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Taking A Stand

Five weeks ago we held a presidential election and soon found various irregularities/illegalities took place. It was not a few incidents of vote tampering. It was a purposeful, highly coordinated scheme across several states to steal the election. It nearly worked.

Now we’re in a situation where half of us believe something

dastardly happened smacking of outside influence and fraud: the other half, nothing. For us to be poles apart like this is odd, to say the least.

The mainstream media, big tech, social media, many state legislatures, election boards, jurists on state and federal benches, all seem reluctant to delve into obvious problems in their states, in the face of growing mounds of evidence proving wrong-doing. Literally hundreds of people have come forward to give testimony and personal affidavits alleging faults, discrepancies, suspicious acts and so on. Why, one asks, isn’t there a bipartisan effort to get to the bottom of this?

The right to vote along with fair elections is perhaps the most elemental right we have as Americans. We take for granted it works, its fair, and its what we want.

We’re faced now with the reality that, evidently, its not fair and our votes may have been stolen! How can this be and why do so many not see it? Worse still, why do media and big tech hosts like twitter, face-book etc. deny a problem exists and work to block and censor all information about it?

This has developed into the biggest fraud ever conducted against America. Moreover, since it appears Trump actually won by a landslide, and many states fell victim to the same frauds/manipulations, and alien actors may be involved, and media is conspiring to quash an investigation, it all leads to the very real possibility/conclusion this was an attempted coup!

Most would agree if we don’t have fair, reliable elections we

don’t have freedom; if we don’t have a solid, unbiased media we’re susceptible to falsifications and propaganda, hampering our ability to learn facts and see truth. If a main political party and governmental deep state work in concert with media and

big tech, if the corruption of an oligarchic partisanship infuses society such that city/county/state legislatures, their executives and governing agencies along with the federal bureaucracy and highest court are all in collusion, then we are ripe for victimization and downfall.

In speaking with friends, neighbors and family its abundantly clear confusion and disinformation reign. Its also clear surfing alternate news outlets, cable channels and podcasts there’s a rift in our society, a tear in the fabric of the republic, threatening the wellbeing of the nation: hyper-partisanship.

On the right there is less than unanimity. Some believe the system will prevail and must remain paramount in deciding any  outcome, good or bad. They think we can withstand whatever happens and work to fix/correct vulnerabilities and deficiencies so it won’t happen again. Others believe/sense we’re in a precarious position and cannot allow an illegallity/fraud like this to stand without endangering the republic. By extension, these folks believe nothing less than a full victory by any means, legal or extralegal, is absolutely necessary. We must discover/identify all perpetrators, actors and agents, convict and punish them, this being logical and fully justified.

On the left there is solidarity, real or imagined, working to effect a desired outcome: to have Trump gone. Facilitators, activists and insurrectionists do the heavy lifting while a vast army of ambivalent sympathizers acquiesce or go along, assumption being they trust their bosses and, even more, their own ignorance. In other words, if they don’t hear or see anything to the contrary, their democrat leaders, icons and managers must be doing the right thing!

So, we have hardline progressives and revolutionaries, Trump-haters and apathetic/ambivalent masses on one side, and the constitutionalists, never-Trump republicans and silent majority grassroots on the other. Trump-haters and never-Trumpers are the most irrational. The rest, politically driven rightleft by personal ideology. Some are liberal democrats ensnared by their alliance, others law and order republicans who won’t tolerate lawlessness or treachery. Whatever our affiliation or excuse, the time for choosing is near. If you believe there was a serious attempt to steal our vote and undermine our republic, you must support an effort to uncover the fraud, find the evil-doers, give them due process and accept the punishments courts prescribe. If you don’t believe it, you should still be willing to rely on the system and courts to separate truth from lie.

Those who believe the former are prepared to rely on the system but also believe corruption may run much deeper, destroying any hope for objectivity. Legal paths will work to no avail. If the highest court in the land is tainted/corrupted, they believe alternate solutions can be found. An up-down vote in congress is still constitutionally viable. Temporary martial law might be used to regain/maintain control while conducting recounts or new elections. Special military units, national guards, even a

deputized national citizen militia could all be used.

Treason is no easy affair, does not lend itself to forgiveness or mercy. Punishment should be commensurate with crime; those

against the state require military tribunals and civilian courts yield. We must send a message to any/all who still harbor treasonous plans or ideas: we will cleanse our house of this pestilence and you, once and for all.

Lincoln enforced martial law, took over the media and suspend-

ed habeas corpus at the brink of civil war. When Chief Justice Taney challenged as unconstitutional, he said go pound sand!

         Time once more, old bugler

            As swiftly breaks this dawn

         To stand and blow the reveille

            And mantle colors don

                            Blow loud and true, good sentry

                             Now comes this painful chore

                           So people by your trumpeting hear

                             We’re Lincoln’s child once more!

                                         I am bugler, you are too

                                               We’re all in freedom’s band

                                              So raise the call, let’s do our all                                                To save this precious land!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son

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