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Truths That Are Killing America

How do we know we’re dealing with truth or conspiracy? We rely on our powers of discernment, our willingness/ability to check things out, our basic trust in a source. Some questionable truths doing great harm to our country that could eventually herald its downfall are A) 2020 election B) Covid19 C) Deep State D) Citizen ambivalence/apathy.

By most reckonings Trump got upwards of 80 million votes: some think 100 million! His supporters have continued to grow as facts and evidence become clear. But many want to believe he lost fair and square! When truth comes out will their trust in government and/or hatred of Trump exceed their need for honesty? Will their judgement finally pause to concede we must have election integrity over all else if we are to maintain our country, no matter how much we dislike the opposition?

Fairness, honesty and truth are all vital if we are to hold safe this democratic republic as model to the world. Finding rulebreakers and cheaters is also necessary to demonstrate our commitment to full and complete transparency/accountability.

The election brings all this into focus. I believe it will prove to be a massive fraud which if allowed to stand begins the end of America as we know it. Call it Truth #1

The alleged pandemic was unleashed on our nation and the world with little warning and sketchy details, government and health authorities telling us it was of unknown origin, highly infectious and extremely deadly. Many are now of the opinion  none of it was true. Experts knew it was from the Wuhan lab in

China, it was a man-made bioweapon with only flu-like lethality and none of the precautions being mandated would be effective, including masks, social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines, crowd prohibitions and travel restrictions.

Rigging the election wasn’t enough. Removing Trump was also necessary to get the leftward agenda back on track. But an additional obstacle remained: the firmly established mindset of the American patriot whose psyche and state of mind relied on the very logic/ideals that were under attack. Their long-planned solution was covid19. Hitting with a virus would unsettle and disarm us, creating political disarray, opening an opportunity to perpetrate the fraud.

The scheme worked, enfeebling us into weak-kneed little lemmings, giving them a presumption of authority/credibility, appearing to do everything to at once safeguard from the virus while protecting election integrity. This means our most trusted and brilliant medical professionals, together with government, levied a campaign of disinformation saying test-positives were soaring, fatalities were skyrocketing and proffered precautions and remedies were beginning to work. In reality, nothing could be further from truth. Curatives/medicines that did work were maligned as risky and dangerous, causing untold deaths when these were well known, inexpensive and readily available. They then escalated their campaign and touted a newly developed but as yet untested vaccine as the best solution for fighting the virus. They began to inject us with a lethal cocktail of toxins and chemicals which could be a biological time-bomb in due course.

What possible reason could there be for such treachery? Here we must allow/weigh unspoken truths about money, political power, world dominance and population control. There is an intersection between deep state, big pharma and billionaires who work in concert to defeat capitalism/conservatism and to destroy its most brilliant exemplar America, bringing to fruition their new world order. Call it Truth #2.

Deep state is a manifestation of progressive, leftist ideas and sympathies secreted in the underpinnings and bowels of government, major institutions and cultural centers. It has been facilitated by an ongoing infiltration by partisan ideologues who hate our freedoms, constitution and now Trump. This election showed us in bold strokes how committed they are to enforcing their will and destroying our republic.

Evidence abounds how they infect our educational system and academic academy, law enforcement-justice environs, healthcare monolith of doctors, medical professionals, hospitals and big pharma, mainstream media, entertainment/leisure industry of movies, music, theater and sport, big tech social media/communication and multinational corporatists.

The damage and ultimate destruction brought about by the stranglehold of this deep state cancer is immeasurable. We are bombarded in subtle innumerable ways twenty-four seven by their constant messaging of what they see as biased, unfair or racist/sexist to the point they depart from the basic tenets and concepts of our laws, culture, constitution. This then is an incremental attack meant to change our socio-economic landscape and fundamental principles governing our ethics, morals and behavior, which inform our societal character. It changes the essence of who we are as a people, destroying notions of what we are as a country. Call it Truth #3.

Perhaps the worst truth and detractor away from America’s greatness toward its demise is apathy and/or ambivalence.

Currently something over 100 million of us know or have come to understand Trump really did win, leaving around 200 million who still think 1) Biden won fair and square 2) it doesn’t matter who won 3) its good Trump didn’t win cause he’s an evil man 4) even if he did win, its too late now.

These aspects of ambivalence, denial, apathy and defeat are counter-productive if not destructive to our republic. Not only do they ignore real societal dangers, they help sponsor/endorse agents and elements of deep state, the antithesis of republic. Too many of us are unaware, don’t participate or have twisted views of how politics work. We assume we can’t make a difference, its business as usual, everything goes in cycles. Someone in power says or does something bad, we excuse it as no big deal. If someone else decides to make an issue we say they’re just as bad or hypocrites. Everybody’s bad. That’s what we expect.

Ambivalence or political ennui is one thing, but how about those in denial, which is to say – asleep: unwoke! They don’t believe the truth when its in their face. They think being part of a group democrat/republican is as far as duty goes. Never mind if those no longer reflect the ideals/principles they once did. It’s our private intent that matters, not actual actions and deeds of those we support. Call this Truth #4.

There are more truths, but these four go to the heart of the problem. Make no mistake, we are in crisis, America is at risk!

If 100 million of us don’t wake up soon, it may be too late –

Call this Truth #5 . . .

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