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Self Inflicted Mayhem

The horrible tragedy in San Bernardino could have been avoided. I say this because the two gun-wielding maniacs who committed this atrocity were easily identifiable by their ethnicity and religion, but due to political correctness and our gullible acceptance of all cultures, they walked in, bought guns and ammo. No problem. This is insane!

Gun laws work for the most part, but they can’t detect future homicidal sociopaths who are “normal appearing” at the time of purchase: they can detect pre-profiled Muslims with a propensity to violence! Mental health experts tell us the former is always an element in a healthy society and there’s nothing we can do. It’s a cost we must bear, a risk we must take. But the latter not so. They are easily recognized and could be controlled, but after many attacks in America we still do nothing! They’ve become a pervasively evil force throughout the world and we better face this reality if we’re to survive.

But this president refuses to acknowledge the danger. He does not protect our border, does not speak of Islamic fanaticism/terrorism, refuses to enforce military measures against this enemy, allows thousands of mosques to operate knowing more than half preach hate/jihad against us, does nothing to impede their free & easy movements in our midst.

Barack ObamaPreaching hate, encouraging mayhem is not religion! It should not be protected by our sense of fairness or our constitution! Our public discourse must make clear we will not tolerate subversive or revolutionary groups under this guise. Persons participating in or affiliated with any such radical mosque should be identified, surveiled, warned to cease and desist or face possible expulsion from our society. In no case should they be allowed to buy firearms. Mosques proven to be jihadist sympathizers should immediately lose their tax-free status; jihadist promoters should be shut down, prosecuted, jailed and/or expelled.

This is not about freedom of religion or civil rights. It’s about survival! Tell this president to do his job! He took an oath to protect us and defend the constitution. He must immediately reassert these intentions. Refusing puts his Americanism in doubt, his legitimacy in jeopardy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this most recent tragedy, but their grieving loved ones don’t want to hear about changing gun laws, toning down public rhetoric or the graver more pressing problem of global warming. They want answers, to know steps will be taken to prevent this from happening again!

They, all of us, must demand commonsense solutions, including the identification and surveillance of all individuals known to have become radicalized or affiliated with a jihadist mosque or imam. If this is unfair, too bad! This is our country, we hold it sacred, we will do anything to keep it safe!


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