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Deceits and Evils of the Left

I had my political awakening in High School. Mom was horrified. She was a first generation Russian-immigrant, dem-blue thru and thru. To her FDR and JFK were like deities. When I told her I was conservative and liked Nixon she just about croaked.

How could I be so blind not to know republicans were cigar chomping, power-hungry czars of business and industry who didn’t give a damn for little guys or common folk? Newsflash >  didn’t I know right wing plutocrats like Nixon, Goldwater, Reagan, given too much power, became the Mussolinis and Hitlers of tomorrow? Yep, republicans in her mind were one step from becoming future Fascists and Nazis, go figure!

Where did she get this? Why did she believe such a monstrous untruth? Intelligent woman, spoke three languages, played piano. Why was her mind so closed to the logic and good intentions of conservatism, yet so open to the lies/deceits of the left?

Something was at work from the time she was 17 (1929) until I was a teenager (1960) telling her and untold millions of others the structure of society was biased in favor of white middle/upper classes, especially businessmen and millionaires. Democrats on the other hand were caring and attentive. They helped the little guy, leveled the playing field, equalized races, embraced the multitudes, healed the sick, raised the dead,  yada yada yada!

For her there were no millionaire democrats. Certainly no dictators! This was the party line, why she’d never equate democrat with Mussolini or Hitler. Come to think of it not even Stalin, who she thought was just trying to do good for his people. Too bad he went off the rails murdering millions and breaking her heart.

Mom’s gone now. I can’t clue her in, but everybody else, newsflash: the democrat party was founded on racism. Men like VP Calhoun and Chief Justice Taney Dred Scott were racists. Andy Jackson was racist, and wiped out 90% of native peoples. Steven Douglas, running against Lincoln, thought states should go slave or abolition as they saw fit.


There are tons more examples from the 1820’s up thru the modern era. Speeches, essays, books, law-making all steeped in racism of democrat origin. The KKK was born of their genius. Jim Crow laws originated with them as did other discriminatory statutes meant to enforce segregation and 2nd class citizenship. Woodrow Wilson’s papers are filled with his bigotry. Thanks to him the KKK was re-born when he played Birth of a Nation in the White House to the delight of his democrat audience.


First big heads-up: the platform of the democrat party was racist from Day 1, in fact, word and deed. They worked to keep slavery, fought over it, instigated laws to demean citizenship status, encouraged white overlords, impeded civil rights legislation in the mid-60’s, had men like Bob Byrd ex-KKK as party leaders and today use guile to trick blacks and all people of color to believe they care, housing them in slums & ghettos, veritable killing fields in which to live.

Second heads-up: a left-leaning democrat is a 1st step toward socialism which gave rise to Facism/Nazism in the 20’s/30’s! Hitler admired Roosevelt and his progressives, borrowing heavily from their laws and tactics in the 30’s. First a socialist, he developed Nazism out of that ideology. His brownshirts copied the KKK and his anti-semitic Nuremberg laws were patterned after the racist-driven laws of the Roosevelt era, who by the way admired Mussolini! Eugenics, forced sterilizations, euthanasia, mass extermination, genocide; all products of socialism!

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin were all Socialists! They didn’t believe in republicanism, representative democracy, property rights, individual freedom or anything else we hold dear in America. All were of the left, democrats of their time. Nazis gave us physician-monster Joe Mengele; the democrats eugenicist/racist Meg Sanger and her Planned Parenthood, which spunoff butchering abortionist Kermit Gosnell & countless others who’ve murdered millions of babies and late-terms since Roe V. Wade.


Extremes left or right are wrong and none of the preceding is meant to imply average mainstream democrats are like this. But it’s clear they think they hold the moral high ground in their various positions, arguing for bigger government, stricter regulations, less property rights, fewer civil liberties and higher taxation. The record shows where these concepts often lead, the devastation that follows and the failed systems, countries and empires that result.

Liberal, not conservative, leads to failure and tragedy. Leftist democrat, not republican, leads to dictatorship & disaster. Harsh words, but look through history. We see countless examples of the folly of bestowing too much power in one individual or small group of individuals, regardless of ideology.

To people of color, the poor and downtrodden, look at your inner cities, your circumstances under years of democrat leadership. Is your loyalty deserved? Justified? I’m one of you who happens to think not, who’s lived a productive life in spite of their claims. Republicanism and free-market capitalism are the key.

We need to open our eyes to the dangers of liberalism, progressivism and statism. America was never about these things but the past 100 years have seen us move more and more in this direction. Pelosi wanted socialized healthcare without knowing what it was. Hillary is proud of her Margaret Sanger Award. Planned Parenthood is killing millions of babies on our dime. Forty millions are on food stamps. The signals are there. The danger is real. The time to wake up is now!


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