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I feel like a stranger in a strange land, far from home with no idea which is the way back. I’m walking aimlessly for lack of something better to do. It’s like a fun house at a county fair. Once inside, all perspective is lost, surprises hit you every few seconds and your sense of direction and proportion are for the moment, lost.

As an American, constitutionalist and conservative (no longer call myself Republican!) I’m ashamed of my country, the way it has responded to the theft of our national election, overthrow of our government and abandonment of our constitution. If on Nov 2nd ‘20 someone had warned me this was about to happen I would have scoffed in disbelief. Forced to contemplate such a coup I’d have felt confident we’d quickly regain our national composure using institutional bodies like the congress, courts and military. I would have been certain the farce would not last a minute longer than a curative process required to reinstate law, order and justice!

I was obviously wrong. Granted, the steal was much more comprehensive and far deeper than I could possibly imagine. Even so, the absolute indignation and outrage I expected didn’t materialize! Amazingly the People en masse were unable to appreciate what had happened. Many didn’t think it had happened! It’s like our body politic cast it’s vote, then went home and watched the evening news, learning how against all odds Biden beat Trump. That’s it; end of story. It didn’t matter strange anomalies had occurred across many states, or that the counting had been interrupted, or that some pollsters and statisticians seemed perturbed, even uncomfortable, with the way things played out.

Stories began to emerge of strange goings on in the middle of the night: bags of ballots being delivered to drop boxes; the count itself dragging on for days and days in several states; chain of custody issues revolving around the voting machines -their exposure to the internet, lack of system integrity and vulnerability to manipulation; statistical and mathematical abnormalities flying in the face of normal laws of probability.

Many things just didn’t make sense, and when effort was made to verify if procedures were followed or how things were done these were met with resistance and uncooperative spirit. Elect- ion officials, experts and politicians were less than enthusiastic to be open and helpful in the auditing process. In many cases they blocked efforts to examine documents, logs, registers, paper trails and so on. This is unacceptable!

Weeks became months as auditing continued, but even though substantial evidentiary materials were gathered and cases were presented, it seems courts were predisposed not to hear them! From state courts up through federal courts and finally to the Supreme Court, all presentments no matter how persuasive were to no avail. The court of public opinion was no better!

The People remained unconvinced and media backed them up, agreeing it was all a tempest in a teapot. Election integrity had prevailed. Social networks chimed in, saying it was just a bunch of conspiracy theories. Those attempting to voice a contrary opinion were censored and/or blocked from the platform including Trump himself. This is unacceptable!

Over 18mos of stagnation, with no apparent movement toward resolving this issue and punishing wrongdoers. Of course, this problem has grown much bigger than stealing an election. It’s believed this has been going on for years and not just in this country but around the globe. Most national governments and international bodies are infused and permeated by deep state operatives answering to a secret, centralized cabal of mega-rich global interests. This group has worked for years to consolidate their authority to achieve a one world order. America was and is their biggest obstacle in reaching that goal.

Still, a significant portion of not just Americans but freedom loving peoples around the world remain unconvinced such an effort is/has been underway. They refuse to accept such a vast insidious plan could ever be managed let alone implemented and so are unwilling/unable to stop the menace.

We’ve now reached a juncture where a few more people have opened their eyes and see what’s going on, but their numbers aren’t likely to increase without some new reason or event. Thankfully this happened: the release of a new film by Dinesh D’Souza called 2000 MULES. This full length feature documentary is filled with video and factual evidence supporting the contention the election was rigged and Trump clearly won by a landslide!

I am now holding my breath waiting to see if a patriotic backlash begins to manifest, sweeping the country with a renewed sense of purpose and outrage. If not, I can only hope Trump supporters and every we-mean-business American! regardless of Party gets behind this opportunity to put things right! To go on as a constitutional republic in this circumstance is unacceptable!

I have been outraged far too long and quite frankly at my wit’s end. I understand the need for caution and desire to avoid bloodshed, but our founders knew there would come times when it could not be avoided. In their words – the tree of liberty requires from time to time the blood of patriots…

Like many, I want my country back! Tired of waiting, ready to act, I will of necessity let blood of my brethren spill, if I must, on the hallowed ground of this precious country. I’ll spill mine too, if needs be, God is my witness!


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