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Lingering Chaos

Talk about faulty intel! When I wrote my last commentary I felt assured everything was about to break. States were talking decertification, SCOTUS was rumored close to rendering decisions and the general feeling one got was, it’s almost over! Yet here we are several weeks later still suffering the leader of this farcical government whose leadership is as welcome as the southern end of a colicky horse going north!

Even mainstream media is losing patience with the charade they’ve been playing, covering for this incompetent fool as he ruins the economy and destroys our country with crazy socialist schemes. Seems chaos remains our plan, like it or not.

White hats are bound and determined to make us squirm. They want to wake as many as they can to insanity of the moment and the peril we’re in. In a way, I’m OK with that. I’ve long believed America has grown fat, dumb and lazy as a consequence of our affluence and apathy. We’ve literally become our own worst enemy! We care more about the next pitch in a ball game or watching a popular reality show than we do about legislation being passed, or a Supreme Court decision being announced.

We’ve become an immediate gratification society preoccupied by only those things that interest us and provide entertainment or pleasure. When is the last time a gathering of friends, neighbors or family discussed a bond measure, grammar school curriculum, the kind of job a local politician was doing or issues like energy policy or global warming?

Many of us buy the argument change is good and trying something new is worth a shot. Let’s decriminalize drugs, lighten the sentences for possession or dealing and reduce some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors. Let’s furlough large segments of the prison population believing they’ll be so glad to be free they will rehabilitate themselves and strive to be better citizens.

And what could be more reasonable than opening the borders and allowing virtually anyone to come here, no matter their economic status, state of health or psycho-emotional fitness. We should be the soup kitchen to the world and our tolerance for personal behavior and hygiene should know no bounds.

What about basic right and wrong? A law is broken but courts based on personality, lawyering, circumstance or what we used to call the FOB rule {friend of Bill!} render false judgement. This concept of justice metastasized into political alliance/partisanship such that certain wrong-doers continuously escape punishment or consequence of any kind. Witness the recent case of Clinton lawyer Sussmann in a DC court. Evidence was strong but he was judged not guilty. This has been going on for years if not decades, and we accept it as the cost of doing business. Before long, the entire justice system grows unwieldy and rots! Then law enforcement itself fails, as it steeps in this corruption.

When riots broke out in Minneapolis the day SCOTUS announced Roe V. Wade was overturned reports came in saying the rioters were actually police disguised in street garb! Not sure if this was confirmed or if anybody was arrested, but we know in fact police did nothing in many cities where riots were taking place back in summer’21. Bricks and rocks were thrown, fires set, businesses destroyed and people assaulted, and police were told to stand down!

If my business is ransacked and set afire and I see groups of police watching but doing nothing, to me that’s chaos, soon to be anarchy. When liars, scoundrels and thieves routinely get away with their wrongdoing, it’s chaos soon to be anarchy. When every radio and TV affiliate across the country spew the same lies and propaganda, it’s anarchy. When print news, entertainment, sports and big tech social media join in, not just repeating the lies but censoring opposing views or counter-vailing opinions, its anarchy!

I still believe we’re nearing a solution, probably in the mid-July to mid-August. The election will be declared a fraud and null and void; the whole Biden administration will be removed and arrested. From the present forward massive arrests will happen with something like 90% of the federal bureaucracy and 50-60% of most state-level governments. Also many county/city level officials, election managers/organizers, medical professionals-all levels, the pharmaceutical industry, many national/multi-national corporations (to be seized, purged, liquidated or bankrupted), TV personalities, celebrities, movie stars, sports stars, academics and professors/administrators of corrupt or seditious colleges/universities.

This week SCOTUS ruled for the states and against the EPA on the grounds its charter and/or legal status is unconstitutional. It’s believed this could have immediate effect on as many as seventeen government bodies and 3-letter agencies including FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, FAA, FDA, DHS, IRS, etc.

For those asleep or in MKUltra status, Washington has been a ghost town since Trump left. Biden et al have not occupied any of the official buildings, offices, transports or White House. He does not have the nuclear football, isn’t welcome at the pentagon and does not fly Air Force 1. Trump has remained Commander-in-Chief of the military, has devolutionary government in place and is ready to resume the normal duties of his 2nd term as president.

As a victimized citizen/outraged patriot I will say we’re about to move from seditious anarchy/chaos to counter-insurrectional orderliness. Legitimate government will be reinstated, under the constitution. A new age will descend on America!

Anyone dismissing this idea should look around. Washington really is a ghost town. The Supreme Court has just issued a number of conservative opinions and verdicts. Military tribunals are being held almost continuously. Nuremberg II has been established and is in place. Thousands of indictments are about to be handed down by Special Prosecutor Durham. Gitmo has been expanded and now includes facilities at Greenland, Diego-Garcia Island and Antarctica. Lake Mead is at its lowest level in fifty years and Hoover Dam may be at issue. Money is changing, taxation is ending and a thousand years of peace and prosperity is about to begin. NESARA/GESARA is coming, Biden is going and the lies and corruption are about to end . . .

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