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Yesterday’s Commies?

I’m a victim of character assassination! My offense? Being a traditional patriotic American, and a conservative, and a constitutionalist, and a supporter of law & order. Oh, and an elderly middle class white male. All this makes me an unsympathetic elitist who doesn’t care for his fellow man, let alone the good of the country. Worse still, the charge is made over and over how my ideological bent leads toward racism, sexism, homophobism, Islamophobia and other unhealthy intolerances.

Add to the complaint I want my border protected, a balanced budget, the national debt cut by half, immigration policy changed to suit our needs, affirmative action ended in universities, solving for the millions living here illegally, cutting federal government by half by reassigning functions/responsibilities to the states, term limits for elected federal officials and age limits for federal judges/justices including the Supreme Court and it’s official; I’m an arch enemy of the people.

It gets worse. The isms cited are all hate-based and therefore lead to fascism and Nazism, right? Never mind whether I actually harbor these feelings & prejudices. The overall impact of who I am makes me highly susceptible to becoming one of these fanatical types. Therefore, I and others like me, given half the chance, will totalitarianize America!

Is there a doctor in the house? Can somebody please help me understand where all these dots came from, and how they got connected?

Did Mussolini have a vegetable stand in his early days, then turn in his tomatoes to become a socialist/fascist? Did Hitler run a business making money hand over fist before deciding he’d rather be an ideologue and create his nationalist/socialist Nazis? Do puppy dog liberals really think these isms were born of republicanism/capitalism?

As a child in school we started every day with the pledge of allegiance, then sang My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty to get the day started. We learned patriotism and love of country were essential to make our country great. We were also taught the evils of communism, to fear Russians, Red Chinese, North Koreans and any other socialists or communists as they were the natural enemies of free peoples living in democracies and republics. Notice this was the 50’s/60’s and it was OK with democrats and republicans. We weren’t called communiphobic!

Come to think of it, mom was democrat/liberal yet favored some of the very things I listed above, like border security & controlling illegal immigration. She believed in balanced budgets and keeping our fiscal house in order. If she could see how far out of whack things have gotten, like welfare, debt, size of government, taxes and modern group-think, identity politics, I know she’d be appalled.

Men like Truman, JFK, RFK, Humphrey, Mondale would be too. They were center-left but understood fiscal realities and the fundamentals of running a constitutional republic. They weren’t smitten with the socialist pipedreams of the Wilsons, FDRs and LBJs. But Clinton and Obama were. Pipedreams gained traction. Today the democrat platform is no longer liberal, center-left; it’s now fanatic radical-left.

Radical means it supports progressivism, stateism, socialism/Marxism. The last two gave rise to Stalin, Mao, Tito, PolPot, Fidel, Hugo Chavez and in my humble opinion, Mussolini & Hitler. Many refuse to believe this {mom too} but the facts are clear. Tyrants of their stature do not come from trappings of entrepreneurship, free-market capitalism or freedom-based economies. Those who do and achieve monstrously unfair wealth and privilege may look like tyrants but they don’t murder and extirminate millions in their quest for more! More likely the Gates, Buffets and Zuckerberg types go touchy-feely acting magnanimous with their foundations and hiding in their philanthropy.

How is it then political dialogue insists on connecting tyrants with conservatism and not with liberalism? Because you can’t sell the benefits of tyranny, at least not with a straight face. You must disconnect/disassociate any correlation with tyranny & the wretchedness it contains before making the sale. Even better, re-characterize tyranny as being tied to the opposing system and Voila! Up is down, hot is cold, right is left!

Democrats are for big government, centralized authority, controlling the states and power. Lots of power. They’ve been selling their wares for 100yrs, appealing to minorities, the poor, disabled, under-educated, under-privileged, self-professed victimized females & gender-neutrals, fortified by altruistic gesturings designed to salve the guilt-ridden consciences of elitists who, mortified by their good fortune, finagle their way into classrooms, boardrooms, movie studios, broadcast booths and the halls of government. There they sell their phony humanitarianism  and demonize the opposition. They call us fascists, Nazis, white supremacists, racists, ultra-right extremists, homophobes and any other epithets they can find. Journalism, academia and Hollywood all validate, messaging their hate and concurrence on screens large and small.

We can’t pull our punches anymore. Let’s tell the Hillarys, Schumers, Pelosis, Newsies, talking heads, bimbos and party hacks we’re ready to rumble. No holds barred. Marquess of Queensberry out! No more nice-nice. Trump sets the tone and we’re right behind, scrappin’ for a fight!

Democrats are phonies! Conservatism and capitalism lead to happiness for untold millions. True, they create a few mega-rich individuals {<1%} but they don’t interfere with us & they don’t turn into ideological megalomaniacs! Today’s liberal is yesterday’s Commie, by any measure, and let me tell you folks, my mom {a democrat} was no friggin Commie!


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