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Back when Bill Clinton was getting away with his sexual predations  Hillary did his damage control. In that capacity she had a favorite expression, using it over and over again: vast right wing conspiracy.

In her mind, people condemning her husband, including the women  themselves, were all right wing conspirators. There were no liberals, progressives or democrats of any kind because – what? He was innocent? Attacked unfairly?

Again, the evidence was overwhelming he acted badly. Why wasn’t he held to a normal standard of right & wrong? Because they had the power to decide; their standard was a double-standard. If their guy acts badly, they’ll decide if he gets punished.

That was the Clinton epoch, when conventional ideas of right & wrong went out the window, not just for his peccadillos but for a variety of other malfeasances, derelictions and abuses. One could say, in the climate of the epoch, a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy VLWC came into being, controlling pretty much everything in government. The idea of a VRWC was a figment of Hillary’s imagination. Only two systems were at work: status quo & VLWC. Her stratagem? Demonize status quo & legitimize VLWC. The first conspiracy never existed, but this new silent one did.

When GW took over it receded in government but gained ground at status quo level, particularly in media, academia & entertainment. It then burst forth in an avalanche of political correctness under Obama, re-inhabiting the halls of government and centering once more around a Clinton. It also enveloped, insulated and protected Obama.

To understand this better let’s go back to the 60’s and recall how student unrest was on the rise, with Viet Nam the backdrop. Liberal and progressive student activists glommed on to civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights. Their activism demanded freedom of expression, behested them to challenge authority. As the decade ended they assaulted a bastion of authority: academia. They marched, held sit-ins, choked admin offices and public thoroughfares and halted the business of learning.


In his new book The Big Lie Dinesh D’Souza, drawing from Allan Bloom in The Closing of the American Mind/Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism describes how, in the spring of 1969, gun-toting leftists in military garb seized the admin offices at Cornell University, the student union and a local radio station. Walter Bern, Bloom’s friend who taught at Cornell, read excerpts from Mussolini speeches to the protesters who cheered wildly, ignorant it was fascism! This was the moment D’Souza/Bloom/ Goldberg believe sparked the radicalization of the left. Their metamorphosis had arrived.

Challenge authority, break with tradition, radicalize ranks, demonize the opposition all the while disguising real purpose: big government, oligarchical control and eventual socialization of America. Borrowing from Dickens, if ever there was a pecksniffian moment, this was it!

Today leftist groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the alt-left claim they are anti-fascists, reacting to KKK, skinhead groups, alt-right and police brutality, but their demands and tactics are out of Benito’s playbook. His black-shirt thugs behaved the same. Consider: they show up at Charlottesville, demand to be heard & enjoy almost total anonymity as to their violence because they are fighting fascism. Really? What fascism, Trump’s? He’s a moderate libertarian. Right-wing hate groups?   They’re less than 1/10th of 1% of all Americans. Republicans in general? Hillary’s VRWC=status quo=fascists? White middle-class men, like me?

There are no fascists in America today, only some extreme fanatics on the fringe who don’t represent society or republicans or conservatives. The VLWC is the real threat with its veiled machinations, mob tactics, institutionalized propaganda and toady democrats. It works under the guise of anti-fascism and self-righteousness, acting pompously as it enjoys the blessings of media and academia, both of which are infused with its operatives and sympathizers. It’s apparent this bias and control now permeates the whole of government, institutions and culture.

We on the right are in double jeopardy in that our own ranks are split, infested with GOP toadies & sycophants: RINO’s, neo-cons, anti-Trumpers, old guard and beltway politicians who relish exerting their good-ole-boy sway while smugly back-slapping themselves to a cushy retirement. All seem oblivious that our country is going to hell!

Today’s pontificating left warning of the dangers of racism/fascism, Hillary’s left using partisan tactics, double standards and fraternal collusion, 60’s radicals who thought they had moral high ground so could use mob tactics, intimidation and the threat of violence to effect what? Honest debate? Better governance? A kinder, gentler society? None of these. They intend to supplant our traditional democratic republic with an elitist cabal who think they know how to run society. They would trade proven, unsurpassed success for conjecture, hopes & dreams.

Yes, traditional, constitutional Americans are in jeopardy from the right and left; unable to count on the first, fearing the second. Let’s cast out the charlatans and carnival hawkers. Let’s recognize the growing danger of their ruse. They haven’t the integrity to stand like men, plead their case and leave it for us to judge. Instead they work like thieves in the night, using the darkness in our understanding to plow their path and enforce their will. If we remain duped we are done. Beware the VLWC !


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