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Not a good thing, or something we want to believe about ourselves. But the fact is, a very large number of us (50-60%?) go about our daily lives getting information and news from the same mainstream sources we’ve trusted for years to the point we don’t question their credibility.

We like the presentation, personality, professional delivery of information and generally feel comfortable we’re being informed and kept up to date. We also find if we try a different source to double check something it usually agrees with what we’ve heard. Now we can believe we’ve done our research and fact-checking and everything is good.

Of course, this goes to the broader issue of our society at large. Do we believe in and trust our institutions and various sources of authority? Are they reliable and unbiased, trying their best to give us nothing but facts and truths on the state of our world? We want to believe it, but know sometimes it isn’t true.

We’ve joked about media bias-fake news for years to where we literally avoided certain talking heads or newscasters because of their attitude, which came across in reporting. Everyone has bias. The question is, do we allow it to color our opinions and judgements on serious matters which need an objective eye? For me, if a reporter gives in to personal bias in their commentary, it completely blows their credibility.

We live in a sophisticated world filled with many sources and offering deep access to whatever we wish to investigate. We’re bombarded 24/7 with polished, professional reporting with the cache of cutting edge journalism. But is it? Or are we being duped by a highly orchestrated media controlled by a small group of fat-cat corporatists who make sure everybody stays on the same page and only hear what they want us to hear?

Before you start shouting conspiracy, understand it really is a very small group, around 6-8 family interests or corporate-controlled power centers, so its quite possible these people have an agenda and exert their influence behind the scenes to promote their message and their desired false reality. I think we agree most of us aren’t aware of this and certainly don’t dwell on it. Its not in our face. Its subliminal, habitual and doesn’t pose a threat or danger of which we’re aware.

Now, what about mindsets and mental blocks? These are also affecting most of us to greater or lesser extent. They are self-imposed. We form an opinion and, right or wrong, tend to keep it going forward. If the mainstream message feeds into our pre-disposed mindset it validates and strengthens what admittedly may be a false impression. In other words, if we got the wrong impression from the start but it jived with media on a program, policy or individual, we get locked in our delusion.

I’m not a psychologist so this is a layman’s attempt to explain how things might work in our conscious/subconscious mind. Still, you may feel nothing I’ve described is new or persuasive or relates in any way to your own personal situation.

Let’s try something. We have a case in point where, for whatever reason, huge numbers of people think Biden won and can’t understand why Trump won’t concede. They believe we held an election, Biden won, Trump should admit defeat and life goes on. When challenged on this they say they’ve heard nothing about corruption or fraud. Where’s the proof? If it happened why aren’t the courts reviewing evidence?

Now just suppose there is proof, mountains of it, showing huge fraud and corruption across at least six states and the evidence, if you saw it, was 100% credible if not incontrovertible. Remember, the election was November 3rd and Trump supporters have been screaming foul since that night, gathering more and more details, proof and so on every day.

What would you think? More than 60 days elapsed since the most massive fraud in our history took place, where domestic insurgents and foreign agents worked in concert to steal our nation. Where Trump won in a landslide by over twenty million votes or more but they managed to flip it and where, during all this time, media remained silent, social media blocked attempts to tell the truth and government officials state and federal, including governors, state legislators, election officials, judges, police authorities, senators, congresspersons and high ranking party officials in both parties conspired to block the truth. Hope you agree its staggeringly incomprehensible and mind-blowing!

They all act like nothing is wrong, refuse to cooperate with investigators, hide evidence and actually are going forward to certify their fraudulent election results. This is not only a crime but treason and don’t forget, Biden himself is fully aware of all of it yet acts like he‘s president-elect and Trump a sore loser.

The media you trust and rely on held the wool over your eyes. Why? Democrat leaders and lots of senior republican officials lied, equivocated, dissembled and did everything they could to evade the truth. Do you begin to see a possibility here? Can you understand how in the fog of such a media blackout you are unable to see the truth, which is not an easy truth to see? To think such a monstrous fraud could have been planned in advance and carried out with the help/complicity of so many people, to think so many are corrupted or being blackmailed, who would believe it? How could it happen?

It may take us years to figure out but the fact is the extreme left, socialists-communists, globalists, New World Order folks, together with the noise-confusion of identity politics and the social justice crowd somehow all came together under a plan devised and perpetrated by the Red Chinese, acting in concert with the Clintons, Obama, the hierarchy of the Democrat Party, some Never-Trump republicans, George Soros and others to subvert our democracy and bring down our republic!

The name of the game and unifying goal was get Trump! There’s more to it than that, but they used the sentiment because they knew a certain percentage of us felt that way and would not be sorry to see him fall. But the percentage wasn’t nearly big enough! In fact, just the opposite. Millions more than they suspected were pro-Trump, ruining their calculations and formulas of what it would take to switch the vote.

To review, whether you like Trump or hate him, whether you even care about elections and politics, the bigger right-wrong issue here is plain to see. Are we going to put up with lying, cheating and outright theft when it comes to our elections?

Are we a freedom loving people with a constitution, a law and order society and the greatest capitalistic economic platform in the world or aren’t we? Are we ready to give this up without a fight?

I’m appealing to you because you’re one who’s been unwilling to see the truth, and there are millions more like you who by their denial and inaction are jeopardizing the future of America.

I hope I’ve given you pause to reflect on your stance and how the things I’ve cited could actually be psychological deterrents acting against your ability to see the truth.

Tomorrow is January 6th, the day we’re given to believe Trump will finally be recognized by congress as president. But it may not go that way. It may drag on for ten more days and a number of other things could occur. Whatever happens, we must realize this isn’t about republican-democrat or Trump himself.

Its about right and wrong, doing the right thing and accepting that, regardless how we feel, Trump must be re-elected presi- dent and anything less is unacceptable.

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