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Comes A Reckoning!

It’s been almost a year since the liars, thieves and traitors who call themselves democrats, or we call RINO’S, tried to pull off the greatest election fraud in history! Fortunately we knew what they were about.

In short order we unveiled their treachery, uncovered tons of evidence, unmasked scores of traitors themselves who were the perpetrators/schemers behind the massive fraud. Many have already been held to account. It may surprise some to learn tens of thousands more are being indicted as I write, perhaps hundreds of thousands more around the world who played a part.

Of note is the fact the fraud was so well disguised, so deep and vast, so thoroughly integrated throughout the entire election system that many patriots had extreme difficulty believing it. From halls of congress to Supreme Court the entire federal bureaucracy, including executive offices in the White House itself, infested with collaborators, operatives and saboteurs all helping to bring it about.

This made it very hard to comprehend its enormity. Then when you consider it filtered down to many of the states, infusing their respective government structures, it became inconceivable! To think many state Supreme Courts were compromised, police departments in major cities corrupted, it defied all logic! We struggled to get our heads around. Then it dawned: the entire mainstream media, including print, TV, social internet were in it as well, driving the massive conspiracy on a gullible, unsuspecting and obsequious public.

Add to this celebrities and notables from entertainment, music, theater, sports, literature, journalism, even academia it seemed we were meeting the enemy at every turn! Then another mind-boggling turn; doctors, scientists and health practitioners filling the entire medical community from the top down were aiding/ abetting, along with MEDIA, an evil hoax called covid19!

Recall, 2020 was shaping up to be a stellar election year and Trump appeared to be a shoe-in. Then out of nowhere, a virus struck, a deadly virus requiring immediate steps for protection and containment. The government federal, state and local virtually the whole of the medical establishment AND MEDIA said we must take extreme measures to fight this plague. So, they quarantined us, destroyed our economy, then the world’s.

Next, they bent most of the rules governing election laws, using the virus as excuse. So, a traitorous infestation is enormous beyond all imagining. Is it reasonable to think the bad guys could have reacted so quickly/brilliantly to an opportunity of a lifetime, that just coincidentally dropped in their lap? That in a few short months they concocted their plan to defraud Americans of their constitutional right to vote? They dove-tailed a plague to their insurrection at the drop of a hat, making the two tasks work together seamlessly to destroy our country?

I think not! The fix had been in for years starting when Trump defeated Hillary against all odds. He beat the cabal at their own game, making them furious at the halt in their plan! So they immediately attacked with their bogus impeachment action and began hatching their next move as it became clear they could not win with a phony scandal.

In early 2017 Dr Fauci was in a place and position to propel unethical, illegal experiments involving gain of function, contracting with CCP at their Wuhan lab to develop a virus. Coincident with this, patents were pulled and initial work begun to develop a vaccine by Trump! He had learned what they were trying to do you see and was getting ready. In other words, he was busy during most of his presidency setting up a sting to catch the black-hats and traitors red-handed in their dirty-work, and he did: laws broke, treasonous acts done, all documented!

He did it this way so they would self-incriminate. He knew they were too strong with the entire MEDIA/FAKE NEWS supporting them and poisoning him. But most troubling, a big cross-section of people were unconscious to the terrible things being done. Unless he could wake them up to these realities, he could not win this fight not without bloodshed! The stage was set: killer virus, rigged election, destroyed economy and final touch new untested vaccines mandated here and around the world.

White-hats and patriots immediately challenged the election and brought forth ample evidence of the fraud, but the system was so corrupted they could not get a fair hearing. The job at hand required a clear majority of people see/believe the election farce, virus hoax and, hardest of all, vaccine treachery! Don’t forget, this cabal of deep staters and New World Order advocates not only want total control, they want to euthanize and depopulate the planet as well! What better way than with a lethal vaccine, taken willingly be the masses?

The past year has seen a battle of major proportion take place between forces of good and evil. It’s been WWIII. Our country, Trump in particular, have been in the way of Hillary, Soros et al taking over the world. Sadly, too many still aren’t awake or hold a misguided loyalty to these leftist psychopaths. Tragically, time for a peaceful solution is running out!

By Executive Order Trump put in place a devolution plan, which is continuity of government by martial law under the Insurrecttion Act of 1807. He implemented it by EO upon discovering a foreign interference in our election process. We have been in this status for the past year. Barring civilian action or remedy restoring constitutional government, the military is poised to step in, remove the fraudulent administration and install/appoint a temporary government until such time as constitutional authority and rule of law are re-instated.

Trump has remained Commander-in-Chief during this time and de facto president. At his discretion he can order the military to initiate whatever actions are necessary to wrest control away from the illegitimate government and re-instate his own. He and the military will offer up as much evidence/legal persuasion as they can to justify their actions and reassure the people, but a counter-coup revolution is imminent and will be enforced and defended if necessary.

An unprecedented moment is bearing down. Let’s hope cool heads prevail, enough people awake from their stupor, and the majesty/wonder of this place, this United States of America, takes reign and shines bright once again!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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