitutionality work only after taking note of which side you’re on and who’s in power.

Take the Clintons: mountains of evidence proving his sexual misconduct with a dozen women; mountains more proving beyond doubt she violated the espionage act, obstructed justice, gave false testimony to congress, committed perjury, acted under color of authority to line her pockets.  Just wasn’t enough.

Why do these two roam the land enjoying their celebrity and ill-gotten gains with no scorn or by-your-leave? I’m picturing two big black crows flitting and prancing around our precious tilled fields, pecking away at treasures they find, oblivious to the ol’ scarecrow {CIA/FBI/Justice/Congress} frowning balefully down but unwilling/powerless to stop them.

These entities as well as State and the White House were/are infested with political appointees/activists acting diligently on behalf of liberalism/statism. Their residues remain, which we call the Deep State, working tirelessly to undermine/overthrow a duly elected government. This is un-American if not insane.

How can half of us not see this, or crave Bernie’s socialism or the Clintons’ criminality? How have I/we been so naïve to think we were too smart to fall for it? Seems too many aren’t paying attention or don’t understand the tightrope we’re walking to save our republic and the deep political chasm awaiting our fall.

Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice, thrice, tenfold and shame, shame on us! Midterm elections near, the screaming builds, the din of statism/socialism escalates and our tightrope trembles . . .  are we so gullibly naïve, so maddeningly ignorant and fatally stupid we can’t sense we’re losing our balance?

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