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A few weeks ago we had the tragic destruction of the Francis Scott Key bridge, initial reports tending toward deliberate rather than accidental. If true – who did it?

One argument says it was “white hats” since there was minimal loss of life. Another says if deliberate it was a terrorist act and “white hats” wouldn’t do that; “black hats” would not care if it was night or day or with/without huge loss of life. I feel the verdict is still out on this, but I want to address the idea of “white hat” terrorism.

A major school of thought has it we’re in the midst of an information war brought on by a bloodless coup/insurrection happening at the time of our last presidential election. These insurgents were long in place and with guile and massive cunning rigged the election against Trump so cleverly nobody was aware/became aware even when all the anomalies came to light.

According to one definition, terrorism is the calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population to bring about a particular political objective. Under this definition I think white hats could very well have committed the bridge event if they thought doing so would slow down/impede in any way the machinations of the black hats, not to mention calling the immediate attention of our slumbering populace to this uncomfortable political fact: things aren’t right!

In my view, the American people are currently divided: 10% woke, accepting the current regime and how it got there; 51% awake, aware and angry about what happened, how they were tricked and what can be done about it; 39% are asleep/oblivious to the almost daily nonsense and insanity issuing from this rogue government.

Understand within the 10% are the highest echelons of our government, media, sports/entertainment, education and commerce/big business, all of whom actively aid and abet the efforts and goals of the black hats/insurrectionists.

If one accepts we are at war, in a state of insurrection, one should realize those who are awake or became awake have grown from barely 20% to my current estimate of 51%. They are of all political stripes and they want their country back! It’s been almost 4yrs of promises and waiting, hoping enough already! We’re ready to take any action which can result in a successful counter-coup!

Now, if FSK bridge was a white hat operation, whatever the reason, it would be a terrorist act but not by terrorists! It was by counter-insurrectionists; patriotic Americans hell-bent to rid the insurgents/traitors from our midst!

I believe any terrorist act resulting in the destruction of property or physical goods such as money or documents helpful to this treasonous cabal is a righteous, wholesome act, so long as it avoids loss or injury to human life, directly or collaterally.

To be clear, I as an American patriot advocate the willful de-struction of bridges, tunnels, roads, waterways, buildings, power stations, dams, cellular towers whatever if it stymies the traitors in their daily operations and hinders their ability to tighten or enhance their psychological grip on the people. Again, I say this with the absolute proviso there must be no loss or injury to human life, theirs or ours.

This protocol must remain in force so long as we remain in an information war only: no bloodletting or brutalization of white hats and patriots. Should odious events occur, such as false imprisonment, illegal seizures of property, forced vaccinations/sterilizations, unconstitutional confiscations of guns/personal property, kidnap or traffic of women/children or other outrageous affronts to our rights and freedoms, black hat lives will become forfeit in defense of those rights!

Loyal, patriotic counter-insurrectionists are not terrorists! They are freedom fighter patriots no different from a colonial fighting the army of King George, a Union soldier fighting the rebels or a soldier-sailor-airman-marine fighting any/all elements of avowed enemies, military or civilian.

We have been in a state of war since the democrat party and republican RINO’s took it upon themselves to wrest control of our institutions and culture, wreak havoc on our constitutional rights and safeguards and illegitimately, treasonously overthrew the government of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Every American in fact, every freedom loving citizen of the world is duty-bound to recognize this predicament/threat not only to America but the entire planet! Anyone believing in God-given rights, the promise of democracy, the effectiveness/fairness of the republican form of government driven by a free enterprise capitalistic economy, is hereby challenged to make a choice: recognize the peril, willingly join the effort no matter how aggressive to eliminate this menace or stay intentionally, selfishly oblivious in brainwashed denial, expecting brothers/sisters to do the work for you.

My name is Alvan Ian Shane. I am a boomer, husband of 55yrs, father of two sons, veteran of Viet Nam, person who has worked with hands but mostly head, whose been a leader and been led, a tax professional, insurance agent, financial advisor, writer of thoughts, poet when needed and maybe the fiercest darn conservative American patriot you’ll ever hear!

I tell you I’m no damned terrorist! though I’m ready to blow up American properties; should things deteriorate steadfastly ready to let blood stain my hands. I believe we’ll soon be on the path to recovery/reinstatement, sworn to fight with any means at our disposal to eradicate all who hate America and our American way of life. The framer’s vision remains safe, the American dream alive and well, soon to be set free once again!

We are 200million strong beginning freedom’s march. May God strike all who would block our way!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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