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Naive Americans Us!

A few weeks ago I lamented in Naïve American Me! that all my life I’ve labored under a misconception about the underlying ethics, morals and cultural values that made me who I am and America what it is. These ideas engendered rugged individualism, I thought, and instilled personal accountability

But today, given the seriousness of our situation, my apparent naivete now seems symptomatic of a widespread insidious disease infecting Americans in general, to wit; half of us {majority of voting citizens} see no problem supporting juvenile activists, democrat socialists, Marxists or a bevy of identified but unindicted felons who clearly are un-American if not antiAmerican!

What situation you ask? Well, from a conservative perspective, American liberals/progressives who tend to be democrat but also include some on the right such as RINO’s, never-Trumpers  or republican liberals, subscribe to policies/programs which are counter-intuitive/counter-productive to the concepts of rugged individualism/personal accountability mentioned above. For instance Democrats have become globalists, not nationalists, wanting open borders and ways to citizenize illegals currently living here; favor unbridled immigration policies that let all in regardless of nationality, health status, skill set, financial condition, familiarity with our governmental system or relative degree of hostility toward our culture and society.

They despise our constitution and seek to interpret, bypass or ignore it; legislate against the will of the people as with Obamacare; disrespect police, act to undermine authority, demonize policies and procedures, politicize structures and hierarchy.

They’ve become rogue partisan activists at the most senior levels of the FBI and Justice Dept, working to obstruct the law, ignore criminality, promote cronyism and subvert the majesty of our constitutional way of government. Outrageous or not, we have no recourse. When the most senior levels of government or its departments/agencies are corrupt, so becomes the system.  Congress, the courts, even a President are powerless to punish wrongdoers who remain free to continue perpetrating their frauds and deceits. The framers warned of this, saying the entire constitutional edifice, however foolproof, would depend ultimately on the virtue/integrity of our public servants.

They permeate and politicize our schools from [K] thru college; have 80% majorities in classrooms/admin offices; promulgate partisan politics while spewing seditious, counter-cultural mantras that demean mainstream religious views while indulging foreign/hostile theologies like Islam; insinuate themselves between parent & child by validating alternative sexual practices and arbitrary gender assignments; indoctrinate kids with an anything goes mentality.

They allow ideological beliefs to color their teaching so Judeo-Christian roots are marginalized in favor of postmodern agnosticisms/atheism, impugning the memory and wisdom of the classical masters of philosophy and political science. Goal? Despoil our cultural landscape and history with their revisionism.

Dems were long ago commandeered by extremists, socialists even anarchists who would turn America upside down. They don’t respect the constitution or our institutions. They use the victimhood of identity politics to persuade centrists left and right the system isn’t fair. Its top heavy with white males who actually have become a minority owing to immigration, birth rates and a disappearing right to due process. What good is your majority if you have no rights?

They exaggerate the danger of the extreme right, establishing Black Lives Matter and Antifa in opposition. The latter stands for anti-fascism but in reality looks and acts exactly the same as black/brown shirts of Italy & Germany in the 30’s. Nonpartisan political scientists tell us there is no threat from the extreme right, their numbers being minute and inconsequential, but the left regularly mobilizes vast mobs of unruly, riotous hooligans to terrorize colleges, halt conservative events, shout down speakers and destroy property.

Under the rubric of identity politics blacks & browns cry racism and demand affirmative action; feminists demand equal pay for unequal time/uncertain career-commitments, preference over accused sexual offenders, birth control/abortion at taxpayer expense; anti-religionists want prayer out of schools, God from public buildings, documents & money; gays want to de-genderize marriage; trans-genders want access to sports and for dressing rooms/restrooms to be gender-neutral.

Dems would deny our history, free speech, freedom of assembly, erode civil society, discriminate against all persons not-of-color, dismantle our sovereignty, enforce double standards, toss out the constitution and encourage a 1-Party totalitarian system. They admit none of this, of course, but these would be the results of their shenanigans. Still think they aren’t un-American/anti-American?

How about granting birth-right citizenship to illegals? Giving welfare/entitlements to non-citizens? Promoting a sanctuary-city movement in open defiance of federal authority? Defunding the military down to where we’re barely able to help our allies let alone ourselves? Implanting a deep state bureaucracy in an effort to undermine/overthrow a duly elected president? Allowing openly hostile immigrants to come here who then advocate/preach the violent overthrow of our government? Even encourage their non-assimilation?

Then there’s the reprehensible state of voting procedures that state by state violate deadlines, allow duplicate registration between states, no-removal of decedents, no proof of citizenship or English proficiency, reckless absentee balloting procedures, partisan gerrymandering and almost universal nonconformity with federal guidelines.

Conservatives generally oppose all this: liberals support it and would revise the basic character of America using ends justify means tactics. Make no mistake, these goals are incompatible with America’s ideals and way of life. Democrats don’t realize they’re being used, exploited, played for fools. How to make them see they’re throwing it all away?

With Roosevelt, capitalism was socialized; under LBJ, Clinton and Obama socialism is now capitalized, bringing us to a tipping point in the left-right continuum. Dems say they have the moral high ground and are simply the loyal opposition. In a pig’s eye!  They’re the slippery slope to our oblivion!

Other cultures equally valid? Dilute our culture? Factionalize our society? Let people vote who don’t understand our system, or new citizens/noncitizens who barely speak English? This strategy will mongrelize us into unrecognizability as a capitalistic democratic republic, destroying America as we know it.

I’m not so naïve or unsophisticated not to see this, or the societal nightmare lurking in the distance. I’m betting neither are you. They think they can do it quietly, incrementally, using false pretenses, tricking us without a fight. I say think again!

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