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Tyranny’s Boot

Mark Twain once said  “ . . those who don’t read the papers are uninformed; those who do – misinformed . . ” Pretty savvy stuff for 100yrs ago, him a democrat and all. It still applies today.

The NY Times under-reported Hitler’s evils and the holocaust; same with Stalin’s pogroms and Mao’s cultural revolution. Not only didn’t it report, it mis-reported, making them seem something they were not, misleading millions on horrors of Nazism-Communism. Same has been true for global warming and will be shown to be true for covid in the days and weeks to come.

The NY Times and most other major newspapers take it upon themselves to spin facts and twist reality to suit their world view. They do this because they believe they represent the moral high ground or greater good. On this premise they’re able to deceive, cheat and lie ends justifying means.

Millions of us are routinely mis-led on issues of the day by a handful of publishers-editors who think they know what’s best for us or surreptitiously sell what’s best for them! They’ve been doing this forever. Now mainstream media does the same. A small group of corporatists-producers decide what we learn. They conspire/collude with democrats because they are democrats, broadcasting what sells and promotes the democrat message or candidate.

Also conscripted into the liberal barrel is the entire universe of internet platforms, channels, networks, etc. Again, a handful of tech tyrants with their giant multinational companies own/run the internet, promulgating their messages, selling their politics, controlling what programs they’ll host. They decide who gets access and, at their whim, who or what gets censored.

All methods of mass communication are tightly controlled by a small group of media moguls operating outside the bounds and dictates of government. They say and do what they want with little or no restraint. Oversight is a sham since a large percent of public employees are also lib-dems, causing an unsavory relationship to flourish between public-private sectors, making serious oversight a joke!

Tyranny is an absence of choice and free will, an inability to get truth and/or receive justice. A first step in achieving this is to control the means of communication, which I just laid out. The next is to embark down a road of multifaceted propaganda including schools, entertainment, sports, consumer marketing and deep immersion of the public sector.

Schools become indoctrination centers, physical and virtual. Kids are taught the merits of socialism v. evils of capitalism, an anti-religious world view and a tainted anti-American historical view. Traditional icons/heroes are replaced by people of color; founding fathers are demonized; statues effaced/toppled; our founding itself vilified as pure fantasy, supplanted by a fictionalized leftist lie demeaning our heritage. These travesties pay dividends as young people leave college as new idealistic socialists/globaIists, disgusted with capitalism, hard-wired to the left. The entire educational establishment exudes this attitude as it fills government positions and bends society to its will.

Entertainment and sports actively co-sponsor this attempt to revolutionize America. Actors, actresses, rock stars, artists, sports heroes and other icons all pitch the liberal message in their public and private lives. As role models for young people, they validate/encourage their parochialized beliefs, reinforcing the overarching goal of turning society on its head.

Hard facts: 90%+ of our communications and entertainment is biased; government is intrinsically biased; education is biased; an increasing percentage of our population is biased; implicit in this, vast numbers of teachers, scholars, lawyers, writers, scientists, doctors, athletes, politicians, government employees and managers, even clerics grow disdainful of our roots, character and culture. The movers/shakers of society are socialist/globalist sympathizers if not activists themselves.

With government biased, corrupt, a veritable swamp and the whole of society infused with an erroneous, over-arching mindset, what chance do fair and honest elections have? The current one provides case in point. We know with certainty illegalities, vote tampering and manipulation took place. We know main-stream media is working to legitimize these frauds, promoting a false reality. We know irregularities occurred in similar fashion in many states. We know actual voting laws were circumvented without authority, in some cases using covid as an excuse. We know Supreme Courts in some states ruled these changes legal: in fact, they were unconstitutional.

The logical conclusion of all this? A massive effort was made to subvert the voting process. It’s still underway and continues in blatant defiance of the laws and constitutions of the states and the United States. Most important, it mocks/destroys the fundamental right of we the people to participate in our democratic republic, to express our will with our vote!

Make no mistake, this is an all out attack on our republic, a move toward insurrection, an ideological coup brought about under tyranny’s foot! The ugly truth is, we’ve been living in Big Brother’s shadow for some time now, most of us not realizing how indoctrinated we’ve become. Evidence and facts will soon emerge showing the enormity of this conspiracy and villainous progress that’s been made to steal our country!

Ever wonder why so many political leaders and their lackeys are never held to account or brought to justice? Ever marvel at the sway partisanship and cronyism hold over the courts? Well, it’s an illusion we live in, believing everything is fine when it’s not!  

This election fiasco is not about Trump-Biden: it’s about the corruptibility of the process itself, how vulnerable it is to unscrupulous persons and entities who are part of a cabal. It’s a scandal of unprecedented scope reaching into every nook and cranny of our society! It’s about our media, superstars, schools, courts, government. It’s about masses of ignorant rank-and-file democrats unaware of their plight or insidious victimization by their leaders. It’s about taking down America!

We’re at a pivotal point. We each must decide if we’re ready to accept brave new world or wish to keep our sovereign, free-enterprise, democratic republic? Do we love our country as it is, or wish to mediocritize it down to a best of least scenario?

I believe we’ve toiled under Big Brother for the past thirty years in soft-tyranny. Big Brother’s sandals now come off as Tyranny’s Boot comes down! Its up to us. We must trace this constitutional crisis back to its source and identify its every disguise and aspect. Then, remove it from our midst. We can do no less, if we love our country!

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I’m Al Shane

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