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Cleaning House 2

ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryIn CH1 of this series we discussed ways we could clean up our polity {populace} to once again represent a unified body politic. I suggested such things as building the wall, upgrading immigration policy, stopping birthright citizenship, sanctioning/criminalizing so-called sanctuary zones, legislating a new plan of attack for dealing with people here illegally, mandating English as our official language, requiring fluency to become a citizen, tightening controls on the flow of potentially hostile persons coming here who practice or subscribe to a religion/political ideology that in concept/practice is incompatible with our constitutional, capitalistic democratic republic,

To harsher critics out there, this doesn’t mean I’m a racist or want a lily-white society. What I believe and advocate for is a like-minded society where people raised here and those who come here understand our culture and traditions, trust/respect our system of government and promise to hold themselves responsible for the well-being of their families.

Color or ethnicity don’t matter if you’re a good citizen, obey the law and participate ethically/legally in voting. Notice all these requirements leave little room for ideas like socialism, communism, totalitarianism, globalism or any form of statism where the rights of the individual are restricted, abridged or violated by a centralized authority or regime.

Also notice there’s no room for multiculturalism here, since our culture is the foundation of our society. Giving other cultures equal status/credibility makes no sense. In fact, doing so begins a process of deconstruction/disintegration of the intrinsic culture, breaking it down into numerous factions or sub-cultures working to their own ends and not for the good of the whole.
Rome fell at the hands of a similar process.

Cultural integrity {monoculture} with one language holding the same values/ethics/morals as the original host culture is what I believe in and support. Yes, there can be diversity, but it must be a culturized, homogenized diversity that easily blends into the body politic. If you live here as one of us you cannot be a hyphenated American identifying with some other extraction. You cannot be of divided loyalty. You must be American in your thoughts, words & deeds. The world described in our founding documents says all men are created equal. Diversity in such a color-blind world works, and will yield/succumb to anonymity and assimilation, bringing us back to our goal of a unified polity.

Again, in Step 1 we talked about taking back our borders, sovereignty, rules of citizenship, language, federalism with limited centralized authority & respect for our culture, federal government and law. We addressed residency requirements for non-citizens which must be tightened/strengthened. It was argued multiculturalism is, in fact, a societal evil, not a blessing, and diversity in race/ethnicity are not problems so long as diverse individuals join our tribe, adapt to our ways and melt in our pot.

We focused on non-indigenous peoples coming here with their own ideas how to live. Cautions & enforcements were cited to insure they’ll fit in, accept our ways and obey our laws. Or, in some cases, be blocked from coming here due to their rigid, incompatible beliefs and practices.

Next we must address our home grown people who of late have become less and less reflective of America’s original spirit/purpose, which was to give refuge to people escaping from tyranny so they could freely practice their religion and be part of a new kind of society {polity} that gives government authority {dominion} only by their consent. This was unique for its time, making the world stop and reflect on ideas such as personal liberties, human rights and the dignity of man.

For over two centuries people came here to escape tyranny, exploitation, poverty, sexual assault, murder & genocide, finding refuge and new opportunity. Most didn’t stay loyal to their old country except for sentimentality. They learned to love it here and thanked God for giving them a new lease on life.

They adapted, learned our language and customs and raised their children as good, law abiding citizens. Anyone born here and processed thru [K-12 schools] learned about our founding principles, civics, history, geography, the history/geography/politics of the world and the 3 R’s. They of necessity gained fluency in reading, writing and speaking English.

Grammar schools/high schools across the country were all on the same page, using a similar syllabus to grind through the same curricula so a teenager’s educational state of readiness for college, based on GPA and SAT scores, was comparable from state to state. There were exceptions, but this was the general state of affairs up through the 70’s-80’s.

Then things changed. Grading & testing standards eased, competitiveness fell out of favor & was disincentivized, basic core curricula were modified, de-emphasizing some subjects and introducing others. Most regrettably, the schools took on the aura of a social experiment, indoctrinating kids to a new self-awareness that was highly sensitized to gender, morality, race, ethnicity, spirituality & the so-called societal/institutional bias of whites against non-whites. These ideas were promulgated to greater/lesser extent by each school district as it saw fit, resulting in nonwhite kids feeling victimized, resentful of their history alienated from spirituality or God, unsure monogamy/marriage were cultural mandates, prone to rebellion and demanding privilege and payback for past wrongs.

White kids on the other hand began to feel guilt and shame for things out of their control, beyond their comprehension. They too developed misgivings about morality, biological gender and the significance/irrelevance of God. Whole generations were  being raised/cultivated in this mind-boggling, ideological weed-patch that next assaulted capitalism, the constitution and our democratic republic. They were told our system wasn’t fair, did not provide social justice, was vulnerable/susceptible to rapacious business practices. Socialism was better! It came to be kids didn’t have to compete, could blame their failings on their victimhood, give less and less deference/obedience to parents, teachers, institutions, culture and God. They began to feel privileged by the color of their skin, their defiance of authority and their rejection of status quo.

Their GPA’s drifted away from reality, suggesting scholastic proficiency where there was none. These coddling effects resulted in an ingrained immaturity that now required special handling on college campuses such as safe zones, censorship, catering to a particular cultural heritage, reinforcing the rightness of their ideas while ridiculing others, revising history to bear false witness to support their claims & creating whole new departments in schools that acted as politically correct asylums within the educational establishment.

One should agree none of this betokens/heralds a wellspring of fresh young Americans ready to pick up the reigns of authority and leadership from the previous generation. To generalize, a growing majority of young adults under 30, born & raised here, are becoming more liberal and progressive in their thinking, creating a leftward bias in our society. Add those who weren’t born here who bring the same or even more radical ideas to our table and we can see the problem. We’ll discuss ways to fix it in the next installment.

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