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Trashing Capitalism

Some believe the problems plaguing our society are endemic to capitalism and won’t be fixed so long as we stick to this system. They think socialism doesn’t have these problems, offers a level playing field and guarantees social justice. Those agreeing think there’s rampant discrimination against race-gender-ethnicity subsets in our society, narrowing their opportunities, paying less for the same jobs and treating them as 2nd class citizens.

They extend their complaint to sub/subsets identified as children, single moms, pro-choice women, LGBT’s, illegals > I mean undocumenteds, the physically challenged, mentally dysfuncttional, morbidly obese and those of unattractive visage.

White Males {WM’s} appear to be the only subset getting full rights under the law, unless of course they happen to be fat, ugly, disabled, dysfunctional or gay in which case they make-up a new sub/sub-subset of more under-privileged. I guess if you want full privileges in America you better look like Cary Grant, not limp or lisp, boast a strong IQ and run the 100 in 9 flat!

I lampoon these liberal idiocies to show how utterly ridiculous they’ve become and to showcase how WM’s are really an endangered species rather than the highly privileged few lefties would have us believe! By taking their antics to extremes it’s clear how outrageous they are. There are no underprivileged subsets in our society; perhaps in crazy lefty heads but not in practice or bureaucratized in any way.

These so-called iniquities are over-dramatized, like gripes about unequal access to education or healthcare. Under affirmative action education has been reverse discriminated for years and health services before and after Obamacare were always available/accessible to the sick & needy. There may be an odd case here and there but nothing worth shouting from the rooftops.

Capitalism is no panacea nor is socialism. They both rely on the overall cooperation of the people being governed, who in turn are driven by aspects and tendencies of human nature which in many respects can’t be changed/modified simply to suit a type of governance – particularly when that governance does not recognize or respect those basic, inherent tendencies.

Capitalism attempts to give free reign to the human spirit while socialism reigns it in, expecting it to flap around rather than to soar. Although free, some don’t know how to soar or simply choose not to. In socialism individuals are not free to choose so those who would soar are held down as if in a cage or aviary controlled by politburos resembling the likes of for example:


N Pelosi                                B Streisand                     Mao Zedong

D Wasserman-Schultz          G Clooney                        Kim Jong-un

C Schumer                            S Johansson                    Pol Pot

M Waters                              H Weinstein                    F Castro

E Warren                              S Penn                              H Chavez

K Harris                                W Goldberg                     Ho Chi Minh

H Clinton                              B Springsteen                 J Stalin

B Obama                               C Matthews                     J Tito

B Sanders                              SL Jackson                      N Ceausescu

A Sharpton                            B Moyers                         B Mussolini

A Cuomo                                T Robbins                       C Guevara

P Schroeder                           M Streep                         K Marx

Without question capitalism has succeeded for most western societies and America in particular. Question is, can it continue given our changing size, face and complexity? Capitalized democratic societies grow and prosper, raising their per capita GDP and improving the lives of their people. This is true for old established countries and new emerging ones, especially those with 3rd world neighbors who remain stuck in post revolutionarary socialist-communist dictatorships.

Marxist experiments during the past 100yrs in Russia, China, N Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and many African and Middle-East states have failed. Purges and/or solidarity-cleansings massacred, starved and dispossessed hundreds of millions in order to purify the ranks into mind-numbing complacency to achieve what? Equality? End of bigotry? Social justice?

One has only to look at these to see their utter failure. They are not green pastures of camaraderie and contentment. They are Orwellian nightmares regnant of Marxism’s failings, devoid of individual rights, hopes, and dreams. To those who pursue a utopian social justice, beware this grass not greener . . .

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