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Orange Man Cometh

In the O’Neill play, Iceman is both an allusion to death and a cuckholding character who drives the main character to murder his wife. He thinks he freed her from the torment/anguish he’s caused by his own churlish behavior over years of drunkenness and infidelity, but it’s denial disguising his fragile mental state.

The title here implies the imminent return of Donald Trump to reclaim his stolen presidency, with perhaps an even greater, more pressing purpose. Of course, this is no play, our country  may be in great peril and for many of us there is urgent necessity connected with his return.

There are many aspects here which don’t lend themselves easily to description. They will be incomprehensible to everyday people; normal people. In fact, they’ll be unimaginable in every sense of the word.

Still, these things will soon be revealed, impacting each of us in ways we can’t anticipate and won’t understand until we’ve been assailed by their truth. Only then will we awaken, opening our eyes in utter disbelief and horror to what has been our ongoing ignorance of these hellacious goings on . . .

For now, I can tell you with absolute certainty the November 3rd election was stolen by enemies foreign and domestic. They did this in broad daylight with a defiance of all that is right and just. They perpetrated the fraud in obvious, clumsy ways easily seen by curious onlookers/persons with interest. It was subsequently proven by investigators on behalf of the people – who mostly value if not cherish their right to vote!

Of course, this was treason; an outrageous collusion among deep state anti-American seditionists in and around government, together with foreign agents who infiltrated our society and its institutions at every level. The goal was to wrest control away from heartland conservatives and especially to defeat and humiliate Donald Trump, who was their arch nemesis.

For those who still doubt this, the record is clear. There has been an unending struggle to bring him down since his first day in office, using every tactic, excuse and gimmick they could find. They falsified documents, deceived the courts and lied, lied lied with full cooperation/complicity of mainstream media, which convinced many of we the people there was truth in the allegations when in fact there was none!

The record is also clear that malfeasance, fraud and outright treason were being done at the highest levels of the Justice Department, CIA and halls of congress. It was an all-out, no holds barred attack to get him. It seems they would stop at nothing to rid themselves of this outsider in their political system. There were even several attempts on his life and on his wife Melania. No, this is not a Tom Clancy fiction. It is actual, absolute truth. They would and will stop at nothing.

As to rigging the election, there are mountains of evidence: eye-witness testimony, signed affidavits, pictures, videos, frau-ulent ballots, confessions and reams of electronic printouts connecting voting machines with servers and other computing devices in places like Barcelona, Frankfurt, Beijing and Vatican.

There is also confirmation from military surveillance using satellites and super-computers in real time, tallying legal votes state by state proving Trump won by a landslide: 80% to Biden’s 20%. He knew this, the military knew and 75Mil+ Trump voters knew.

Its time you doubting Thomas’s open your eyes! Biden was in on all of it. He’s nothing but a hand-puppet with no mandate, authenticity or constituency other than deep state friends, co-conspirators, media minions, foreign handlers and (sadly) many millions of somnolent sleep-walkers who remain stuck in their media-induced haze or trance-like state, oblivious to it all.

Hard truths are coming. Many won’t be able to handle them, unable to shake off their false reality. Or, they’re so immersed in their own impressions of who Trump is they’ll remain blind to the essence of the man and to all the facts and truths surrounding his return.

On or about April 1st it should start becoming clear. We’ll get bits and pieces about who the bad guys are, what they’ve done and how they’ll be punished. Individuals at the highest levels of government and society, past and present, are involved and the shock of their crimes and misdeeds will be enormous. Much has already happened. Washington DC has become an armed encampment, in case you haven’t noticed. There is a lot of fencing and a huge military presence. The White House itself has been dark since the inaugural and remains unoccupied – which you must agree is very strange? Why isn’t the media talking about this?

When evidence of foreign interference arose Trump signed into law the Insurrection Act, 1807 giving the military temporary immediate authority over the country. This has been our status since early January: a soft and unnoticeable martial law. They are waiting for a sign/event the time has come to go public, to make an announcement using the Emergency Broadcasting System {EBS} proclaiming their authority with confidence and assurance everything is under control.

Their primary function will be to re-establish civilian authority which means they will declare the rightful party president, the one who truly and factually won the election. SCOTUS abrogated its authority/duty back to the people when it refused to hear this case. They had no alternative but to look to the military for guidance and justice. After Trump is reinstated and Biden removed/arrested for treason, Trump will order the military to begin holding tribunals and/or courts martial, depending on the case, to establish lawfully the election was a fraud, that treason was committed and that Joseph Biden and scores of others were complicit in the attempted coup.

Try to understand, if you will {or imagine, if you must!} what has happened here. Its not a play or fiction. It’s a very real and deliberate attempt to steal our country! It nearly worked because too many of us have been asleep at the wheel paying little or no attention to our national government and its leaders, not to mention our state and local leaders.

Imagine for a minute that the entire media, all the networks and their affiliates, all the cable channels and all the big tech social media platforms like U-Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are one controlling entity. Add to this all the major newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, entertainment rags and so on.

Virtually everything you hear or read is propaganda or indoctrination, directed by a handful of extremely wealthy families and corporate interests who themselves are closely allied with deep state operatives in governments around the world, if not the more antagonistic or hostile governments themselves, controlling world-wide media programming 24/7.

Now imagine this has been going on for years and years in a slow but certain process to undercut our institutions and dupe the people; a process that has poisoned our education and contaminated our entertainments; a process that has compromised our science, journalism and judiciary and bastardized the fundamental left-right continuum of our politics into a save the country patriotism v a change/destroy the country manifesto.

Now that you’ve imagined all this, is it that difficult to believe this whole covid 19 pandemic was actually a biological attack and not an accident? Or that we’ve been sold a bill of goods on its lethality with the help of our primary health institutions and authorities, the deep state anti-Trump government, the main-stream media, the mega-wealthy pharmaceutical interests run by Gates, Soros and so on, and of course the hapless, zombie-like stumbles of so many of our people! This is a strain of flu, no different than any other; no more virulent than any other. The whole world has fallen victim to a monstrous scam: a hoax!

Unlike O’Neill’s opus, this is not a play. The stakes are real and will affect our lives and freedoms, now and in the future. The world is watching. It has a stake in our actions and their final outcome. It hopes it will be professional, righteous and just. It hopes America will get through this, and lead the world for another day . . .

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I’m Al Shane

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