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Barack ObamaBy most estimates there are several million Muslims already living in America, perhaps many more. Now this president wants to allow 10,000 to 200,000 Syrian refugees to come, who will undergo a questionable vetting process at best.

As a concerned citizen, and in light of the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Ca., along with many others going back at least 6 or 7 years to the Fort Hood massacre, which contrary to this president’s opinion was not workplace violence but a clear example of radical Islamic Jihadist terrorism, I have to ask, what safeguards are being implemented to protect the citizenry?

If there are or will be five million Muslims here and a reasonably certain estimate says 10-15% are/will be radicalized, it means we will have between half million to almost a million potential terrorists living in our midst, threatening our daily lives.

It is my understanding there are now thousands of mosques across the country, with more in the works, and some are centers of hate, terrorism, rejection of American culture and advocates of violent revolution. If true, why do we tolerate this? Can we be sure every effort is being made by FBI, Homeland Security, state, county and municipal police to detect this infestation and stop it?

Can we be sure the persons in charge of these agencies along with their civilian overseers recognize and appreciate this threat and are not getting confused by constitutional protections, civil rights, political correctness or the intimidation of organizations like the ACLU?

fat-terrorist-dsc05142I want to know as a good concerned citizen that my next door neighbor is not a suicide bomber! I want to know that, if he’s affiliated or loosely connected with any terrorist person, group or mosque, or is known to subscribe to radical jihadist papers, books, periodicals or websites he is in the process of being removed from our society and sent back to wherever he came from. I want to know our government is with us on this, is enforcing a zero-tolerance policy toward all such persons, and is not bogging down with interpretation, doubt or red tape.

Islam today, throughout the world, is a menace to western civilization. It doesn’t matter most Muslims are moderates and peaceful. A small percentage are disrupting the world, spreading death and destruction, and must be stopped from usurping American laws and protections to act out their will. This cannot be allowed to happen!

The majority and mainstream of this religion must rise up and police their own. Until that is effectively implemented and the problem is under control, interdictive measures by police authorities must be brought to bear, fair or not. It’s a matter of life and death.


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