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America: Freedom’s Last Redoubt

America haters have been around for years, but Trump haters pushed US over the edge, making the past ten months of hell the most frustrating of my life! To understand, try imagining a call saying you won the lottery! Mind boggling, right? You mark the days, think of ways to spend the money, dream of a new lifestyle. You want to tell family and friends of your good luck and how you plan sharing with everybody, but all you have is a verbal notice and nothing official.

Days go by. You call to check and there’s a computer glitch which will take a few days, then they call back to admit a bigger problem. Lottery staff pulled a fast one with a 2ndwinning ticket. They’re being chased down but it’ll take courts and more time!

Here you are thinking you’re a multi-millionaire or in my case, believing our great country has been insurrected and attacked but our people are on it and will soon get it fixed! Meanwhile mom is in a run-down nursing home, brother is losing his house and you want to help! Your family needs you and its doable for a person of means, but your means are a promise not yet kept, like our country not yet saved. How long can we go before losing excitement, even hope?

Not a good analogy, but it’s how I feel. Our country was attacked, brutalized and now flails in chaos. Half of us didn’t know or still don’t know! In fact, they carry on like nothing’s wrong even though the whole world can see the mess we’re in! Logical patriotic Americans know how obvious it is the election was stolen, covid is a hoax and vaccines are a controlling ruse. These truths are taking us down! More disheartening is the number of people refusing to believe it or the evil end toward which it leads.

The vastness of this treason and coup is unbelievable! That America fell victim to such a treacherous scheme is incredible!

I keep hearing Reagan say like it was yesterday . . .  tyranny is only one generation away; we must teach our children the priceless value and treasure that is freedom, and so must all future generations.

It’s demoralizing staring such naked treachery in the face for months, unable to even spit to show our rage while family and friends scoff at our hysterics saying we see things that aren’t there and are outraged over nothing! Thankfully patriot brothers/sisters 100mil strong and growing believe as we do. Are we all crazy? How long do we sit waiting for a right moment? When do we levy vengeance upon our enemies?

I’m demoralized yes but disgusted too by our hesitation. We tarry our time, biding away righteous indignation for the sake of those who won’t wake! Each passing day loses a battle by inaction, loses hope for taking back our country. Can it be we indulge misguided pity for those walking in the devil’s wake or drinking from his cup, inebriating themselves into mind numbing stupor, ignorance, avoidance and defeat! Can we profit from such pity? If you had told me years ago this could happen I’d have said maybe, but no matter; we’ll quickly rise up and put things right! By quickly I would have meant a few days or weeks but nine months? I would never have believed such righteous payback would take so long and languish maddeningly like this!

Since 11/3/20 we’ve been at war, viciously attacked from inside and out by traitors who hate America, its freedoms, wealth and power. In scope and impact it’s WWIII! Patriot leaders knew it was coming, knew this was the only way to meet and end it. They reassure we’re winning the fight and reinstatement nears. Stay calm and the calamity will soon end. But deadlines pass with promises broken and we go on meeting hurdles/obstacles at every turn.

Yesterday Newsome overcame recall using vote rigging tactics used before! His cronies celebrate while patriots gasp/groan in defeat! Anyone home? Do you not see how patience wears thin and unbearable fatigue drags us down? How these weaken our resolve, shakes our trust in leaders who claim it’s all under control . . .

Many ask if my pen has quit, my outrage waned, my call to action gone? I confess I’m gripped in the clutches of an impending social upheaval, aggrieved already by its terrible consequences, suffering and grief. A fight is coming and I fear America will be Lincoln’s child once more. But if we must fight, at least it will be to save this great land and the promise it holds against the left’s totalitarian nightmare that will only bring doom upon mankind!

The world must pray we prevail!

May God make it so . .

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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