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Old Patriot’s Opinion

I’m one of millions waiting for the countercoup to take back our country! We know without a doubt the pandemic was a hoax to set us up, the election was then stolen, mainstream media was co-conspirator, government, courts and academia likewise. Biden is an imposter. Hollywood/stage/sports all hopelessly infiltrated by left-wing radicals determined to destroy America!

Trump assures he has all the evidence he needs to prove we were attacked no less viciously than at Pearl Harbor, suffering the biggest governmental takedown in history. He claims he has videos, e-mails, documents, bank records, perjurious testimony and watermarked ballots, electronic fingerprints, paper-trails and on and on proving what was done, how it was done and who the traitors were who set it up. We patriots say, why are we waiting? Bring it!

As an old marine a few days from starting the 4thQtr of my life’s journey, I damn well still want to be here when we start rounding up these jokers! I admit I never thought anything like this could happen, never knew there were so many angry, disgruntled people in this country they’d do something like this! What gets me even more is the fact so many are lost in political fog, stubbornly hiding in denial from what actually happened.

We were told the military was on it from day one. They had advance warning something like this would happen, knew their primary duty was to the country meaning we the people and the constitution. They were supposedly ready and poised to act if it became necessary, whether called by Trump or legitimate civilian authority. In fact, they didn’t need calling but could have acted on their own authority once an insurrection was underway.

We know a Special Prosecutor was appointed back in 2018 in anticipation of this expected coup who would remain independent of the fraudulent new government and part of an ongoing devolutionary government – a de facto legitimate government during any coup. We know devolution was enacted and John Durham as Special Prosecutor convened a Grand Jury, gathered evidence and drafted indictments. He is said to have thousands if not tens of thousands of such indictments already prepared and ready to go. We patriots say, bring it!

A final point for those concerned with constitutional conformity by the book is to verify how during the course of this seditious overthrow many attempts were made to seek justice in courts at all levels, but the corrupting influence of seditionists had infused and contaminated those hallowed halls of jurisdiction, so all attempts were to no avail.

So here we are 18mo into this treasonous pantomime with still no end in sight. We hear actions are being taken but evidently we aren’t privy to any arrests or enforcements so take this on faith. Worse still, more evil acts keep coming our way. Laws are broken with little consequence. People remain in public trust who for all intents and purposes are already guilty of crimes, felonies, even criminal murder and crimes against humanity! I have to say, this has moved from untenable to inexcusable!

One explanation for the hold-up is the idea not enough we the people have awakened to the threat or to the facts of what took place. A quantitative argument states as a proposition we need 75-25 or 80-20 majorities. Without reaching such levels any move by Trump supporters to take back the country could trigger wide-spread civil strife or even civil war! Patriots know Trump is already ridiculed, reviled by some, for reasons we fail to understand. So in this unacceptable predicament we must worry if, on top of his unpopularity he should move precipitously to oust the interlopers, ridicule could quickly turn to hate, especially if it has a 25%+ constituency! This state of affairs, as it lingers, means we are our own worst enemy!

Continuing on, its bad enough we’ve been taken over by people who hate America with their opposing political views, including various foreign interests who are relishing this opportunity to bring down the strongest bastion of freedom and democratic republicanism the world as ever known. It seems we must also face more evils rampant in the world for centuries but oddly unbeknownst to us, keeping us in a state of servitude/darkness. Some of these hard truths –

Persons comprising the deep state/cabal are proponents of de-population, climate change, one world order, privileged blood lines, atheism, satanism. Each of these in its own way is anathema to every freedom loving individual on the planet! Each not only takes away our freedoms, it threatens our personal beliefs and entire way of life! There are elements and realities here that don’t bear description; defy all reasonable imaginings; destroy any confidence we live in a sane, logical world. Lurking here are horrific truths and mind-numbing evil.

We should not endure it another minute, but immediately take back our country! Then, ready ourselves for the fight of our lives! Our humanity reacts to good and evil. Make no mistake; evil exists and runs riot over good people who stand idly by and do nothing. So we must rise up and face this foe, struggle to grasp what it is to the very depths of its being and fight till we eradicate it from existence!

We begin by saving America; finding/punishing the wrongdoers who brought us this calamity. We must re-visit our heritage, re-instate our legacy, balancing governmental efficiency, societal tolerance and individual freedom. We must demonstrate and model these to the world.

I’ve been around, seen a lot, but the hardest thing I’ve done is try to figure out my countrymen? Opportunity, fairness and reliable justice are the best things for which we can hope. They’ve been part of America’s store of goods since the beginning; if not always in actual application then in intent, theory, hope! My guess, most of us in some way have shopped America’s store, enjoyed and benefited from the treasure it holds. What more do these others want, these errant citizens, who seem ready to throw the country away?

I’m a proud and grateful American. When things go wrong I believe we’ll eventually get them right. We’ve taken many wrong turns but always get back on track. We’ve had plenty of bad apples in our barrel but moms still find ways to make apple pie, bringing up their kids teaching it’s a good world and they will make it even better!

I think errant citizens better make a choice, cause if I’m any judge my countrymen are waking up now and starting to get it. It won’t be long before they act. There will be a reckoning, swift and just. America will get back on track, dump the whole barrel if needs be. We are Americans. With God’s help, we can do this! We’re ready, bring it!


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Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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