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Counter-Coup Interregnum

It’s well established upwards of 75 million voted for Trump. Probably more. They voted for him because they wanted him to be president for four more years. They then watched in utter disbelief as the election was stolen away by deep state operatives, corrupted election officials and certain foreign states. It was a massive conspiracy and treason from the highest levels to the lowest.

Still, no worries, it would all get sorted in due time by election officials and government investigators. Plus, the mainstream media would be all over it together with big tech. This was the crime of the century, a banner story to splash across every daily and to lead off every newscast.

But election officials did nothing; government investigators the same. Media wasn’t interested, didn’t see anything smacking of fraud, vote tampering or election rigging, let alone treason. Then it hit: this was a massive conspiracy corrupting all our institutions, government, news media, social media. It touched and tainted everywhere we looked, every authority refusing to see the slightest bit of wrong-doing.

Deliberately rigging/defrauding a national election is not only fraud, but treason. Since November 3rd we have therefore been in a period of attempted sedition and insurrection, defining a condition of governmental illegitimacy: a coup in progress.

Another way to look at it, we have entered a period of authoritative interregnum, which historically described a period during which a deceased or deposed monarch or pope had not been replaced; it was an interruption to an ongoing reign.

This illegal election has appointed an illegitimate person as president-elect, throwing doubt on Donald Trump’s current status as sitting president and legitimately re-elected president.

Even though a deep and comprehensive investigation has been ongoing, uncovering massive evidence of what took place and how it was done, every authority and the entire media continue to reject there was fraud or that a coup is in progress.

As we approach January 20th (today being the 18th) it’s more and more obvious a clash of political wills is coming. One side doesn’t see any fraud or treason, refuses to see it or actually caused it and is going forward/through the motions of holding an inauguration. The other side is outraged by this untenable situation, demanding some audience or venue by which its grievance can be redressed. They will not let this stand!

Its possible neither Trump nor Biden will be inaugurated driving us deeper into interregnum. Will this comport with the constiution? Well, the old original inaugural date was March 4th, so maybe its not a problem. Trump continues as president while we work things out.

Whether legal authority allows for it, let’s remember Trump exercised the Insurrection Act of 1807 and several Executive Orders already in place defining conditions under which an election could be ruled null and void. We’ve collected ample proofs of the fraud as well as DNI Radcliff’s Intelligence Report revealing a foreign influence intruded into our election process.

In the realm of evidence, facts and truth our president clearly understood what had taken place, as did his personal advisors, attorneys, consultants and military liaisons. The fact he could get no airing/hearing on this due to corruption, is moot.

There’s no question he had the power and authority to stop the electoral process and block final certification in congress. He and supporters expected this in the person of VP Pence, who would block/veto the congress’ electoral action; but he didn’t!

I’m not a constitutional scholar so this is above my paygrade, but a few things do occur to me which I think reasonable in our predicament. First as already mentioned 1/20 – 3/4 isn’t a problem since the original inaugural was March 4th, changed under FDR in 1937. So Trump continues as president to the 4th 

If for some reason this is wrong, Trump still had the authority to ignore the election as a fraud, declaring it null and void. So the results are not controlling. Moreover, since many states revised their election laws illegally their individual elections became unconstitutional. They submitted these as certified to congress which knowingly accepted, making the entire process a sham and, I think, disqualifying the candidate.

So we have clear evidence of fraud, of inappropriate acts in the several states, of multiple foreign interferences in our election process and the act of a rogue, seditious congress ratifying the fraud, all of which separately/jointly justify Trump’s authority to declare it invalid.

Still, here we are facing a desperate attempt by conspiratorial persons/elements to inaugurate their fraudulent usurper in the face of this mountain of damning evidence and against the will of the people. Under the Insurrection Act Trump now declares martial law, instantly discrediting civilian authorities, empowering the military to enforce the law and maintain civil obedience and to set up its own military courts or tribunals.

Military law now established, civil obedience is maintained and arrests and trials can be conducted in an orderly way. Who will be arrested and tried, what the punishments will be and how long it will take remain open. Also unclear is whether president-elect Biden will be allowed to take his oath of office or denied this ceremonial travesty.

The main issue becomes when and under what circumstances can Donald Trump declare the national emergency over, end the state of martial law and re-ensconce himself as the new duly elected president? He may be able to do this simply by military authority. Or, under some kind of constitutional guidance or accepted protocol he may call for a new election. Either way, we’re looking at the period from Jan 20th thru Mar 4th for making it happen and to re-establish the democratic republic of the United States of America.

Now until then we are in a temporary coup status, conducting a counter-coup retaliation, utilizing every aspect of the law and constitution we can find. Insurrectionists will say Trump is a dictator levying tyranny on the people. In truth he is defending the

Constitution. Democrats and others who want to bring down society are no longer Americans. You can’t be a socialist, communist or globalist American, black power reparationist or Hispanic reconquistador American!

Many do not think of themselves as any of these, nor do liberal republicans or never-Trumpers. They just want a better world for those less fortunate, less able to do for themselves or who are targets for prejudice and ridicule. But seditionists are not amenable to working within our system; they want to tear it down. Those going along without realizing became guilty by association. Ignorance/inattention cannot exonerate them, not when their unwitting complicity almost caused us to lose our country! This may cause a temporary rift among us, or schism leading to revolution. At minimum we may be entering a time of civil unrest/instability as we struggle to enlighten our populace to the corruption, treason and evil that were loosed upon us by these malevolent traitors.

Lest we forget a massive injustice took place, a willful, premeditated attack by foreign states, a deliberate effort to overthrow our government using bio-warfare/cyber-warfare, espionage and bribery/seduction. They did this in collusion with domestic parties, agencies, groups. All must be identified and punished; their methods discovered and fixed so this can never happen again! 

We are a proud, free people who became lazy, let down our guard, lost our diligence and succumbed to political ennui. This undermined our ability to sense danger, causing us to author our own calamity. We must never again allow such inattention to give opportunity or privilege to any party/element/group whose ultimate goal is to destroy our republic!

To summarize, a great injustice was done, found out and must be put right. Its candidate is a conspirator, usurper and fraud who must not be allowed to stand. Trump can be shown to have won in a landslide and entitled to his victory. Whether by legislative fiat, military behest, conciliatory interregnum, self-proclamation or, ultimately, rising up in righteous indignation of we the people, Trump must continue as our president and Joe Biden must go to prison.

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