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Societal Idiocies

Our cultural landscape is overrun with inmates running asylums. Take college campuses. Students demand safe zones for seeking refuge from the noise/intrusion of free speech! They can’t deal with opposing views so officials cave to their angst. Why? Because they feel the same angst!

StudentsColleges/universities no longer allow a free, easy exchange of ideas. They now foster one point of view: leftism-socialism. Worse still, they don’t stop with safe zones. They actively block speakers from visiting their schools so students won’t have to scurry away and cower in some corner, fearing for their sanity!

Boycott opposing views, sanctuaries for distraught kids, proselytization of one political ideology all backed by massive federal funding. That’s our tax dollars being used to promote PC nonsense, helping professors, department chairs, deans or entire school boards foist their personal agendas on our kids. America is about free choice and independent thinking, not rigid indoctrination!

The next idiocy masquerading as humanitarian ethos is immigration. For years we’ve abused and ignored formal quotas on peoples coming here, nor have we paid particular attention to their economic status or ability to fend for themselves. We haven’t worried about their politics, language, health status, hoped-for usefulness in our society or even likelihood of them being our enemy! Against this laissez faire back drop  add lax border enforcement & inability to vet newcomers, legal or not.

Our populace has been subjected to an ongoing incursion, invasion in my view, of persons who don’t share our values, laws, culture or Judeo-Christian religiosity, and never will. What is the thinking if not to invite a creeping, irreversible nation-cide? Suicide by immigration!

There are whole communities in America around the world that have been taken over by foreigners demanding respect for their culture and beliefs. There’s no assimilation, no attempt at blending in. Just the opposite. In many cases local authority has been made to set aside laws, cater to restrictive dietary requirements, allow prayer in school to the exclusion of native beliefs, make accommodations in public buildings and transport, even permit tribal dress reflective of patriarchal, chauvinistic attitudes. Language, custom, culture, religion, all antithetical/ deconstructive to the homogeneity and comity of the host society.

Why? What insanity drives this, demanding an indigenous culture give in to a new encroaching one? Is it bending knee to the God of diversity?

Mea culpa for historical misdeeds? Hellish insistence the world will come together by exacting country-by-country takeovers? Idealists thinking this attack our constitution; offer sanctuary of entire cities to illegals and criminals; bankrupt our treasury doling out goods/services to non-citizens; jeopardize our security by blocking efforts to control the influx of peoples from highly suspicious regions in the world.

Immigration policy should be about what’s good for us. What skills, trades, talents do we need? What professions? Who will make US a better place? Policies should be nondiscriminatory using quotas on a country by country basis. Exceptions would be persecuted peoples seeking refuge from immediate danger. Even so, some minimum effort is needed to adequately screen for questionable motives, relationships or associations and those side-stepping such scrutiny should be barred from entrance or segregated from society-at-large until a thorough investigation can be done. Keeping US safe should be our top priority!

Idiocy #3, blocking travel bans from terrorist-held regions, war zones and unfriendly countries. Why should high probability individuals be allowed free and easy access? Why on earth should we openly invite persons we can’t vet or investigate who are ten, fifty or hundred times more likely to be troublemakers or fanatics? Why their pressing need to come here? Visit relatives? Business? Vacation? Study the Great Satan? Why are we the bad guys for simply being momentarily prudent? For guarding our house? For taking steps to insure self-preservation?

Idiocy #4, allowing any tom-dick-or-harry judge on any bench to over-ride a President; block executive orders; countermand his/her duties as commander-in-chief. Do we want obscure individuals in black robes to be our power behind the power? Dictate values? Judge in finality right and wrong? Impede our vast federal establishment? Imperil the nation? This is jurisprudence gone mad! Activist courts wresting away the mantle of a higher authority. We should demand this be the exclusive province of the Supreme Court, or perhaps the unique jurisdiction of a tribunal called to sit, review and adjudicate matters of constitutionality.

Idiocy #5, spending money we don’t have. Every year we overspend by hundreds of billions, even trillions, of dollars. Why are there those who can’t see past their pet project, who refuse to accept reality? Our fiscal house is in chaos, debt being $20 Trillion and surpassing GDP. Some say it’s the tip of the iceberg, unfunded debt stretching out 20-30 years being ten times this amount, up to $230 Trillion! Soon a new term will be coined: Quadrillion. Can anyone comprehend this, besides astronomers or mathematicians? Could the founders have contemplated it?

The financial collapse of America will be felt around the globe. It will be like a devastating financial tsunami sweeping everything in its path, causing more pain and abject misery than the world has ever known.

Every year they talk of it, every year nothing is done. The quackery of a 19th century rainmaker pales in comparison with the ignorance, arrogance and buffoonery of our politicians! Like Nero, they’ll all be fiddling while America burns . . .

These five are just a few of the idiocies raining down as we argue voting irregularities, foreign interventions, White House protocols, presidential tweets and the price of corn in Kansas. Keep on like this and some day there may not be any corn. Or a Kansas and the other states.

Or a White House  .  .   .


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