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No-Wall Left Ulterior Motives, Political Deceits

For years the open border duo of Schumer-Pelosi along with their leftist pals and the full support of mainstream media have described illegals as hard-working, law abiding, self-supporting and highly deserving of an opportunity to become legal residents with a path to citizenship.

They’ve numbered them in the 10-12 million range for decades, downplaying their impact and claiming they don’t really cost us that much. They tell us we need their labor and cultural enrichment as a constant reminder how we should treat our fellow man. Message to the world: we’re open and welcoming to all peoples, regardless of background, circumstance or motive.

Trouble is, there are more like 20-25 million of these uninvited interlopers and they cost us tens of billions, maybe more, each year! They strain government services, healthcare, schools, law enforcement and prisons. They’re unwilling/uninterested to assimilate. They take jobs away from our poor and from low-skilled workers who typically are non-white and/or recent legal immigrants. They populate an underground economy in which workers escape taxation, game our system and exploit benefits and entitlements.

Who in their right mind can look at this and claim it strengthens our society? How can anyone think we should be able to absorb these outsiders into our midst, give freely of our resources and energies without demanding duties & responsibilities in return? Only someone who has an ulterior motive, who plans to use them to fill their ranks as future supporters & blue-bloc voters.

This underhanded scheme, fully transparent, has been in place for years, the idea being if we keep borders open, allow illegals easy access, welcome a variety of refugees seeking a better life and gradually contaminate our culture with drugs, gangs, financial parasites, criminality and an onslaught of ideas & demands running counter to our own, we will eventually lose our culture, society and country to a socialistic pipedream.

We are not the world’s half-way house or shelter. Our Constitution, in conformity with our Declaration of Independence, proscribes the unalienable right of an individual to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, guaranteeing/safeguarding these rights for us not citizens of the planet! People aren’t free to come here without permission! They certainly can’t expect our rights, privileges and benefits if they’re here illegally!

Those blocking the construction of a border wall don’t believe this. They feel one’s allegiance should be to a greater humanity, not to individual nations or states. They don’t want borders or cultural integrity, sovereignties or geopolitical subdivides. They want a borderless world where easy-flowing currents of mankind are constantly in flux. They think America has the ability, resources and a sympathetic public majority to make it so.

They claim all the trouble and strife associated with illegals is exaggerated and pure hype, hurling words like racist or xenophobe at those of us who value our sovereignty, prize our heritage and hold sacred our system of government. They say by feeling this way we are arrogant, selfish and unwilling to share our blessings with those less fortunate. We think we’re better than others, so deserve to be taken down. They would do this by 1) diluting our culture 2) multi-languaging our people 3) deconstructing us by color/ethnicity/gender 4) demonizing our wealthy upper classes 5) mocking nationalism/patriotism in favor of a universalized fraternity of man. In short, they deplore our democratic republic and reject the capitalism and free-enterprise on which it rests.

The democrat leadership are un-American, anti-nationalist, globalist, statist, socialist, New World Order-ist, anarchist and yes, even fascist. Their No-Wall posture is purely political to flex political muscle. They want bigger government, more regulation, higher tax, re-distribution of wealth, no borders, ever-growing entitlements, a diminished military and a quick, thorough reduction of America’s status as superpower. They want a secular society relying on government, holding no sway among nations.

They want a leviathan centralized authority controlling everything, including states’ rights, evidencing the clearly fascist overtones in their agenda. They also want to dismantle our government and throw out our constitution, validating the anarchist element of their overall plan.

They hate Trump and want desperately to bring him down. They claim we were never great and despise the slogan Make America Great Again! They are a godless horde of futurists and utopian egomaniacs who think they know what’s best.

We have a problem with our southern border. It leaks like a sieve or a crushed artery, jeopardizing our national security and poisoning our culture with drugs, gangs and criminality. Trump sees this, recognizes the danger and complying with the will of the people wants to build a wall and stop the bleeding. The cost is miniscule compared with the budget. The money can easily be found by prioritizing spending but they won’t give in, care less if it shuts down government and refuse to acknowledge how crucial it is for us to establish tight border security.

The Schumer-Pelosi No Border Cabal will play this for all its worth. They sense it could be the turning point in their overall strategy to destabilize our republic. Americans elected a president in whom we placed our faith and confidence. He has some sixty million supporters, maybe more, from across the country. What do Schumer and Pelosi have? How many trust them? Believe in them?

Who should be making this decision? A couple of ideologues with their partisan backers in the congress numbering about 350, or a president representing all Americans, trying to do what’s best for our country?

If we’re going to stay a democratic republic based on a capitalistic system, offering more hope to more people than has ever been done before, we must support him.

Let’s tell Schumer-Pelosi to back off, get a grip on reality and bring their faction back into the mainstream. Tell them to build this wall or get the hell out of the way! Let’s tell Trump do his job with or without their help. We need to demand this Wall!

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