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ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryOne of my biggest concerns is immigration. Recently I checked national demographics and studied numbers. It’s not pretty. Depending on the state it seems more than 22% of us speak a language other than English in our homes. In states like Texas, Calif & Florida its around 40%!

Think of it: over 65 million of us don’t speak English as our main language. The majority of non-English speakers are Hispanic, a goodly number of them 2nd generation, so in twenty years they nor their parents learned English. We enabled this with English as 2nd Language programs {ESL} in [K-12].  Guess all that money was wasted, huh!

We have high school graduates who can’t speak English; college grads who barely can. On the phone they’re incomprehensible. Their writing makes clear they’re not from here. Not fluent in English let alone not being grammatically correct is one thing; never-ending miscommunications across the board in all occupations/endeavors is another. It precipitates inefficiency in every job we do, taking more time, requiring clarifications/corrections leading to misinterpretation and error. From simple to complex, commerce to the professions, all are bound to suffer in this reality. No one seems to care. We continue offering government services in dozens of languages. Same for public utiliities, big corporations and private firms.

Studies show over 250 languages being spoken/interpreted in the US. The main ones are Spanish and Chinese, so the biggest influx of foreigners come from Mexico, Central/South America, China & Taiwan. This has been increasing the past three decades, doubling from 11% to 22%. Many of our largest cities have over 50% not speaking English as their 1st language.

What does this cost in lost time, money and cultural decay? Who knofws! Progressives want us to believe it’s an enrichment, a net positive on our cultural balance sheet, a strengthening of our society at the grassroots level. We fraternize better with other nations if many of us come from those nations, use their language and know their culture. We’re pressed to accept our culture’s no better than theirs: globalism>multiculturalism>PC!

Think for a moment – at what point does a society find itself adrift, no longer prizing its language, customs, traditions, heritage, behaviors, modes of dress and so on? Do you only worry when people in your neighborhood start to dress/behave differently? When business signage is foreign? When businesses themselves prefer catering to their own rather than you? When City Hall, local clinics & public utilities make you press “1” for English?

Being able to converse easily while doing the tasks, chores and errands of daily living is vital to the efficient working of society. Foreign visitors here temporarily can rely on family, relatives or friends to get by, but those seeking refuge/residency on a permanent basis must learn our language! Offering everyone help in their own language is crazy, disruptive and countercultural.

These are the local, immediate impacts of allowing multiple languages/cultures to become part of our society. What about longer-range effects and the bigger picture as multiculturalism spreads/permeates at the national level?

There are places, whole towns/cities/counties popping up all over the country, acting as ideological enclaves for the people there. They have their own customs and laws, speak their own language and in some cases believe in a different societal structure than what we have in America.

The average person assumes when someone comes here they adopt our ways and obey our laws, but in reality many don’t. They bring their own ideas and beliefs, hold to them, and plan some day to change us! There are more and more examples of aliens becoming politicians and leaders locally and nationally. Yes, they became citizens, but it was a ruse/fraud because they remained loyal to their own country, religion or ideology. These people are now in our state houses and the nation’s Congress.

City councils conducting business in Spanish with the Mexican flag displayed by Old Glory. Public demonstrations and street marches advocating Mexican rights! Towns, cities, even whole states declaring themselves sanctuaries, defying federal law. Large areas populated in the tens of thousands or more self-governing with their own regulations/laws, disinvite local police, fire or other authorities from entering/helping in emergencies. How many more millions will it take to wake up to these dangers of renegade municipalities, unaligned foreign sub-cultures and disgruntled non-assimilative alien invaders?

Invasion is defined as a military attack intended to overthrow and defeat one geopolitical unit by another. In this sense I must admit we are not being invaded, not in the conventional sense. But are words like incursion or infiltration any less disturbing? Incursion hasn’t happened yet, but infiltration slow, methodical penetration a few at a time – has been happening for years! They disappear into society waiting for the right opportunity.

Our polity, or society, has been polluted for years, legally and Illegally. We have a massive, foreign body co-existing amongst us: disenchanted at best, hostile at worst. Sixty-five to seventy million potential adversaries living next door, partaking of our benefits/entitlements, insinuating their way into our local and national politics. They promote their culture & work to exploit liberal elements in both parties, radicalizing them away from a democratic-republic model to a socialistic republic; freedom/ free-enterprise capitalism to a socialized totalitarian oligarchy.

Given all this, our way of life is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off in another 9/11. Or more subtly in some future legislativeb action designed to undermine our freedoms/liberties, brought about by an insidious process whereby bit by bit the balance of power tips to radical extremists who have suddenly{?} taken control of the Congress.

We feel bad enough when the opposing party takes control,  running things not to our liking but still within the confines of our system of government and constitution. At these times we fall back on a basic belief/faith we’re all Americans in the end and natural checks and balances together with the people’s will always work to fix our course, returning us from extremes.

But what if built-in safeguards fail or are over-ridden? What if the people’s will changes in plurality to a different type of governance? In other words, what if a gradual erosion of our traditional polity {roughly 40-35-25 = left-right-independent} turns  to 25-15-20-25-15 {left/extreme-left/alien/right/independent}?

The left stagnates in stuporous ignorance; extreme-left exploits vulnerability; alien elements inherently align left. Now emerges a plurality or simple majority the right cannot overcome. If our polity changes to anything like what’s depicted here it will have changed our nationalism. Our Americanism! We’ll have become something new, something different, something we really don’t want to be . . .

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