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The Great Divide

ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryThe great continental divide is a line running from northern Alaska all the way down thru Central/South America, defining the flow of rivers and run-offs east into the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico or west into the Pacific. Another great divide of more immediate consequence is America’s political divide, earmarked leftright.

If left-right is a difference of opinion within an agreed ideology, no problem. First there were federalists/anti-federalists; next slave-owners/abolitionists; then isolationists/internationalists; big gov’t/small gov’t; women’s suffrage; prohibition; civil rights; capitalism/socialism; globalism; lgbtq rights; rugged individualism/liberal welfarism.

From the turn of the last century republicans were associated with wealthy tycoons & big business; democrats with the little guy, welfarism and big government: Washington is a benign uncle doling out fairness, equity and justice.

These sweeping generalizations may have been appropriate back then but over the years republicans came to represent balanced budgets {not lately!}, strong military, smaller government{?}, less welfare{?}, state’s rights, lower taxes, law & order, border security and a variety of fiscally disciplined positions. Dems represent increasing aid for the little guy, enforcement of social issues {abortion/racism /feminism/gay rights}, soft immigration policy, open borders and unbridled federal authority.

There have always been differences of opinion, but what we have right now is something totally different. When I speak with friends/persons who are democrat or liberal and try to raise issues relating to jobs, the economy, border security, foreign relations whatever, they immediately switch to Trump: do I still support him under the circumstances? Do I think he’ll be impeached? Can I admit what an obnoxious, buffoon he is?

I remember during the Clinton era I too was preoccupied and disgusted with his dalliances, peccadillos & less-than-presidenial behavior. I supported the impeachment effort and recall at its height Washington came to a standstill waiting with bated breath for a verdict. But here was a case with real wrong-doing, first hand testimony and hard evidence leading most to believe he was in real trouble.

Not so with Trump. The charges are tangential/peripheral to actual statutes at best, and based solely on hearsay or second-hand information. There are no facts, only allegations. The entire process is being driven by partisan animus rooted in an entrenched, deep-state leftist cabal, itself a political apparatus of the Clintons.

When Trump came along he personified everything the left abhored: power, wealth, success. There was an instant hatred which manifested as a determination to quash his presidential ambitions. Failing at that, it went on to attack his integrity, impugn his character and undermine his administration from the moment he took office.

I think the country was much more disgusted with Bill Clinton.

Readers may disagree. Only time will tell the real seriousness of all this and who is right. Meanwhile life and government go on, the country inches forward under an improving economy, the stock market is breaking records, lifestyles/livelihoods are good and America stands strong among nations.

Why can’t liberals, especially my own liberal friends, admit this? I’ve developed a readership over the years of both liberals and conservatives, though my drift is right. Most think my views are grounded in logic and common sense, but Roger {a professor of many years, scholar, learned, watchful} can only repeat mantralike, Trump’s days are numbered!; British Roger {retired executive, economist, sagacious well past the 50 years of our friendship} loathes him for who he is, what he stands for and eagerly awaits a political collapse of biblical proportions!

Jake {retired academic, political scientist, student of history, keen observer, mensa-level intellectual} expectorates at his image, had no problem with either Clinton, loved Obama like he was the 2nd coming, castigates all things republican and obviously can’t see past his liberal nostrils!

Janey {another friend of 50 years, retired business woman and entrepreneur, world traveler, voracious reader and epicure} revealed recently she thinks he’s a menace, an unabashed tyrant, deviant with women and a self-absorbed bully who will take us to war; black-hearted, evil to the core, incapable of doing good!

Four intelligent people of dubious opinion, representing what is happening across the country. People are becoming intractable in their political beliefs. Me too! I’ve no interest or patience in hearing ridiculous, outrageous nonsensicalities! I’ve no delusion about Trump. He was a pragmatic solution, a best of the least, an only hope! Hillary could not be president! Some celebrities/ luminaries on the right didn’t weigh this and I had/still have a zero tolerance for any who call themselves Never-Trumpers!

Water follows gravity. We follow conscience. Unfortunately, many of us allow personal likes/biases to cloud our judgement ruining our ability to see a person’s real talents, experience or character. We also lose sight of the bigger picture: a Hillary presidency. We could never allow such a flawed and dishonored person lead us away from our purpose and destiny.

There is a great divide amongst us in that many believe we are on a wrong path. We can do better, try a new way, though it has failed miserably many times before. Too many young people are besotted by this idea. Leaders are rising from their ranks promoting the falsity. I beg all of this ilk to stop and look at the world and its habitats. Then look at our people, how they live, their overall circumstance, compared with others. I think you will see there is no comparison.

Gravity is a force of nature that cannot be denied. Feelings, character, morality are a part of human nature which doesn’t change and can’t be denied. Give a small group or single individual too much power, character-integrity loses its center of gravity, yielding to personal wants, agendas and greed. Globalism, socialism, welfarism invite this. They’re not about personal responsibility. We must earn what we have to respect and value it. If we don’t, we won’t protect it. If we won’t protect it for us, we can’t safeguard it for others. America is about freedom, liberty and justice. We earned these things, valuing them above all else. Millions of us are forgetting this. Millions don’t understand you don’t get something for nothing!

A great divide is emerging. Like the Grand Canyon it’s a growing chasm of disharmony and discontent. It’s breaking our spirit, our oneness. If our polity divides, it will sink us into mediocrity, even chaos. Political division will result in a divide and conquer schism, killing our republic.

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