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Cleaning House 1

ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryIn response to an article I had recently written on culture and gun violence, a good friend asked where do we start? How do we begin to turn this thing around and get back on the road to reason, fairness and sanity?

It’s a good question and not an easy one, but it seems to me the obvious answer is to start with the wall. Many of the underlying problems in our society stem from the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants into our midst. It has to stop. Democrats opposing the wall were originally for it. Now they’re against because Trump is pushing it and they won’t do anything that will strengthen his political hand.

Notice I say political. They don’t care about our country or the safety of our citizens or the outrageous burden illegals add to our society. They don’t care about the disease or crime they bring & as for cost, they spent more developing the Obamacare website, a lot more, so it isn’t about cost.

The wall will halt their unhindered flow into this country, allowing us to stop and regroup. We can next focus on passing legislation to deal with and manage the approximate 13Mil illegals (more like 20Mil!) already here and submerged in our society. Identifying and sanctioning these people will lift a terrible weight from many neighborhoods, communities and cities.

Public health and safety, public education, welfare resources and law enforcement will all benefit greatly from the successful containment, categorization or removal of these interlopers. This isn’t about racism, dehumanization or immoral treatment of children. Its about survival, protecting the integrity of our culture and defending our physical borders and sovereignty.

Next hole-in-the-dam to plug? Birthright citizenship! This policy was authored by Congressman John Bingham of Ohio and ratified into law in 1868 by the 14th Amendment. Its intent was to guarantee the citizenship rights of newly freed slaves, not the rights of any Tom, Dick or Josie crawling illegally across the border to have a child or any foreign national visiting here with the same underlying purpose. It clearly does not mandate such a policy. No other nation has this and those that did no longer do. It creates/advances polity-destroying chain immigration which in turn opens the door to multiculturalism/dilution/rot, acting like a cancer on our body politic.

Next vulnerability? Asylum seekers from Middle East countries who are Muslim, cannot be effectively vetted and are unable due to their religion to swear an oath of allegiance to honor, obey and defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Islam is an unfriendly theocratic system in which the orthodox & faithful are wholly devoted to Allah and the Qu’ran, sworn to spread and defend their faith while rejecting and casting out all others. It’s a religious ideology wholly incompatible with American culture and all of western civilization. They come here planning to change us, not us them, and it has to stop!

Next we make English our official language and immediately cease issuing government documents, applications and voting ballots in all other languages. Those seeking citizenship and voting rights must become fluent in reading, writing and speaking English before they can achieve full citizen status.

Next, our centralized federal government must re-assert its power and authority over all matters pertaining to the flow or influx of foreign persons, immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers or undocumented illegals into this country. Further, it must immediately sanction and prosecute, with prejudice, any government entity, including village, town, city, county, district, precinct, borough, province or state holding itself out as sanctuary zone/safe haven for such persons, acting in direct defiance/contravention of the federal authority. It must legislate/make provision for criminalizing any government official acting in concert with other officials such as councilpersons, mayors, supervisors or governors, to create such extra-legal status. Finally, federal aid/subsidy to such entities must stop pending full compliance.

Next must come a review and update of all immigration policy clearly stating who can come here, under what circumstances and how they will benefit America. A quota system must be re-established controlling the numbers coming from each country annually, with fully vetted background checks, verification of health/financial status, relinquishment of prior citizenship and an oath/pledge of fealty to honor, obey & defend this country. Also need to clarify legal steps necessary for legal immigrants to attain U S Citizenship, including timetable, language, tests, etc.

Taking these steps would give us a secure border, an English speaking citizenry, a clear definition of illegality accepted/enforced across all fifty states, a solid immigration policy controlling how many foreigners can come here each year and what their minimum status/contribution must be, an end to the arbitrary, exploitative practice of granting birthright citizenship to persons born on our soil regardless of status and, finally and perhaps most importantly, a restrictive, non-welcoming policy towards any hostile religion/belief system that is intrinsically incompatible with American democracy or its government.

It should be completely unacceptable for a person to come here who openly & admittedly supports/advocates a personal belief system, ideology or religious philosophy that is dialectically opposed to our own. Believing they will change once they are here or that we’ll change them or that, regardless of what they eventually decide, they will remain a benign presence in our midst is tantamount to insanity if not suicide!

We already have examples where concentrations of Muslims have achieved a local polity that elects its own representatives to congress, who then begin extolling the benefits/necessities of Islam and advocating {plotting?} an actual overthrow of our government, subsuming us into a planned worldwide caliphate. It reminds me of a cartoon showing a westernized fellow standing with a rope round his neck that’s attached to the branch of a small tree that he’s watering, nourishing . . .  helloooo?
Do you think?

Make no mistake. This is not about free speech or separation of church and state. We absurdly attempt to deal fair and square with a deceitful, pedagogic, extremist mindset that comes here with seditious intent, exploits our hospitality, cares less about civil rights/human rights, disrespects our culture & constitution and is 100% dedicated to conquering/converting us to Islam!

Be aware. Be afraid. Don’t let it happen! Don’t be lackadaisical about our self-preservation! Demand that something be done to identify, screen and monitor Muslims already here {5Mil?}. Self-proclaimed fanatics/extremists must be expelled. Moderates need to swear a new oath disavowing the elements of their faith that are incompatible with a democratic republic. No new Muslims should be allowed without a deep vetting of who they are and why they’re coming here, along with an oath of allegiance to be renewed yearly w/penalty of deportation.

This has all been Step 1 for getting our house in order. The way things stand, democrats are against all of it, meaning it will be extremely difficult unless conservatives can retake the House and regain a majority, at which time we can once again act to enforce the will of the people!

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